A “Heart to Heart Chakra Relationship” Study

 Agnya (the Third Eye) and Vishuddhi (Throat Chakra) are like Father and Son

“There is a very close relationship between Agnya (chakra known as the third eye)
and Vishuddhi (throat chakra/enery centre), like a father and son.
The Vishuddhi gets spoiled if you are always sulking, or by talking too much or not talking at all. But you should say good things to give joy to others. You should say nice things to encourage love for one another.
Say nice things to stop fighting among ourselves. By this the Vishuddhi  (throat centre) chakra gets all right. 
Then you should see that when you are talking to people, are you making them happy on the surface or from their depths ?!
If it’s from the surface then know that you have still not reached your depth.
If one gives even a small flower from the heart then in Sahaja Yoga it can have a very deep effect. 
Do things with your Whole Heart. Your friendships should not be superficial.”
Depth of Agnya Chakra helps with Throat (Vishuddhi) Chakra
“Till the depth of Agnya comes on the Vishuddhi, your Vishuddhi will go haywire. It is important to have the depth of the Agnya.
It means that whatever you do is without thinking and calculating, like‘ If I give X amount, I will get Y amount in return. If I do this, then that will happen.’ No! ‘From within I feel that I should do this. I must give.’  
When you do anything with your whole heart then know that your depth is now working on the Vishuddhi (throat energy centre).
“When you reach this stage then through you the benevolence of mankind, the relationships with each other and universal brotherhood will be established.”
“On Holi (festival of colors) we should burn all those things which spoil our attention and damage the Agnya. Then this attention will clear out and we will celebrate Holi with joy and understanding. The day the complete combination of this will happen then on both chakras the similarity will come.
Then at Sahasrara (crown chakra) the question does not arise.
But problems arise at Vishuddhi where the two nadis (energy channels, the left/Lunar channel and the right/Solar channel)  and the right  cross and go up to Agnya and cross it.
When your attention goes to Vishuddhi then you see the Shakti (meaning ‘power’ in Sanskrit) of Shri Krishna, Shri Radha who is Allahad-Dayani, ‘The Giver of Joy’. Just by seeing Her, people feel joyous. She is the Allahad-Dayani Shakti  (the Power of the Joy Giver) which is in flowers, in children and it can awaken in you.”
“Till the depth comes, this Allahad-Dayani Shakti (power) will remain verbal.
Think about the combination of these two.
It is very important for us to get depth within and to give joy from that depth is equally important.”
 * excerpts from talks of Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – with photos provided by Sahaja Yogis

(VIDEO) Heavenly Experience from Ayesha – VISHUDDHI chakra Experience 

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    This is so heart warming to read and learn.

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    So helpful! So informative.
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    This is so so deep, and a message for me that touches my heart. What a beautiful trip down memory lane with all the incredible events hosted and attended with such open hearts and love. Virtual group hug! Your faces shine like a thousand suns and this truly a happy joy luck club for all!

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