Mooladhara Team – Sahaj Guru Game – The 1st Experience in 2011: Ela and Paula @Milton-Mississauga Class

Ela & Paula: Introducing the Root chakra in Halton!

with Meditation, Information and Personal experiences. Special treat: Rishi had played the harmonium and helped us learning few traditional songs dedicated to the ‘Remover of the Obstacles, Shri Ganesha, that is the representation of the eternal child figure that energizes the Root chakra, known as Mooladhara chakra as well. The slideshow above was graciously shared by Anca from Oakville who captured as well 2 short videos (!! click on the album) with our ‘bhajan singing’.  It was a lovely and powerful experience, we enjoyed Rishi and his music very much and definitely it was a great opening for our Sahaj Guru Game  2011. Hopefully more experiences of that night will be shared as comments to this article. Personally, I’ve felt profoundly the power of the collective meditation on the root chakra and during the sharing of all the personal experiences (Paula’s and Elszbieta’s) my mooladhara chakra responded by emitting cool vibrations! We recommend you to go through the above photo album and experience for yourself the sahaj groove! 🙂

Below there is a very in-depth article with sahaj knowledge on the 1st chakra and its subtle connections with other chakras, divine qualities and principles and how these can be reflected,attacked or promoted in our day to day life .. as well 1 more photo from the 1st session of the Sahaj Guru game, this time provided by Peter from Burlington class.

(click!) Find out more about The Divine Mechanism & Chemistry of the Root Chakra’s Governor: Lord Ganesha!

(click!) Who is Paula?! You’ll Enjoy to Find out!

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  1. Debbie

    Thank you very much Ela and Paula for sharing your knowledge and experiences related to the Mooladhara chakra. The vibrations were very beautiful. The root support is very important and we need this to be nourished if we are to continue to grow and develop in Sahaja Yoga.

    Lots of love always.

  2. Ayesha

    It was so amazing feelings of great viberations on that guru game by Paula&Ella about mooladhara chakra and help us to learn new things about this chakra and I find out first time that if mooladhara is clearing so it can open the Agnya chakra too and i realy experienced it,so thanks to all my Shahj family to give me this knowledge+joy and feelings of unconditional oceon of love and compassion.

  3. Perviz

    Thank you Ioana for starting this Sahaj Guru game. The advantage is two-fold. It gives the presenter initiative to seek deeper knowledge about the chakra, clear and rejuvenate. While the audience benefits from the in-depth knowledge provided,learns more and reflects back on their own experiences.
    So far all the presenters have done a wonderful job and am certain that the presenters to follow will equally excel.

    Thank you my friends!

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