ECHOS of MOTHER’s DAY in Burlington — Meditate & Enjoy

A Dedication to Mother’s Day Mothers Bouquet from Abi20160508_121851

Burlington May 7 2016 Spencer Smith Park
Burlington May 7 2016 Spencer Smith Park
bday Family Photo
Burlington Sahaja Yoga Class — group “yogi family photo” on the day when we celebrated Shri Mataji’s birthday on March 21st, 2016– Don;t we look like flowers?!!Click on the photo 🙂
Burlington May 7 2016 Yellow Spring
Burlington May 7 2016 — Daffodils Everywhere — It is a Yellow Spring

Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation-:

‘I want to be a real grandmother of very grandchildren, that’s a special privilege and real promotion and maturity.’

MahaSamaddhi Painting

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