Celebrate June 1 with Sweet May’s Joys collected from the Cool Kids Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminar in Burlington

We had so much Fun in May with our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminars for COOL KIDS with Parents and Families, both indoors and outdoors. The participants’ age ranged between 3 and 87!!

Here there is the proof: photos and mini-videos and impressions! VIEW ALBUM and the Impressions shared below..

May’s Cool Kids Seminar with Havan in Burlington

VIEW ALBUM and the Impressions 

Dear Sahaja Yoga Family, thank you for organizing the May Cool Kids seminar in a way that we could come. My kids do seem to enjoy you all very much.
 I needed to share it with you 🙂 All my love

 We had an amazing time yesterday.  Thank you so much for your love and open hearts.  We all loved the get-together and the meditation.  It was the first time Kush played sitar for meditation, so things were just going spontaneously. 

Normally, he hesitates to play in front of  people, but for some reason, yesterday he was pretty much ready and wanted to play it.  I didn’t have to convince him even once. 

It was heavenly the meditation with the kid playing the sitar, such peacefulness and vibrations; I simply cannot believe how much beauty and hope sahaja yoga meditation brings; Singing the songs was a new experience and I we need more song books and meetings to learn them. 

(check/learn Ganesha Ganesha – for the Child King of the Root Chakra -in this video; Kids are raising other’s Kundalini energy following the rhythm)

 you are my other family and I love coming to all our sahaj get-togethers, we learn so much every time!!

Looking forward to our next one!!! So excited about learning the songs and the mantras!! Yes I felt so much peace around the fire / havan

Stay tuned for the 2 Outdoors Halton Sahaja Yoga Seminars in June!!!

One Day Yoga Meditation RetreatMother Earth Guru Seminar”@ Peter’s  

(check!) Fantastic Results from SYM‘s Healing Workshops 

and  Cool Kids Oakville Class: “Multi-Cultural Educational Evening”(photo-album) . Have a Wonderful Weekend! Don’t forget to meditate..

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