Come & Celebrate “The Circle of Life with a Lion Heart” – Mississauga’s 1st “RAIN to Heal M.E. ->Mother Earth” program! (Sun, Aug 21)

Not to be missed public program “here” in Mississauga!

Final Missisauga R.A.I.N. Poster (1) small

 We offered monthly “R.A.I.N. to heal M.E. -> Mother Earth” public programs across Ontario starting with January 2016. This is our 1st one in Mississauga and our team is excited to join the dynamic and most welcoming Mississauga Yogi(ni)s Team! Join us for an intimate event in which we learn a lot about subtle energy centers (*chakras) while taking both an inner journey through meditation and introspection, as well an outer journey around the globe through .. surprises! Come to Experience “it!”


Cool Heart Warming Snippets from previous “R.A.I.N. to heal M.E.> Mother Earth” 2016 programs

(CLICK) Clips & Photos: “The March of the Penguins for Mother Earth” 

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  1. Carmen

    I just cannot believe all this events are for free. I have learned so much. Meet positive people. I will be there for sure.

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