ECHOS of MOTHER’s DAY in Burlington — Meditate & Enjoy

A Dedication to Mother's Day  Shri Mataji - the founder of sahaja yoga meditation-: ‘I want to be a real grandmother of very grandchildren, that’s a special privilege and real promotion and maturity.’  (click!) A Great Mother’s Life – Interview with First Memories of Birth (click!) What are Vibrations?! Answers with "Mother & Child" Relationships & Images POSTED  | 12 | 54,225 VIEWS We wish to All Mothers and All Children in the World to enjoy the Pure Love Growing Every Single Day in their Hearts, for each other and for the Human Family.

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To My Mother – To My Children

To my Mother There are landscapes in meThe inner eye could never seeSwamped as it wasWith greed and lust and fear asMud spots on a windshield.All I needed do was yieldMy thoughts and wishes to Her LoveTo be washed clean from rains aboveOf gentle peace and silent joy.How can I sing my thanks at all For the new vistas of my soul,For having sampled, having feltThe inside Love in which I meltAnd which I recognize to beNot a new world, not a new meBut my true nature all the while?I walk in peace along the aisle Of…

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