I like it a lot says Faina – Find out Why

I like it a lot says Faina – Find out Why

Faina from Oakville Free Meditation Class offers her personal feedback at Halton Eco Festival about Sahaja Yoga Meditation. ‘I like it a lot!’ says Faina – Find out Why, so let’s watch the videoclip presented below!

Check the videoclip & Listen to Faina’s advice!

(this was a spontaneous interview realized for our website by the team of sahaja yoga volunteers participating to the Halton Eco Festival 2010 in Oakville at Glen Abbey Community centre; in fact Halton sahaja yoga meditation was one of the active supporters during the 2 days of the festival: at our booth visitors were offered free chakra workshops and introduction to sahaja yoga meditation and personal chakra assessment and explanations)

(click!) Watch Photos of Great Family Time & Meditation @ Halton Eco Festival


(click!) Calling the Seekers to Meet the Seers of Today! Meditate with Ontario Yogis for Mother Earth @ 2017 Halton Eco Festival

“Sahaj Family” – group photo right after the Oakville Sahaja Yoga Meditation class ; we had a speciail event ** we always have 🙂

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  1. paula erskine

    Faina! Your interview is full of vibrations! I enjoyed hearing your perspective and can relate to your experiences. When
    our kundalini is awake (sacred energy inside) we can feel
    the sincerity and truth of what is being said by others. It
    is a positive wave of joy. Thank you and it is a pleasure to
    see your smiling face at the Oakville Sahaja Yoga classes
    now back at the Glen Abbey Community Center! See YOU

  2. Debbie

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. As you said, there is nothing to loose by trying Sahaja Yoga but everything to gain!

    Lots of love always.

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