(VIDEOS) FLUTE Music & Chakra Workshop with “Joy Giving” Yogi Band from Ontario @ “We are One” – Dec 8, 2013 @ BAC, Burlington

Intro to “Joy Giving Band” : Omar, Mar’yana, Igor, Andrew, Aaron and Erika

Jago played by Joy Giving Band

(Part#1) Chakra Workshop on Flute Music with “Joy Giving Band”

(Part#2) Chakra Workshop on Flute Music with “Joy Giving Band”

More from this amazing event:

(click!) Speech from Stephen Dankowich (OCCPEHR) @ We are One event

Our special guests at our special event on December 8 at Burlington Arts Centre included the Ward Councillors Paul Sharman and  Jon Taylor, as well some wonderful collaborators within Halton community.

(video) Wisdom in Live Testimonials from Youth Program @ We are One


We are One - painting by yogini artist Brenda Telchak

We are One – painting by sahaja yogini practitioner and accomplished local artist Brenda Telchak

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  1. Samar

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful videos. The vibrations are amazing!

  2. paula

    The “We Are One” is an ongoing movement…where members of our communities in Burlington and beyond get the “gift” of self-realization passed on to them by others who have received and “felt” their enlightenment manifest simply by attending free sahaja yoga classes with an open heart. It is the act of a candle being lit, the light of the spirit which resides in our hearts, and enlightens other hearts. This act is a priceless gift, that can be felt through this scientific breakthrough known as the language of vibrations. We can all tune in and turn on the power that resides within, by being thoughtless, aware, and coming to a free class. Only a few classes in…I felt that amazing cool breeze within coming from inside, out, proving to me, the existence of something beautiful waking up inside. You have nothing to lose, only some conditionings to limit us and keep us in a holding pattern. I have experienced the beauty of being plugged in to the unlimited realm. It is a wonderful, joyful experience.

    Loved watching all the chakra workshops, could feel the great vibrations being spread everywhere in the room. Many, many participants felt sensations on their hands and in their body and felt the sacred, nourishing kundalini energy rising inside their bodies. Such is your experiment with your truth. The vibrations you start to feel are absolute. In others words, when you start to feel sensations…you learn to decode them through a little guidance…and clear the chakras yourself…and they themselves judge the what is true…not our minds and not our egos or conditionings which are limited. Through these simple meditations, I have experienced the incredible powers of being unlimited. And it is infinitely, beautiful, and joyful.

    1. Colleen Burgess

      Paula, when I was reading this to Sam we both felt the vibrations flowing, beautiful description of Sahaja Yoga and what getting self-realization is. Thank you

  3. Karen

    Amazing vibrations from the video’s I got a sense of complete calm especially during the music and the sound of the flute.

  4. Colleen Burgess

    This event definitely was a success!! The vibrations from the music video are absolutely amazing!! When I closed my eyes I went into instant meditation. Could this video be made longer by any chance? 🙂

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