Invite to “Blooming R/Evolution” Public Program + Outdoors “Togetherness” Seminar : August 17 & 18

The beautiful banner was created by Brenda – who is a graphic designer – from Burlington class. Thank you Brenda!

 Dear Friends you are invited to our specialWeekend of Togetherness with a focus on the Blooming R/Evolution from a personal, spiritual and global perspective.

Day#1 (Saturday) Aug 17 – 10am  t0 4pm

This first part of the “togetherness weekend” is intended for those that are coming to our classes, as well for all seekers that are genuinely interested to join us, experience their Kundalini awakening, the sahaj meditation and the “sahaj way to be”, this time in a collective way and outdoors. It’s always beautiful!

Please, contact us ideally via email, if you you are interested in joining us. Every participant will contribute towards picnic /potluck.

Day#1 (Saturday) Aug 17- 7pm to 10 pm

This will be an indoors seminar located in Etobicoke @ Humberwood Community Centre:  we’ll be learning about Kundalini and its transforming power, a strong collectively guided meditation with yogis from all across Ontario –  as well we’ll be sharing some powerful experiences; in the Agenda there is an incredibly joyful Indian music performed by Shakti Band and yes,  we bet that many will feel like dancing, that’s sure. There are some surprises too.

Day#2 (Sunday) Aug 18 – in Niagara Region (outdoors & indoors)

Note: Agenda will be communicated to those interested in joining us. (by Email:

(click: Music Video) Wienananda: “The Blossom” by William Blake

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Blossom in Central Park - photo from Razvan
Blossom /Blooming in Central Park, New York, 2013 – photo by Razvan

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  1. paula

    I just want to dive in to the bliss of the poster that Brenda created…she is such an instrument for a divine purpose! The image depicts the depth and beauty of how I feel when I am immersed in the collectivity of the classes and the pure bliss of meditation. After Milton’s class last night, I feel transformed again, brand new, protected, ONE. The blossoms of New York are extraordinary, thank you Razvan.

  2. Maryanne

    One 1 Hundred 0 Eight 8 reasons why I love Sahaja Yoga Meditation; especially The Adi Shakti. Go thoughtless to know them. They are all there waiting to unfold. LOVE IT all!!!

  3. Shivangi

    This was an amazing event. Pure joy.
    Thank you all who made it possible.

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