“Ten as One” in Burlington Yoga Meditation Event @ TV NEWS Channel 700 in Photos (Mayor Goldring of Burlington had opened the event!)

You would be pleased to know that Mayor Goldring of Burlington congratulated Sahaja Yoga Meditation volunteer group that is active in Burlington (actually across Halton and Niagara regions). In fact, the Mayor of Burlington opened the “From We to One  R/Evolution” Celebratory Event!

Make sure you’ll be watching TV Cogeco, on Monday, July 13 at 6pm at Channel 700, Halton Insider News!

Mayor Speech Sahaja Yoga

Ioana Popa – who moved  with her family to Burlington 10 years ago and opened the 1st Sahaja Yoga Meditation class in Burlington – had welcomed the Mayor Goldring and everyone present to our 10 Year Celebration -“Ten as One” at Art Gallery of Burlington on Saturday, July 11. 


Mayor Goldring receives symbolical presents from Sahaja Yoga Meditation “Youth Team” representatives: Ana Bianca, Samantha and Shulin

Mayor Goldring with Youth team

Also, few innocent representatives from the  “Cool Kids, Parents and Friends” Sahaja Yoga Meditation class had presented the Mayor with a painting made by Samantha, also with a beautifully painted  rock from Burlington and with a hand made doll as souvenir . Some of these gifts were created during our Spring Cool Kids Seminar hosted in Burlington.

Mayor with Demi from Cool Kids and Ana Bianca and Sam from Youth Class

Mayor- Ioana-Sam-Shulin Youth Class

We all joined the Guided Meditation for Planet Earth – “1,200 Huskies from dr Frank J Hayden High-school” model

1200 Huskies meditation at Burlington Art Centre

We’ve offered rocks collected in Burlington that we’ve painted during our weekly ‘Going deeper’ get-together meetings after Burlington class  – as souvenirs to performing artists and special guests.

Rocks Gifts

There was a beautiful Kuchipudi Dance performance by Hema Kukreja: ” Shri Adi Shakti – The Creation of the Universe”

Hema - Creation of the universe

hema cool breeze

Our event had a live music band with yogi musicians from across the GTA: “Nirananda  – Pure Joy of the Spirit  



The vibrations started growing in waves on the joyous rhythms of music and participants burst in spontaneous “Hora” dances around the hall!


Sahaj Dances

Sahaj Dancing

Spontaneous dancing 4

Spontaneous dnacing 7

Spontaneous dancing=1



At all our events we offer Chakra Workshops – One on One

Holly - raising Kundalini energy
Photo Credit: Oliver Liang , providing it free of charge under the Attribution-NonCommercial licence.
Indu and Sunanda - Chakra workshops
Credit : Photo by Oliver Liang , providing it free of charge under the Attribution-NonCommercial licence.
Ioana -workshop on Azeemi Sufi order Canada
Photo Credit: Oliver Liang , providing it free of charge under the Attribution-NonCommercial license.
Holly - chakra workshop
Photo Credit :  Oliver Liang , providing it free of charge under the Attribution-NonCommercial licence. 

Everyone praised the great positive energy and the Quality of Vibrations


Savitri LOVEs to Meditate

How the Event had Started: Invite to Art Gallery of Burlington on Lakeshore


 Shoreline Room in Art Gallery of BurlingtonSahaja Yogi Yoda warned Every Participant: “Prepare to Be Amazed”

Art Gallery invite -1

Our Hearts were One from Start to End:

the Mysterious source of joy, unity and R/Evolution is Shri Mataji - the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Front decoration - paying respect to Shri Mataji

From We to One - Heart by Floriana from Burlington Class

Our Daisy team - wrapping up - Saying Good Bye

Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far ..  Videos & impressions will be shared soon in another article!

Photos were provided by Ana Bianca, Claudia, Oliver and Shulin. The “One Heart -One Blossoming Tree of Spirituality on Earth” painting was created by Floriana (watch her amazing testimonial on Heart Chakra:here). The Realized Souls Art Gallery may credit dr Frank J Hayden High-school as sponsor and Shulin and Sahaja Yoga Youth Team as the initiators and ‘makers’.The rocks were painted by Carmela, Colleen, Isabelle, Kathleen, Paula, Wendy, Norma, Savitri and Samantha. Podium/Arch: Jonathan, Kashmira, Paula and  Mohinder. Decorations: by everyone that came early 🙂 ; the entire event was an intense collective effort with every one’s loving creativity  and physical participation as contribution!!

(video-testimonial) Samantha -Youth Class:What Sahaja Yoga Meditation did for me” 

(click!) Ana Bianca & New Ideas – Inspiring Quotes

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  1. Navdeep Brar

    I wish I could have been there to enjoy the Vibrations.

  2. Brenda in BC

    Congratulations Sahaja Yoga!
    Best wishes and Happy 10th Birthday!

  3. Betty Cooper

    Wonderful Vibrations! Such a multi generational event. It’s so great that it was so inclusive and involved yogis, the community and the mayor! Great job Halton, Burlington. Congratulations on ten successful years!

  4. Rabi Ghosh

    Congrats my dear sister Ioana and family who had been instrumental throughout these 10 years of joy in Burlington …It seems like the evolution phase of the 10 principle Gurus in our Void when we are coming close to worship them in coming months across the continents.

    The knowledge of joy seems to be disseminating as it expands in its own paradise.

    Best wishes to Burlington collective. May the Divine bless the land and its collective to enjoy the bliss of joy that abounds there. Proud to read such beautiful joyous news. The news was so attractive as if it took me there throughout the entire read.

  5. Bernard

    Congratulations to all!
    You’re such a beautiful collective!
    Jay Ma!

  6. jayanthi

    Dear family, what a great day it was and thanks to all the Yogis who worked so hard to make it happen.
    Lots of love.

  7. Sorin

    You are very nice channels of love.

    Love and Hugs,


  8. Daiana

    Congratulations Burlington!:), you are very fragrant, creative people.. I am so proud of you if i can say that:)

    Love and cool breeze,

  9. Ioana

    From F & G (Oakville class, via email):

    “Just want to let you know, that G. and I, we went to Art Cent of Burlington on Saturday and we felt how the energy was afloat in all the room. All of us we share our positive energy. Great experience for everybody who were there.

    On the other hand ,we would like to thank you and Congratulation!
    all of those 10 years has been your effort that you are building day by day.
    Definitely you are excellent human beings as role models as well.

    Many thanks for the lovely present that every week we get.”

  10. Ioana

    (received via email):

    “THANKS!!VERY GOOD the program. For sure many people will come to the class after seeing this.

  11. Ioana

    Received via email .. again :

    I wish my conference had been on another day so I could have been there
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures


  12. Ioana

    From Sanjay (Romania – received via email as comment to the aticle):

    what you all are doing there for spreading of sahaja yoga is great & outstanding !!
    We wish you Good Luck & many blessings from Shri Mataji !!
    Keep it up.

    Big hugs to you all,

  13. Nitin Dhotre

    We experienced great vibrations. Program was well organized and nicely executed by all volunteers. Me and my son enjoyed a lot. Congratulations to all involved. ????

  14. Colleen

    This day was amazing, it all came together beautifully, as per usual, thank you Shri Mataji. I feel honored that Shri Mataji picked me to be apart of this collective, they are such wonderful people with such a pure desire to give realization to all. To be collective and to feel the strong vibrations, there is nothing like it, it is pure joy. 🙂 Thank you

  15. Olga S.

    Jai Shri Mataji!
    What a beautiful event it was full of divine vibrations and Mother’s love! Congratulations on 10 years anniversary and all the best to dear family in Halton/Burlington region! Thank you for organizing everything in such a professional way: Shulin’s amazing video and photo presentation, Hema’s deep and powerful dance, our bhajan group joy giving singing, spontaneous dancing with everyone from the audience… Those warm memories make us smile and give cool-cool vibrations:)))
    Much love,
    Olga and Veronika

  16. paula

    Feedback from Pooja from mississauga, one of our talented musicians…”so much beauty and joy and harmony throughout the entire event. Lots of vibrations and love!

    From Paula: every word, every note sung,every dance step was fully loaded with mega vibrations…no doubt even newcomers could feel the great energy that made me and all of us feel like we were well above cloud 9!

    So honored by the mayor’s aknowledgement of Sahaj yoga’s 10 years of contributions to widening Burlington’s community access to enlightenment…through meditation, music, dance and art and that higher love.

    Hema’s creation of the universe dance was captivating! She explained with such dignity the meaning of each dance move beforehand so we could follow her as she filled the room with her grace.

    I really enjoyed the audio meditation with Holly and Shulin. It was such a powerful meditation that transported the whole room to a blissfully thoughtless state. It was originally created for high school students and was infused with sounds from nature. I felt like I was floating!

    The music band/choir was wonderful in engaging the audience and explaining the power of the musical notes to clear our chakras. Maryana sang us into another world during the Chakra workshops for newcomers. The cool breeze was lifting our spirit and everyone just enjoyed all of it.

    Thank you to all the volunteer troopers that power the classes and events with enthusiasm, for the greater good…and for the benevolence of mankind locally and globally. I salute the light in all of you. Big!group!hug!!!

  17. Tracy

    Wow i can’t believe its 10 year.Congratulations
    to all sahaja guru for all there hard work the pictures are beautiful so colorful and everyone looks so happy and are having so much fun the vibrations are amazing.
    Love Tracy from the burlington class

  18. Karen

    Congratulations on the 10 year Anniversary!!!!
    All the beautiful pictures of our Sahaja Brothers & Sisters you can feel the love and amazing vibrations. xo

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