Teen Shulin from HALTON’s “Life De-Stress with Meditation” Classes SELECTED as GLOBAL TEEN LEADER 2016

Breaking News: Teen Shulin from HALTON’s “Life De-Stress with Meditation” Classes was SELECTED as GLOBAL TEEN LEADER 2016!!

Shulin Three Dot Dash1

We are so proud of Shulin!

The news was unexpected as there were thousands of candidates from all around the world.

Shulin 1-s

The reputed We are Family Foundation and one of its initiatives called Three Dot Dash are organizing the “Just Peace” Summit where our Shulin is going tomorrow to New York for 7 days; she will remain actively involved with these amazing pro peace organizations for the duration of the entire year 2016.

Even the Mayor of Burlington is proud of her achievement!

Mayor Tweet

Let’s take a few moments to discover “Who is Shulin Zhang from Canada ?!” 🙂

Shulin’s Impromptu Testimonial on the Benefits of “Life De-Stress Youth Class” (2013) 

Shulin’s collecting testimonials from the  Participants to R.A.I.N. to heal M.E.” Sahaja Yoga Meditation Programs

Shulin’s AD-HOC YOUTH Coaching for VISDHUDDHI CHAKRA Presentation 

Shulin’s Interview with Ms. NEWTON, The Principal of her school

We are listing a few of the many awards received by Shulin in Canada for her creative work and for the many initiatives and events co-organized with Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation volunteers in community and in schools.

2013 -Prepare to be Amazed

making the change conference

Shulin on Internet - Burlington Transit

Burlington transit thanks-small

Inner peace 2016 -Hayden
Halton festival

Group photo after meditation

Photo Group at Aldershit Highschool Oct 2015 with Tim Bruce

Tweet from Gary Allan School - PA Day Nov 27

ASfter meditation Volunteer and Youth participants -1

Thank you Letter for Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshop in Oak School -Oakville 2014

Art 1

Ontario Agricultural College

Youth Meditation Poster V4-5-1

(click!) WATCH Burlington’s Global Teen Leader Receiving 2 Awards for BREAKFAST!

Trillium from Crawford lake - Burlington 2015

Sahaj 7

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  1. Mohinder Sidana

    Shulin’s purpose in life is to spread love and peace in this world
    she is truly a blessed soul

  2. cheryl

    Congrats Shulin! Wishing you continued success in all your endeavours, meeting many new friends and spreading your sweet message of love everywhere you go. You are such a beautiful example of the dynamism of enlightened youth!

  3. Melanie

    Congratulations Shulin, you are an amazing vessel for Sahaja Yoga. You are a realized soul. I am so happy and proud of our accomplishments! See you soon! ? ?

  4. Letitia

    Felicitari Shulin,e o veste minunata dupa Shivaratri Puja la seminarul din Belaria.Il bandhan e fresco,esti un instrument Divin,.

  5. paula

    So So beyond proud of you. A dynamic force for all to get their self-realization! Your talents are wide ranging and your desire to change the world for the better is so inspiring. Good luck in New York! See you at Waltz of the Dolpins this Saturday March 12th!

  6. Peter

    Its so Great to witness your dynamism dear and well done!!! a pure instrument of Mothers love, so sweet!!! lots of love, blessings and Bandhans to you dear from the heart of the universe, (the land of Shri Shiva) and all your family here in the UK !
    Keep up the Go-d work! 1 <3 Jai Shri Mataji…

  7. Kriya

    Shulin, you are such a beautiful inspiration to us all! Keep up the amazing work, it’s so nice to see!

  8. Anjali

    Go Shulin Go!
    I know you have a lot ahead of you but your inner peace and light will always continue to energize you as we continue to learn from your diligence and pure hearted hard work. The force is with you. And just as you are fortunate to be selected to do this noble work in the name of humanity and Mother earth, those who know you are also fortunate to have you as light in their lives. such as myself.
    Lots of love, best wishes and (rainbow/protection).

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