Namaste from a 300-year old Yogini -> Knowledge Expressed in Attitudes (Holly’s 10 min video)

Holly – beloved Sahaja Yogini from Burlington now living in Nova Scotia with her beautiful family

Namaste from Holly, a 300-year Old Yogini through her 10 min video testimonial. Also let’s learn about Sahaja Yoga Knowledge that is Expressed in Attitudes through two excerpts from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi‘s speeches presented below. Enjoy!

Check the Testimonial from Holly  in connection to What Knowledge is for a sahaja yoga practitioner

Barrie Team - first

(1) The Knowledge of Sahaja Yoga makes Global Personalities

STeacher and Child

“You can’t imagine how a Mother who has so many beautiful children, sees them in such a joyous mood with their families, their children nicely settled down. It is very satisfying to see you all so much in joy and complete oneness with the Divine. It is very difficult to make knowledge and love put together, because our idea of knowledge is very different from what we read from the books. How can you love from the books? What love means [to humans is] – our attachment. To us, in ignorance, you get attached to people, to children, to family, to things. By getting attached meant it is proved that we do not have the knowledge. If you have the knowledge then all attachments should just drop out and you should become a global personality, a drop in the ocean.”
 Shri Mataji – Talk on Mother Principle (Navaratri Puja – 1998/09/27)

(check it out!) Holly is Interviewed by Shulin at our Sahaj Christmas Family Party

 (2) The Knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is the Knowledge of Attitudes

It transforms into a Family Attitude Scale: Pure Love, Collectivity and Responsibility 

Knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is not the way you understand. It’s not the knowledge of chakras. It’s the knowledge of attitudes. It’s not the knowledge of any system. We don’t want to have systems, because every system creates a bondage, a kind of a slavery. We have to develop attitudes within us which attitudes are tried and tested on experience. So it is not what you can talk elaborately about chakras and things is important, but it is what you express your personality in your attitude toward things (and people).
Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation  (talk before Ganesha Puja in San Diego, USA – 1986/09/06)
Children international Day - June 1st Celebrated by sahaja Yoga meditation

(check out) “Vibrations were Swirling” at Ignite the Flame in Paris

“Ten as One” – Attitudes reflected (Not Only!!) in Photos

Holly – happy to meet yogis at a Public Program in Burlington

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  1. Gopal Saha

    Dear Holly, pure love has no time and space,and when we are in love we feel oneness with that energy then difficult to explain through words our experience.I feel the same with you! Sahaj yoga is a pure love and it made my soul completely satisfied don’t no what can be more satisfactory things in this world?only desire is to stay more on that state nd emit that love to others. Thank’s for sharing your loving experience of sahaj yoga.

  2. Kruti

    Holly, you have such a deep knowledge about Sahaja Yoga and that knowledge comes out in your behaviour. I see peace, love, calmness every time I talk to you. Thanks for sharing your experiences sister.

  3. paula

    Holly, that was a beautiful interview in which is demonstrated the principles of Sahaja Yoga…you are emitting, you are glowing, you showing pure love for mankind, you are expressing what is the essential truth of your humanity which I and so many seekers of truth have finally discovered…that instead of always “gong outside” to find answers, Sahaja Yoga encourages us and assures us that the answers are “built in” to our subtle systems which simple need to be acknowledged with respect and awakened in the correct way that we “feel” this connection, this yoga, this union, to the all pervading power of the universe, no small feat! It is more than any of us could have ever imagined, it brings such peace and a sense that this is finally it, all the answers. Yes we learn the chakras, yes we discover and decode ourselves with the wonderful teachings and go to the root of our problems, and kundalini helps us to clear them, so we quite surprisingly, feel a pure love melting through us…you feel complete, you feel like you have a purpose, and feel so loved that you spill over and want to share that pure love for mankind…neither of us can say it any better than through the wonderful lectures shared for our spiritual growth from Shri Mataji’s teachings…but humbly, we share our personal stories…our journeys that put the past into perspective…the appreciation of the seekers that have become Sahaja Yogis through and through is just pouring through our pores…I have interacted with people who immediately feel that something is “in the air” when we communicate this through our pure energetic selves..Like so many seekers will, watching your interview from Shulin, you are dynamic and loving and sincere to the core…and sharing a knowledge that can do no less, than change the consciousness of the whole world through that collective consciousness we share with the whole world on a cellular level. Dr. Carl Gustav Jung introduced me to this 27 years ago, and I searched so long to find the way, the lasting way to help myself, and also others, and for anyone seeking, if you attend classes regularly, you will feel very early on…that nothing truer has been taught or shared…and there is no better feeling than inner peace, calm, connection, and joy in the present. Namaste, and such a privilege to know you and be part of your family…it is true that we feel a sisterhood with you and world-wide…and I saw the transformation happen in front of my eyes…and now there are just pure vibrations that we enjoy as our family grows all over Ontario, and all over the world…”so it is not what you can talk elaborately about chakras and things is important, but it is what you express your personality in your attitude toward things (and people).“
    Shri Mataji -founder of sahaja yoga meditation (

    1. Lesley

      Paula, how eloquently put! I love your reply and message!
      You speak from such a pure heart!!

  4. Lesley

    How perfectly you describe Sahaja Yoga. As you speak from your heart and from within, you so lovingly demonstrate how one feels when they gain the pure knowledge and inner peace through meditation!
    You’re so right when you speak about The Sahaja Family, everything is amplified when you meditate as a group. These workshops and/or gstherings, that are held for free, in different areas, are extremely important, to help those achieve that deepest level of pure inner peace that is attainable by all!!
    Listening and watching you, I definitely hear and see the true inner peace and happiness that you now experience every day since the first time you found your Sahaja Family.
    I hope others hear you and if they’re seaking to find their own true self and happiness, they can use your journey as an example of what one can achieve through Sahaja Yoga Meditation!
    (Founded by Shri Mataji)

  5. Constantine

    JSM! Amazing!

  6. Jolanta

    Great testimony!

  7. Jolanta

    Great testimonial!

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