Socrates about Ram Navami & Magic Tabla Music

Right heart chakraMeditation on Live Tabla Recital & Introduction to Right Heart Chakra – with the occasion of King Rama’s Birthday ( the Ram Navami festival) –

During this special event we’ve explored the sense of righteousness, responsibility and good will that are nurtured in our Right Anahat energy centre (Anahat centre is called Heart chakra as well as it is placed at heart’s level).

On Friday, April 3, 2009, at the Oakville Class we had a  Special Event  dedicated to Ram Navami.

We had participants coming from our Halton Classes (Burlington and Oakville) plus friends of theirs that had an interest in any of the major points on our agenda: Indian classical music (tabla recital with Ahilan K.), meditation on Heart/Anahat chakra, workshop on energy centers and video lecture on Shri Rama Principle and Right Heart chakra).

Birthday of Shri Rama – Ram Navami Festival

Shri Rama

Shri Mataji, talking  on this special ocassion of Shri Rama’s birthday, depicting the great qualities of this divine personality and its subtle role in our subtle energy system:

Shri Rama’s story is very interesting … they say was written before He was born. Even before there was any inkling of it, the seer, Valmiki, wrote the whole story of Shri Rama. Shri Rama’s birth and all that are brought forth by the Agni -the fire – and He was born in the Dynasty of the Surya – the Sun. He was one of the mildest avatars (incarnations) you have ever had.

Shri Rama was so much loved by the people where He ruled in that state and He had the most beautiful wife of the most venerated father, Janaka, and who was the beloved son of His father. But He was such a humble man, such a humble man, that in all His character you see the beauty.”


“In the Treta Yuga when Shri Rama came, the idea of kingship and ruler ship started, so the greatest emphasis was on the goodwill of the people. The people had to have goodwill, for the people and for the king, and for the betterment of humanity.”

“So how to create the goodwill? First the leader has to sacrifice, and show how far he can go on sacrificing to keep the moral and the goodwill of the people.”

“The desire of all the people which is the good, the righteousness, incarnates as Shri Rama and He looks after that will. … you must have a symbol of that goodness placed onto someone. And these symbols were created to symbolize your righteousness, your sense of good, so that you can be saved yourself. At that point you have to have some absolute standards. If you have an absolute standard then you can always judge that this king is deviating from the right path, is not doing what a king should do.”

“A king has to be like Rama: representing your will, your goodwill, your sense of proper judgement, fair play and righteousness. If the king is not righteous then your collective goodwill will go against the king. Shri Rama not only propounded what was good but he followed that. He sacrificed for that and he established his own symbol as a pure symbol of that righteous will which is within the people, which is the collective righteous will“.

Socrates himself, when he mentioned the perfect ruler he referred to King Rama as the embodiment of the perfectly righteous politician that in essence is a philosopher that was raised in truth and righteousness. These majestic qualities (intertwined with the ones of a perfect son, a perfect ruler/king, a perfect husband and father) were sublimely represented in the personality of King Rama, to whom it was dedicated one of the most beautiful Indian Epics: Ramayana.  (Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga recommended us the following lecture: William Buck’s “Ramayana.”  – find on

Excerpts  from “The Republic” – by Plato

I conceived that the art of the ruler, considered as ruler, whether in a state or in private life, could only regard the good of his flock or subjects;.. there is no one in any rule who, in so far as he is a ruler, considers or enjoins what is for his own interest, but always what is for the interest of his subject ..; to that he looks, and that alone he considers in everything which he says and does. .. As we were before saying, they rule and provide for the interests of their subjects who are the weaker and not the stronger– to their good they attend and not to the good of the superior.

Even in the modern society people are longing to have righteous politicians that genuinely lead a personal and public moral life and that are totally devoted to serve their people and their countries. Recently we had seen in America such an example of incredible need for civic hope and the positive social force that such ideal can trigger nationally and internationally: during the election of Barack Obama.

The Special Events that are offered @ Halton Sahaja Yoga Classes will always provide strong connections to the eternal living symbols that govern our individual energy centers; so we can realize their reality during our collective meditations as well during our special lectures/programs that allow us to dive into mythology, art, history, nature, medicine .. or any other aspect that is relevant to our spiritual evolution and general well-being.
Conclusion: The Sahaj Evening dedicated to Ram Navami & Right Heart Chakra was a very rich event and we are glad that we had received such a wonderful feedback from the participants and the encouragement to continue our efforts in combing meditation with art and culture at our special events that are always open to the public.


  • “Beautiful evening”;
  • “I think Sahaja yoga is phenomenal and I have already started to experience relief on my mind, body and spirit”;
  • “Thank you for organizing a beautiful night. Ahilan’s performance helped me to get strong vibrations.”;
  • “The music was cleansing me in and out; it was working like magic; this person – Ahilan – is definitely a blessed one, full of spirituality, I wanted to tell him this” ;
  • “I loved to learn new things about Shri Rama, the lecture was full of humour also and good quality”.

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  1. Kristen

    I think that this is a very important aspect to talk about. So many times, especially in North America, we are concentrating so much on clearing our left side that we forget about the aspects of our right side.

  2. paula

    Socrates talked about standing up for the benevolence of all society as Shri Rama is described as doing so here. I felt so much the right heart chakra at work, where perception was becoming distorted due to our attachments and relationships. By the end of the week, though, with the same colleagues the truth was revealed and mutual communication and respect was restored. It is always a test for all of us, and I had to practice enlightened restraint…in the end, things started to work out. It is interesting when we don’t force our opinions and “feed the fire” that a cool breeze can “cool” off a situation in time. I practiced observing others from the heart and it really works. Thank you Shri Rama for clearing our right heart chakras, when one gets cleared, the sense of truth and clarity becomes “contagious”.

    1. adrian

      I Love the way you described the following…”I practiced observing others from the heart and it really works”.

      Sensing and feeling from the heart is the expression of the spirits free will to negotiate your way of being… beautiful

      1. adrian

        I AM commenting on Plato’s Republic regarding the heart…

        A good Ruler does not rule…
        And an effective Rule is…
        Not to be a ruler…
        Therein lies the compassion…
        Of the HEART.

        BE… and KNOW THYSELF

  3. Jolanta

    I wish we had at least a few “perfectly righteous politicians” these days. Instead, the good people in the government who stand up for truth and integrity get fired…and the prime minister gets re-elected despite the scandal.
    Socrates made a great point about the type of persons who should be allowed the privilege of being (true) leaders and really serve people.

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