Best Three Tips in Stories from Mark Williams: “Cracking Meditation or How to Meditate” & “The Good Thoughts of a Hundred Monkeys” & “Miracle of St Gabriel-Hanuman Mantra in Australian Desert”

We have started meditating on the Guru Principle and these three stories might give some insight on the Guru – Disciple relationship. Mark Williams had posted his personal experiences on an international forum and with his permission we share them on the Halton website. This way we get to know a fellow yogi and realize how powerful, protective, guiding and caring can be our sincere connection with the divine principles, that we may use to call as archangels or prophets or god’s powers as deities – living actually in our own tree of life. Hmm, have just realized that this page became spontaneously  a “Thank you” homage, with sahaj humour and humble depth, to Mark’s beloved guru and Mother – Shri Mataji, founder of sahaja yoga meditation. Enjoy the stories .. and feel the fragrance of the French Rose!

The good thoughts of a hundred monkeys

Shri Mataji sometimes takes on your form of speaking when She is with you, like She adapts. She talks completely differently when She is with certain people. She talks a completely different way.

The first time I met Shri Mataji was just when I got married and we were up in Pratisthan.

We were standing in the kitchen and peering out into the backyard and Shri Mataji was sitting in the garden and She saw us and She waved us to come out. So we did so, and sat down.

‘What do you think of the house?’ She said, just as conversation.

‘Shri Mataji, it’s a palace. It’s absolutely fantastic,’ I said. I had these turns of phrase that I used.

‘Yes, it’s just one of my crazy ideas,’ She said, and that’s a thing I say all the time.

The yogis there and I just looked at Shri Mataji like — wow! She is actually just catching the thought, like that.

They had never heard Her use that turn of phrase. I had the opportunity to ask Shri Mataji on another point.

I was once in a rickshaw in India with an American fellow and he was very scared. It was his first time in India and it was maybe my third time. I was a little bit scared as well because it was getting near sunset and the rickshaw driver didn’t appear to understand us.

‘Nizamuddin,’ we said. He eventually nodded and started off and I put it in bandhan and it was so cool

and I thought, ‘Forget it. Ah, we’ll get there.’ I relaxed and the American sort of relaxed too.

He was a new yogi. He didn’t look very relaxed, but he just sat.

After about five minutes, I had this thought, ‘this driver is completely lost. He doesn’t know where to go. We are never going to get there.’

But I was in such a nice state, I just looked and thought,

‘you’re in bandhan. You are in Shri Mataji’s attention. Forget it. What a crazy thought.’

Suddenly, the American grabbed my arm.

‘We’re completely lost. We’re never going to get there. This guy doesn’t know where we are going,’ he said in a panic.

‘I’m thinking his thoughts,’ I thought.

When I saw Shri Mataji, I mentioned this to Her, that this had happened.

‘That’s exactly what happens,’ She said. We actually catch the thoughts of each other and She explained that

that’s how we are going to change the world because sometimes you can catch the negative thoughts from people,

but then also the people catch the good thoughts from you.

‘Exactly, that’s the hundred monkey theory, that when there are a hundred monkeys, one will do something, then another, then a few more, then suddenly all the monkeys do the same thing without quite realizing why,’ She explained.

She was saying that that’s how the thoughts work, and was saying the same thing about How to Meditate.

Reverse Oscillation or How To Meditate & Stay “Clean”- Learning the Art of Silence from the Guru

I had a pretty interesting experience last year with vibrations and Vashi hospital I’d like to share. Back in 1996 I was lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong with Shri Mataji and one morning when all the yogis were out, She called me in and asked me to sit at Her feet.
She then said, ‘I’ll teach you how to meditate.’ I was quite excited by this..face to face with Adi Shakti, learning the art of silence directly from Her.

‘Just watch your thoughts’, She said. To watch them, She added, your attention peels away from the thought process and the two waves (the thought wave and the attention wave) hit each other and cancel out (reverse oscillation She called it).

Then the vilambha state begins. She said that you can do this anytime…driving your car, washing the dishes and you can be in total detached silence.

‘Do it now’ She said. So I watched Her and was completely blank. I then said that it was not a good test as it was hard to think in Her presence anyway. She laughed and suggested I try it on the tram back to the ashram. It worked amazingly well. I was able to hold the thoughtless state for as long as I liked.

Now, cut to last year and I was going through a tough time at work. I really lost my cool a lot and was as undetached as you can get (sorry to say). The crunch came when my boss, a hard living, heavy drinking, chain smoking English guy told me to be detached!

I was ashamed of myself and decided right there I was going to check into Vashi, simplify my life and go back to Sahaj basics.

So from that day I took Shri Mataji’s lesson seriously. I watched my thoughts and got quite good at it. I was able to be silent easily. Then I got up at 4am every day. And I did my treatments with full heart.

I then had a realisation that catches come only from thinking. And that if I can be silent, I would not catch. Two weeks later I was in Vashi and after two days of clearing little catches here and there the doctor said I was totally clear.

This was a shock. I asked him again. He still stuck by his comment. Then the next day the same thing. He told me there was no need t be there. I was elated, because I never thought it was possible to be totally clear.

I realised that I had cracked the secret to Sahaja Yoga …I had worked out How to be Silent and Not catch…all thanks to Shri Mataji of course 🙂 Please try it…it really works.

Miracle in Australian Desert with Archangel Gabriel Prayer & Shri Hanumana’s Help for Trapped Photojournalist Yogi

As the forum has gone a little quiet, I wanted to share a miracle experience.

Quite a few years ago I was working as a photojournalist with a journalist colleague in the Australian outback. It was Christmas eve and we were driving towards Birdsville, Australia’s most isolated township. It was about 48 degrees that day. The hottest day in 25 odd years, I heard later. We hadn’t seen another car or any other living thing in two days of driving.

Outside it was a harsh almost martian landscape though with Bach and Mozart playing, the A/C blaring, and lots of philosophical discussion we were lulled into a cozy comfort zone.

We were on dirt roads. And while driving late one morning I noticed at the bottom of a sandy hill an odd looking patch of dust covering the road. Not realising what it was we drove straight through it.

Except we didn’t make it through.

It was a silty muddy ditch with a dry layer of dust on top. As you can imagine, mud was the last thing you’d expect in the desert heat. Anyway, the 4WD sank all the way down to the door frames. We were stuck. And somewhat ironically, we had just reported on a German couple who got stuck in exactly the same way and dies of dehydration.

We tried everything to get it out. We couldn’t dig it out of the fine silt and there was nothing to chock the wheels. After about half an hour of trying we were dizzy from the heat and just starting to worry.

My colleague was an atheist and much of our discussion was about whether God existed or not. That said, we’d become good friends. We’d tried everything you’d usually do. Releasing pressure from tyres. Putting our backs under the wheels and so on.

Nothing worked and now it was a real life or death situation. We were 300kms (half a day’s drive) from Birdsville with no phone contact. No one knew we were coming. It was a holiday. We had enough water one day only. And there was no way we were getting out as the car was all the way up to the door in mud.

Now I had to ask Shri Mataji’s help. So I sat in the driver’s seat, took a bandhan and went into meditation. Strangely, although my heart was racing, it was easy to go silent. My colleague watched on, a little cynical.I prayed to Archangel Gabriel or Lord Hanuman: ‘please forgive us Lord if we’ve made any mistakes. But please Lord get us out of here. We surrender this all to you.”

I bandhaned it as well. Then I put the car into 1st gear, revved the engine all the way to redline and popped the clutch. The engine roared and the car leapt straight out of the silty ditch.

I looked across to my colleague standing outside watching, wide eyed and jumping up and down like a little kid. We were out.

He jumped in the car and yelled ‘what was all that stuff with your hands?’.

‘It doesn’t matter,’ I replied, ‘let’s just get the hell out of here.’

‘No. Really. What did you do. Because the car lifted vertically out of the mud and about a foot into the air before coming horizontally down’.

He said it was as if some invisible hand had lifted the car up, moved it across five metres and placed it down again.

I had tears in my eyes. I knew who saved us.

– Mark Williams

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We had the stories from a brother yogi, Mark .. now let's offer this Rose to all our readers and its captured beauty is yet another miracle-meditation-experience .. from another yogi brother: Louis Marie from France


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  1. paula

    More! Encore! More miracle stories! Waough! Incredible how the jeep was “lifted” by a divine force out of the mud! It was like showing the non-believer the power faith can have to get you out when nothing else can! Loved this article!!

  2. H***

    The first story does remind me a lot of sitting in an airplane just 2 seats behind Shri Mataji on our way from Togliatti to Kiev during Her 1995 Russia tour…
    H*** was wondering (after having been blessed with deepest meditation/samhadi ever just one hour before): how can it be; here he is looking at Shri Mataji´s Sahasrara, but there is this unending, most intense machine gun-like fire of thoughts going through his head – not hurting in any way, but full of emotions, all different languages etc…?
    Having “thought” that, Shri Mataji actually made him realize that his very own thought was just another one together with myrads of thoughts of all mankind passing through/being absorbed by Her own, the Adi Agnya Chakra at that point…
    Then She would just switch it off for Her child, putting him back to that rather meditative state in which – as an overall essence She had reminded him earlier:
    “Enjoy your silence – that´s the best thing you´ve got.”

    1. marianne

      thank you so much delivering the experiences with our Holy Mother! I became very much silent and warm hearted.

  3. Ronnie

    The story on the Australian Desert outbacks as experienced by Mark Williams have remind me of one most important thing that all yogis must remember,i.e. ‘Asking in faith’, and not just leaving the situation to ‘ Oh Mother will help me mindset’ Yes of course Mother will help but asking promptly with a Bandhan will get you out swiftly and miraculously.

  4. Dushki

    Dear Ioana, thank you for this beautiful post, it’s very inspiring.

  5. Navdeep and Sandra

    We are always learning. Thanks a lot for the beautiful stories.

  6. Trishana

    Wow, this is so freaky. I was intently reading the story about the jeep getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. I was holding my breath as I read more. When I reached the part where Mark had done bandhan and tried again and the jeep popped out I had tears in my eyes.
    As I read further I was shocked to read the closing remark from Mark – “I had tears in my eyes. I knew who saved us.”
    It was almost like I was reading his thoughts. And then I remembered the first story about sharing other’s thoughts.

  7. Divya

    Thank you for the re-assurance that Shri Mataji is everwhere and for all of us, no matter where we are, thank you for the Sahaj experience.

  8. yvonne hullin

    my small expiriens of catching thought was:
    I can paint pictures only in meditation. A fiew days ago I´ve paint a women with a hut.The day after á friend told me he was painting also a a women with hut. He is not Sahaja Yogi but we have painted the same.
    I know that all bahndans I give for others or diferrent problems in the world are working out. May God bless the whole world!

  9. juan carlos

    dear brothers and sisters… thank so much for this web so good.
    could you post the lyric of that song awasome music in asia tour? thank thank thank….

  10. Shivangi

    This is a kind of the post I like to read again and again. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Colleen

    Thank you Ioana for posting this. The stories are beautiful, I love the one in the Australian desert, it brought tears to my eyes. I KNOW there are miracles everywhere everyday, small ones and big ones. Every moment is a miracle!! I just LOVE to hear of other peoples miracles, it just adds so much to mine. Thank you

  12. Jayanthi

    Dear Yogis, thank you all for sharing these beautiful miracles, these things do establish and re-inforce the strength within us knowing that shri. Mataji is with us all the time.

  13. Mahazarin

    Thank you Yogis for sharing such beautiful and Divine experience. It brought tears to my eyes..
    Thank you Nirmal Ma for all Your love, help and Guidance.

  14. Bornika

    Every moment in our lives as Sahajis is a miracle bestowed on us by the Adishakti. There are little ones, like when you’re running late and you think “I’m late anyway, might as well meditate on my way” and it turns out that somehow, you made it well on time! ; to the greater miracles, when something that Shrimataji has blessed us with brings others into Sahaja Yoga.

  15. Anjali

    My mom and i were doing our footsoak just a while ago. And mom asked we have so much clearing to do and strangely my response to her was similar to what Shri Mataji thought us and Mark above. That because we think we get catches…what a coincrdence that we were having the same type of discussion right before reading this article…and indeed it was meant for me to start exercising watching my thoughts so that I can maintain the state of thoughtless awareness and ofcourse believe in miracles and in the power of bandhans. This article came at the right time to guide me. Thank you for this Ioana. All my love. Thank you also to Mark for sharing.

  16. Sunaina

    I am feeling so good for understanding the meaning of thoughtless awareness and faith in Mother with this article. Thank you Ioana for sharing this. With Lots of love. Jai Shree Mata Ji. We love you.

  17. Sahaj

    Tremendous story; the day we realize about the living force within us, it can work wonders.

  18. Jolanta

    Thank you so much for sharing these authentic experiences related by the people who were fortunate to be in the presence of Shri Mataji.

  19. Ioana

    ** comment from Vani (NZ) via what’s up:

    Thank you so much … feeling really blessed by Shri Mataji .. Just reading through Her Divine Talks of Sahasrara in your articles … love Mark Williams cracking meditation and Mother’s advice to him.. I’ve tried this.. works all the time .. AMAZING 🙂

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