“We Feel it!” even @ Chapters – New Video based on Testimonials from Etobicoke & Brampton on the Benefits of Meditation

“Magnanimity of mind is very pleasing and it attracts others. This magnanimity lies within human being and is awakened by Kundalini. But how can those people have this Joy of Spontaneity who are living in artificial atmosphere ?!” Shri Mataji – founder of sahaja yoga meditation

The 2 photos you can see above and below in this article, are from Burlington Chapters, capturing aspects from one of the many Meditation Workshops that Sahaja Yogis are providing across Ontario to the Chapters bookstores and other indoor venues (like malls) – always for free.


The Video that you’ll soon enjoy 🙂 comprises a couple of fresh testimonials from  few participants to the meditation workshops in Etobicoke’s Chapters and Brampton’s mall, just last weekend, featuring Canadians representing a diversity of cultural backgrounds: Eastern Europe, Vietnamese, Indian and so on.

We are sure that this Video represents a  living  answer-example to the rhetorical question launched by our Yoga Teacher, Shri Mataji (see the quote about Magnanimity of Mind &  Spontaneous Joy), with the hope that us, her students, we’ll reach out to all those that are living in an ‘artificial atmosphere’: in busy towns, hectic corporations and so on .. and  we’ll introduce people to this modern meditation system that provides beautiful benefits. Once Kundalini energy is rising , the Connection/Yoga with Nature will happen Spontaneously and gradually will have a positive impact on our communities as well. Many Thanks to our dear friend Maxim for realizing this video.

Check “One Million Dollar Joy” – another great youtube video from Maxim

After such testimonials, who can ever doubt that Sahaja Yoga Meditation is naturally a Bestseller for Spirituality ?! 🙂 For Everyone, Everywhere and for free.

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  1. Debbie

    The common denominator here is that everyone has benefited from Sahaja Yoga in one way or the other and what an invaluable gift it is to have and even more incredible is that it is free and available to one and all.

    Lots of love always.

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