Knocking Eggs and Crossing the Third Eye

Orthodox Easter with Knocking Eggs and Instructions on Crossing the Third Eye (AGNYA CHAKRA)

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Make sure that you will find out why we titled this article: “Orthodox Easter with Knocking Eggs and Instructions on Crossing the Third Eye (AGNYA CHAKRA)”. There is subtle knowledge that connects the Christian Orthodox Easter and its related traditions, to the yoga system of chakras. As sahaja yogis we celebrate the Easter also collectively at our classes. There we explain the universal qualities of the Agnya chakra reflected in the life and message of Shri Jesus Christ. We also make connections to Lao Tse’s teachings. We also really enjoy some “Easter action”, such as knocking the Easter eggs.  See photos and watch the videoclips about how the Orthodox Easter is celebrated in our collective. Enjoy the ride until the end of the article. Be prepared, with every turn there is a treat for mind, heart, soul and Spirit!

(VIDEO) Delightful Sahaj EASTER 2016 @ Burlington Class


 The sage has no mind of his own.

He is aware of the needs of others.

I am good to people who are good.

I am also good to people who are not good.

Because Virtue is goodness.

I have faith in people who are faithful.

I also have faith in people who are not faithful.

Because Virtue is faithfulness.

The sage is shy and humble

—to the world he seems confusing.

Men look to him and listen.

He behaves like a little child.

Carmella adn Jeanette from Burlington Class
Carmela and Jeanette – Burlington Sahaja Yoga class/family

(click!) Simply Grateful .. for the State of Collective Enjoyment

Bee - Blue flower by Jean Louis- France

Shri Mataji’s Instructions on Agnya Chakra   

“…One has to read all these books and all these instructions to put in an effort to go into meditation. All these efforts are actually to lead to the conviction that meditative  state is to be achieved through effortless surrendering.

Up to the Agnya center (the 6th chakra) is alright when you are trying to say different mantras, but you will find all  the time that the Kundalini (energy) stops or is blocked at the Agnya. The reason for this is that when you put effort, you work through your Agnya not effortlessly. So, those who are in  bhakti , they just have to become silent and effortless, so the Kundalini passes through  Agnya and clears out through Sahasrara (the 7th chakra).

With bhakti only you can counteract our Agnya.

Now the situation of ascent at Agnya  is the most difficult. The reason is if you try to pull or push your Kundalini through Agnya you are using an effort. Once you use the effort you block your Agnya.

So at the blockage of Agnya if you just leave the Kundalini to work it out by itself, then your Agnya will cleared out.

In bhakti with full heart, if you are singing or if you are taking my name, then automatically Agnya opens. But it’s a little complicated thing for people who are very much active with their Agnya. For such people it would be better if they develop the state of thoughtless awareness.

When they watch  something they should just try to just watch it and  do not allow any thought to come in. You can go on  saying (the mantra)Kshma, Kshma, Kshma” (meaning, “I forgive”). These thoughts will  stop. Try to maintain that state through your  sustenance of bhakti.

So the important thing in Sahaja Yoga is after Realization we must completely surrender ourselves to the enjoyment of bhakti. Those who have achieved that, they get this effortless ascent through the Agnya very easily.

It cannot be explained as I said.

There is no rule and regulation for bhakti but definitely it can be seen in other Sahaja Yogis, who are just in That State of Bliss. (Talk to Sahaja yogis on 2nd October, 1991, Italy,  Cabella)

Checking vibrations Gratiela and Jeanette
Gratiela and Jeanette are checking the vibes coming from the Easter painted eggs. Yes , they feel Cool!



“Cleanse it through your Attention. Everyday you must know which chakra to be cleared out. You must know about yourself where is the problem, how it is to be cleansed, how we have to clear it out. Do not take it for granted. “

“So first of all you must get your chakras alright. On the chakras you must put your attention. After the Samadhi (enlightened awareness) state, you will start opening them (the chakras) out properly, clear them out, know what are the chakras that are bad. I have seen people who have very bad few chakras, and many good chakras, but they will be only enjoying the good chakras and not worry about the bad ones.

Pay attention to your bad chakras. Cleanse them, cleanse them. Put all your attention to that. …. Then (you get to) a state when you become the Complete Spirit at Agnya Chakra.”

(Excerpt from Shri Mataji’s talk offered to International Seminar ‘Guru Puja’, London 1983)

Happy Easter Everyone! Feel free to Drop a comment about what you’ve enjoyed or learnt :-). Below we share a basket with traditionally painted Romanian Easter Eggs. Explore this Romanian nature too. 

Romanian traditional eggs

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  1. Mesca Florin

    Încânt?tor! Face?i o treab? minunat? acolo, Ioana! Te rog s? transmi?i salut?rile mele fr??e?ti tuturor sahaja yoghinilor din colectivit??ile în care activa?i!

  2. Mesca Florin

    Încântator! Faceti o treaba minunata acolo, Ioana! Te rog sa transmiti salutarile mele fratesti tuturor sahaja yoghinilor din colectivitatile în care activati!

    Florin Mesca

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    That night at the burlington class it was lot’s of fun. I learned about the egg cracking.Thank you for sharing your cultures traditions. It’s alway good to learn more.

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    I aways enjoy reading and watching your class materials. It is so informative and very inspirational, I long for the time that I can come back for a visit with my Canadian family.
    Dorothy Logan
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