What is Diwali and Deepawali meaning?! Connections to Christmas and Chakras – the Great Lakshmi and the Sea

Let’s Find out What is Diwali and the Deepawali meaning

Diwali Card with a Diwali definition provided by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga

Let’s explore the subtle significance of a well-known Hindu festival that gained popularity all around the world as the Festival of Lights. What is Diwali and Deepawali meaning for a sahaja yogi or a seeker of truth? Are there Connections to Christmas and Chakras or to the Great Lakshmi and the Sea? Indeed, we offer you answers to such questions. Just have the patience to explore this article and the links to other layers of subtle knowledge through video, quotes and images. Enjoy!

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – quote

Sahaj Diwali Journey from Shri Lakshmi to Mother Mary

Mother Mary with Baby Jesus and Mother Mahalakshmi with Baby Ganesha



Enjoy Sahaj Interesting Connections

There is a clear similarity in the way Lord Jesus came on earth, and the creation of Lord Ganesha (principle of the divine child within, governing the 1st energy centre, Mooladhara chakra)– both came entirely from their divine Mother (respective in the Hindu tradition and Christian tradition).
As we know Christmas is traditionally celebrated in December as the birth of Christ. However, many agree that most probably this time was chosen due to various pagan Roman festivals which fell around that date.  The founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji had offered countless explanations and details regarding Jesus Christ and Mother Mary lives as well in relation to what they brought as universal message and subtle impact on humanity’s evolution. Specific to  sahaja yoga is the integration that it brings between various faiths, mythologies and religions; the thread that is binding them all in such a beautiful and natural way becomes visible and can be  even experienced by those that speak and understand the language of the vibratory awareness.

We’ll try to explore below some of the connections to Diwali as well Diwali’s significance within Sahaja Yoga System with excerpts from various talks offered by the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

What is Diwali?


‘First of all, you have to know there are four days that are celebrated in Diwali.’

‘Diwali comes from the word dipali in Sanskrit, the word ‘deepa’ means ‘the light’, and ‘ali’ means the ‘line’, the ‘rows’. Now, there are many things that have happened during these four days and that’s how it is celebrated with such a great enthusiasm.”

What is the first Day of Diwali?

“The first (Day of Diwali) is the day of the Lakshmi’s birth. The real day when Lakshmi was born out of the sea.’

‘Today is a day of very great happening, I should say. Celebrating the Diwali is a very, very joyous thing. But this joy is not for ourselves; this joy is for the whole world. We have to work for the whole world. We work for ourselves, for our jobs, for our money, whatever it is, but what are you doing for others? That you should see for yourself, and that’s very important. Only such people are useful in Sahaja Yoga because they have concern, they have care, and they are doing something for others. It’s a great enjoyment with that, when the lights are burning, it’s to give you happiness; they are burning their bodies to give you happiness. They are the ones who should teach us that we have to do something ourselves to enjoy our own higher awareness. …Now as it is, what is the aim after all, what is the aim of our lives? We have to change the whole world into a peaceful theme. Changing yourself, of course, is great thing, no doubt; but changing others also will stop all the problems of the world. If all the people of this world become good people.. then can you imagine what will happen?’

Diwali’s Sahaj Significance

‘Today we are going to celebrate the Diwali, which means the rows of lights or, you can say, group of lights. This Diwali has been a festival of very ancient times in India.. Diwali was celebrated when it was the darkest night of the year. So now, it is very symbolic of these modern times because the worst time, as far as morality is concerned has been in these modern times. We call it the Ghor Kali Yuga, the worst modern times. That means a complete darkness and, as you see around, you’ll find out that there is complete darkness as far as morality is concerned, but that’s why there are all kinds of crises. Because of that, also, there are many who are seeking the light, the truth… ‘


Who is Lakshmi? How she becomes Maha (the Great)Lakshmi?

‘Now, this Lakshmi is the goddess (divine principle/subtle energy), who stands on the lotus. She represents all the well-being, the wealth, the glory of wealth, the decoration of wealth; whichever is auspicious. Whatever is not auspicious is not wealth. According to Sahaja yoga, or according to any scripture, it is not wealth at all. So She’s a lady who stands on a lotus, showing that a person, who has got wealth, has to be a person who does not assert his pressures on people, who doesn’t push people around, who doesn’t pressurize. “She’s a lady, She’s a Mother. So, wealth, is the first opening to our seeking. But when you start seeking the wealth, you realize that the superficial wealth that you are seeking is not sufficient, is not going to give you complete joy. So, you start seeking the deeper wealth. As I said that on the Mother Earth you’ve exploited all that is possible. Still there, deep down in the sea, lot of wealth still. So, then the seeking moves toward the deeper seeking. So, the same Lakshmi becomes Mahalakshmi (The Great Lakshmi in Sanskrit). When you start expanding yourself to higher and deeper valuables then this Lakshmi doesn’t lure you much; She’s just there for your glory, but not for your satisfaction. The wealth is there for distribution. You enjoy the generosity, generous fondness; it’s a fondness, you see, that you should be generous. That is a very great happiness and joy that you feel. That is the greatest, when you are generous, when you give away. That’s a fondness, that’s a kind of a human expression of one’s own being, that you want to be generous. And this generosity only can come when Mahalakshmi principle is born in you. ‘

The Names Maria, Maru, Miriam or Mariam

 where are they coming from?!

‘That’s why She is called as Miriam or Mariam. Word ‘Mari’ or ‘Marie’ also comes from the word ‘sea’. So, She’s born out of the sea, is created out of the sea. And the wealth of the sea, so far, thank God, human beings have not yet exploited, but they may one day start doing that also. And a lot of wealth is still there, so when people start getting worried about exhausting the Mother Earth, we must know that sea is much more than the earth is. So, nothing is exhausted, still there is such a lot of reserve for you, and one should not worry as to the supply of wealth that can come from the sea.’

Mahalakshmi is one of the main powers of Adi Shakti (the primordial universal power). Now these powers have powers at a material level also, at a subtler level also. Lakshmi was born or came out of the sea, the great sea, which was churned, years back. And she came out of the sea because she is the Daughter of the Sea. That’s why she’s called as Neeraja. Neera means ‘water’ and ja means ‘born out of.’

So, what is that? What is this Lakshmi? See symbolically, what is it expressing? It is expressing the Awareness. Lakshmi expresses awareness, and she came out of the sea, you know that; the awareness first started growing in the sea. The life started existing in the sea, to begin with, and then it grew out. Without the life there is no awareness. First the life, because everything is ‘jarda’, everything is dead, and when it becomes life, it means it has awareness.”

“So, the Awareness started growing in the Sea.”“This is the symbolic expression. In the gross level you can understand this way.”

“So, for me it is symbolic to see how the life came into being in the sea and that it became aware.’

Diwali Music: ‘Brothers and Sisters, Come! Today is Diwali!’

Enjoy a Bhajan (Song in Hindi) that my daughter loves it and she was telling me this Sunday, on Diwali: ‘What a pity because it is mostly sung with the occasion of Diwali, such a beautiful bhajan.’ And it is sweet how the only bhajan that I had received via email from dear Indian friends is exactly this one – received same night. What a Diwali gift! We’re further sharing it with you, so at least on this page it will be eternally Diwali time with this beautiful song.

(Click – Audio) ayidiwalli1

The Symbol of Mahalakshmi is Mother Mary

‘You can say then, He (Jesus) was given birth by the Holy Ghost who was the Mother of Christ on this earth, who was nobody else but was the incarnation of Mahalakshmi.’

‘Now She (Lakshmi) was born in the sea. She was called as Neeraja or Neera that means “water”… the name of Mary is also the same. Miriam or Mary, I don’t know how you say in English, but Maria comes from .. the word Mari. Mari itself comes from the word Meri. So, this Mahalakshmi, Mary is named .. because she was born in the sea and that’s how her name was Mary. Some people call her Mariana. All these words are indicating that she was born in the sea. So She is Mahalakshmi. Now Mary is Mahalakshmi and Ganesha is the child. Now see how symbolically it works, that only in Diwali the Lakshmi and the Ganesha are worshiped, only these two personalities. Can you understand that? The symbol of Mahalakshmi for me is Mary, for you it is Mahalakshmi, is the symbol.’

The Real Christmas is on Diwali  and The Symbol of Ganesha is Jesus Christ

‘And the symbol of Ganesha outside is Christ. He is symbolizing Ganesha. So, both of them are worshiped only on Diwali. Actually this is the Christmas. This is the real Christmas that was before also, and this was the time baby Christ was born, not the 25th of December.. it’s a misunderstanding, doesn’t matter, keep it up. Doesn’t matter, whenever He’s born, because there used to be a very big festival, and after the festival He was born.. And then this child was born and that was the time when Christmas was celebrated. It was just tallying with that, but somehow it shifted. And there might be somewhere you’ll find out that real Christmas was shifted. …Now the awareness that was seeking up to Lakshmi, means you achieve money, achieve position for achieving Grace, once you have achieved the Grace of this, you want to achieve God. And this new awakening within you that you have to achieve God now, is the power of Mahalakshmi. By the power of Mahalakshmi only, you achieve your saintliness, your Realization. That’s why She came on this earth as the Mother of Jesus Christ. That was Mahalakshmi, not Lakshmi but Mahalakshmi (the Great Lakshmi). May God bless you.’ (all above are excerpts from few talks of Shri Mataji from 1980, 1985, 1994, 2001)

Significance of Light and Diwali in Nabhi Chakra, Society and Sahaja Yoga

Left Nabhi chakra’s power (Gruha Lakshmi) versus the Right Nabhi Chakra’s power (Raja Lakshmi)

“And today (on Diwali) now the light, light is there.  Light is a very important thing.  From the very beginning, you see, when man discovered the fire, the fire was used in the Gruha Lakshmi state (the subtle energy provided by the Left nabhi chakra) where the fire cooked the food, and you see the warmth of the Mother was shown though the heart she used in the house to warm up her children, to give them food and all that.  Then it became, say, a very collective thing, it is expressed as light, you see.  If you have to celebrate, say your Republic Day or your Independence Day, we put the lights on, or we have fireworks.  You see to express ourselves that way is in the Raja Lakshmi (the subtle and divine power that governs the right aspect of the Nabhi chakra).” (Diwali, 1981, UK)

What should be the Celebration of Diwali about for an Enlightened Soul?

Now the celebration of Diwali should be that we carry the light all over the world and enlighten people, as many as we can.”

“None of our private things, nor none of our own problems are important. So that is what it is, that we have to realize that we have got a certain position. So, once you understand, your own esteem goes up and you see for yourself what you have to do.”

A Yogi’s Oath on Diwali

“So, then everybody should today decide and take an oath, that we’ll do everything to spread Sahaja Yoga with humility.”

“So, now we’ll have the Puja, and in this Puja you all should promise to yourself that you will create a Deepawali (row of lights) in every household, in every country, in the whole world.”In Sahaja Yoga you develop another dimension which is Collective Consciousness.

“That is the modern Sahaja Yoga. In the olden days they didn’t have this, so they just all got lost. Now you have collective consciousness and in that collective consciousness you start feeling others, feeling for others, compassion for others and you start working out for others.”

(Shri Mataji’s Talk on Diwali in Lisbon, Portugal in 1996)

(VIDEO) Diwali Meditation Session with Music and Knowledge (recorded live)

(Click!) Wife as The Goddess & Spleen’s Importance for Chakra System & Family & Society with Peace, Respect, Nutrition & Light

Happy Diwali to Everyone! May the Light Within Enlighten the Whole World! 

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  1. Carmen

    Dear all:
    You would agree that celebrating Xmas is a beautifull thing, because it brings about a sense of collectiviness a sense of a perveding love, at that time we feel like we all are brothers and sister.

    Understanding the meaning of Diwali made even more deeper for me, make it more Universal.

    As I was reading the Love just was pouring down, like a new realization of Integration and Oneness.


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    A beautiful composition to introspect and re-think on our age old human values and ethics and significance attached to our age old traditions and festival yet feel the importance of the truth embedded deepseated with significance attached to these events of past. We really donot need to prove or disapprove but we need to feel the deeper aspect of love within itas a newer hypothesis and then once it is proved we must acknowledge ‘Yes, I have found it at last’!.

    Probabaly this is called the essence of higher awarness in human from simple human being evolvingto a higher self where one becomes the master of his own and starts evaluating. That is enlightenment when one strikes nothing but truth. What he emits is nothing but ‘Love’. The greatest asset ever human could acquire in this last stage of his human evolution ascending from tiny ammoeba. It is only the human beings and no other evolution who can enjoy and knows the truth .Because he can navigate his heart and brain in isolation and yet be in balance. What a wonderful teachings on Love,enlightenment and truth.

    So the love and Truth combined gives the essence of compassion in human to weigh other’s feelings and self. While the enlightened thoughts make us rise higher from where we literally step into a newer realm to know the meaning of our human existance and life- trangressing much beyond our own mundane conflicts through ego or anger or hatred. This is what we call ‘God Experience’.

    It is just a ‘Realization’ in other words with a bountiful of higher awareness within our own-self when we come in terms with Truth.Diwali is just a means of enlightening that light within heart with the oil of Love that lights for ever and shows the world to navigate their own path if one is ever lost in that light of Love and Truth.

    Thank you Ioana for such beautiful thought shared in this article that is so enlightening. It is the celebration of Diwali within and not outside.

    Let us be thankful to God for whatever we have received. Amen!

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    I got VERY STRONG vibrations when listening to this video. wow And this morning I meditated, for the first time in the morning in a while, I did the Shri Ganesha mantra and the Lord’s Prayer, and cleared out a few chakras. And this article came to me just a few hours later, thank you so much.

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    This is a wonderful explanation of the meaning of Diwali for humankind. As we each understand more about this Light and feel more compassion in our hearts, then I am hopeful that the Universal Light will shine very brightly.

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    Thanks for this lovely article about the true meaning of Diwali and the Xmas also and the whole connections between mother Merry and shri Mahalaxmi and shri Ganesha and Shri Jesus. The whole article of mother talk lit a diya in my heart.

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