The Mayor and 2×100 Seeds of Joy Events Joined June’s 100in1Day Canada

Enjoy the long due Recollection about our two 100 Seeds of Joy events that joined the 100in1Day Canada initiative celebrated in Burlington last year in June. The Mayor of Burlington joined it too!

Enjoy the Super Active team of Halton Volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network group

We received the invitation to participate in the 100in1Day Canada initiative that manifested on June 3, 2023 across the Burlington community.

Of course our answer was “Thank You, we are IN, and will bring with us 2×100 Seeds of Joy nonetheless!”.

Our 100 Seeds of Joy Team had the pleasure to welcome The Mayor of Burlington who came by our meditation spot in Central Park

The Mayor of Burlington (left in white) chatting with Ioana (right in blue) and other volunteers and participants in the 100 Seeds of Joy wellness event.

Mission Accomplished: we brought much Joy and Serenity with our two FREE 100 Seeds of Joy mental health and wellness events offered in the same day of June 3rd, 2023

It was really cool to see the local news reporters coming by our booth and even asking for an intro to meditation and trying it on the spot. Also, it was such a nice surprise to see that our volunteers were quoted in the article that appeared in Burlington Today about 100in1day. Check it out!

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network’s 100 Seeds of Joy is mentioned in the Local News

As we know that the reader enjoys any good news about his Halton yogi meditator friends, we are sharing below evidence that they were really busy last summer, therefore there is no excuse for them not getting even busier this year.

Indeed, we were joyfully surprised to notice that Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network is mentioned in the Local News for being an active partner in the 100in1Day 2023 community-wide event. It’s a fact: our booth and workshops were very popular!

Guess what? The Burlington community that we LOVE, loves us back!

Screenshot from the local news article mentioning the sahaja yoga meditation event offered outdoors in Burlington.

A wonderful collaboration between Community Partners that came Together for Burlington:

We collected a few snapshots from the local media related to this event, as you can see our mental health and creative workshops offering yoga and meditation were appreciated by our community partners, as we united our efforts for making 100in1Day a success in Burlington.

Tweets sent by the 100in1Day organizers to announce their community partners with their events.

Snippets from the local media mentioning Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network – alternatively known as ‘SY Halton’ or ‘Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation’ and more recently the ‘100 Seeds of Joy team’, as it has 19 years of continuous active presence in the Halton region and beyond.

Note: It is already a tradition for our team of volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network to participate in all kind of community events. We’ve been a reliable community partner in the past several years to the 100in1day organizing team and we will definitely be joining them when it’s back. Possibly we might contribute with more events as our 100 Seeds of Joy group continues to grow.

Enjoy the Photos from the Two Wellness Events offered on the same day in two Burlington locations by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team of volunteers

Two distinct creative wellness events were offered by our Team as part of Burlington’s 100in1Day

We started the day in an indoors location, where we offered a Cool Kids and Parents wellness event in the late morning, featuring meditation and yumness under the loving yet attentive guidance from Mama Carmela, our beloved Burlington chef. Check this article if you want to see how it was: It’s Real Fun Meditating and Cooking with Love!.

We were so busy that day, as well in the following days and months, so it took us precisely a year to share with you all the joy cultivated by our team during that very special day.

Yes, there were plenty of positive impressions and experiences shared with us by the participants on that day but you have to just trust what you see in these photos, as it’s too late for us searching for any written feedback.

Best is to join our next events and to discover for yourself the SEEDS of JOY that we cultivate in our beloved Burlington community, in the Halton region and beyond.

We have Amazing Volunteers in our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team and each one is transmitting love and positive energy in our Community. We Thank YOU on June’s Appreciation Day!

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We just celebrated Father’s Day 2024. Therefore, it’s just right to offer you above an article full of beauties discovered around the same day last year, to match the 100in1Day 2023 event recollection. Please, check it out for your enjoyment!

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The Mayor of Burlington launched 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative during the Festival of New Beginnings in March 2023. (collective hora by the end)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article / all articles. Drop a nice comment if you wish.

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  1. Vasav

    Looks super awesome and fun! 🙂

  2. Helen

    What joy!! What connections and smiles and love.

    Fabulous!!! Fabulous!!

  3. Özlem

    Seeing all these beautiful pictures makes me re feel again the amazing time we had in Burlington as Artist from Montreal to 100 seeds of joy event.This open heart is the one that makes us drive with joy from miles away.
    Sending love and light to beautiful community of Burlington!!

  4. Isabelle

    Collectively having so much fun! And enjoying Mother Nature. So nice.

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