Experience India – A Free Series – Two Online Public Programs (Jan 24 & Jan 31)

Join or invite a friend to join any of these 2 programs scheduled for the last 2 Sundays of January 2021.

Each program is unique. Videos will have EN subtitles and exquisite Art & Culture segments will be shared for everyone’s enjoyment, yet the program will be in Hindi.

If you or your friends are not from Canada nor India please make sure that you’re using the correct time zone.

The zoom meeting link to be used is: here.


(ज़ूम का उपयोग करके जुड़ें)

Feel free to contact us at: [email protected] or call 905-901-5006.

Looking forward to these events and to have you among the participants!

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  1. Anjali

    this will be a whole new fresh experience to meditate in Hindi combined with art and music! I am really hoping this will reach to many Hindi speaking seniors (that do not speak English) -This is their chance to get their self realization and attain that which may they have longed for all their lives. So if you have a granny, grandpa, aunty, uncle please help them log onto this! They will enjoy it so much and give you their blessings 🙂
    The amazing team that has worked on putting this together, has so much enthusiasm and love for this event and for all those that will attend. Please do not miss it. I am definitely going to attend with my family 🙂

  2. Rajinee

    This is a wonderful opportunity for Hindi speaking seekers to come together and celebrate their love and culture. This will be a beautiful way to celebrate India’s independence. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi fought tirelessly in the fight for India’s independence and Mahatma Gandhi was very fond of Shri Mataji. This will be a beautiful way to honour those that stood for righteous.

  3. Kruti

    I love the poster. Great job team. I have invited near and dear ones even from India. I am so excited and looking forward to this wonderful event.

  4. Kavitha

    Attended the first session today. “Danyavad” for presenting such a beautiful program. Great collective effort by the yoginis. Mataji’s talk on how various scriptures and saints of India talked about kundalini , but common man could not understand the true meaning due to ignorance or lack of true Gurus who can show them the way is so true. Sahaja Yoga’s explanation of Kundalini as our mother who nourishes and enlightens us and it can be achieved effortlessly ,without leaving behind our wordly duties makes it easy to be part of our life.

  5. Jolanta

    The program was very beneficial for learning more about the practice of Sahaja Yoga from Shri Mataji’s talks, music and dance. There were English subtitles so my inability to understand Hindi did not take away form the enjoyment of vibrations at all. On the contrary, it brought awareness to the fact that Sahaja Yoga is practiced all over the world, in many languages and it truly unites people. Thank you Team for this wonderful initiative!

  6. Jolanta

    Dear Team, Thank you again for another wonderful session! Especially the original information / knowledge coming straight form Shri Mataji. It is good to know that the recording of this session will be available on the website for everyone who might have missed it.

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