Feel the Vibes of Burlington’s 2023 Father’s Day

Check this article with its Videos and Photos to Feel the Vibes of Father’s Day 2023 in Burlington

Ioana took this photo in Burlington

We start with these images because they carry a subtle (sahaj) significance and they should help you feel the Vibes of Burlington’s 2023 Father’s Day Weekend with all that it had to offer. Regarding the first photo (with the white flower), we felt inspired by Mother Earth and Father Sky that are honored in many indigenous cultures. This photograph is an offering to both, as the National Indigenous Peoples Day is also in June, following the Father’s Day. It falls on June 21st – that’s also the INTL Yoga Day. The ‘sunny photos’ simply captured the playfulness feeling that was onmipresent.

This article is gathering ‘the impressions’ or ‘the vibes’ of Father’s Day Weekend as we experienced it in Burlington and around. You might know already that our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team of volunteers launched the 100 Seeds of Joy initiative to honor the 100th Birthday of our Guru: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

It’s nice to plant those Seeds of Joy in our community, but we are also grateful to discover Joys around and find ourselves on the receiving end as well. On this particular Father’s Day weekend we had plenty of Joy to give and receive :-). Mother Nature also contributed generously to allow us all to enjoy every second and to beam out with love towards each other.

We can confess that we encountered a lot of beauty, kindness and smiles all around!

Let’s remember What did we do in the Morning

Our team of volunteers from “Cool Kids and Parents” offered a special free program in our community in the morning. It was well received and we have proofs of that statement in this article ( plenty of photos and videos charged with innocent joy and creativity). Explore it here: (click) Feedback from Rock Painting workshop on Father’s Day

How was our afternoon and Where have we been?!

Actually our team of volunteers had big plans on Father’s Day with family and friends. In our case we had friends visiting from London and we had the pleasure of hosting a lunch that turned into a wonderfully diverse potluck, followed by a lovely trip by the Smokey Hallow Waterfall (check the video-clip). All the above are photos from our trip there.

Definitely it’s worth exploring the photo-album for more FUN Photos and LOVELY nature pics.

How was the Evening?! Have you heard about the Sound of Music Festival?!

We were there, with yummy gelato in our hands and ready to meet our other many friends that joined the festival’s activities.

The evening was bright and melodious! From our experience along the years, this one was the best in organization and diversity of music.

Here there are some video clips to be sampled by those that did not get a chance to participate to the Sound of Music Festival 2023 and missed the lovely atmosphere it created in Burlington.

We are providing our own video-clips and you might see they are particular indeed.

(video-clip 1) This one captures a special moment, so listen and watch:

(video-clip 2) This one captures the feelings of joyous collectivity and freedom:

Check the Father’s Day Weekend Photo-Album ( more beautiful moments and earthlings) .

We hope that you’ve enjoyed it! Of course, you can share your impressions about this article or your own experiences from that weekend, by posting your comments further down. Until then, we recommend you to explore other three articles.

The first two articles offer subtle knowledge from sahaja yoga meditation about our chakras and other areas within our subtle system connected to the Father principle.

The other article takes you to the Memories of Shri Mataji about her own Father, who was a remarkable realized soul.

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Reminder: check the videos and the articles above and Drop a comment if you wish. 🙂

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  1. Kruti

    Absolutely stunning photos of nature. Loved them. The guitar music is so soothing to the ears. The article helps to bring our attention to Mother Earth and enjoy everything beautiful around us. Thank you so much.

  2. Helen

    Such joy to watch, read and listen to all here.
    Harmony and peace are so strong. Such deLight, such joy.
    Thank you so much. Wonderful, wonderful!!

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