Breathing Meditation Exercise with Shri Mataji (What is Meditation for Prana & Mana? A Pranayama Lesson)

Meditative Rose from Louis-Marie & Yoga Meditation Exercise

Lesson “How to Meditate – How to Breathe” by Shri Mataji 

(Brahmam Gardens, Earls Court, London (UK), 1982. – Below is the Transcript for this video and a bit more from the second lesson)

“Now, what we can do is today what should I tell you, the practical side, the meditation, all right, let’s see what is meditation is, what we have to do for a meditation. The first thing we have got is the left side, see is the Mana Shakti, is the power of your emotion, alright. Now, emotions are connected with your right side also, Prana, say, for example, if you are emotionally disturbed.

Just now we got disturbed so our breathing also increased and we felt the whole body was sort of say acting and that we were feeling the reaction of the Prana, right side also, that it was trying to express itself, like we started the tears is the water element and all that came in and the whole emotion was so much pouring out and with that our Prana was also involved.

Say, for example, if you are frightened …, if you are frightened too much then what happens …, if you are frightened then also you get your breathing very fast isn’t it ?! so it is connected. So, it is connected. If you are frightened it is connected with your Prana, in your breathing and your whole system is connected with your emotion, physical system.

If you cry too much or if you weep too much or if you are a sad person that shows on your face. Your Vishuddhi (throat level) chakra also shows, not only Anahata (heart chakra), but also Vishuddhi, then also your Agnya (third eye chakra/forehead level) goes out. So all the chakras reflect the left side in such a way that physical manifestation is also there so it proves that both are very much connected.

So to …, we have to somehow or other dissolve these two sides within us, the left and the right side because if you do not dissolve it you are left half way here, so you have to dissolve these two things. And to dissolve these what should we do!? What can we do in meditation?! Can you suggest? Say we have got Prana and Mana. Now Prana represents the right side and the Mana Shakti is the left side, all right. These two have to be dissolved, ‘Laya’, means ‘dissolved’. Now, how do we do it, to dissolve these two things? They are connected with each other, after realisation (Realization = the awakening of Kundalini energy), not before.

So before meditation we give ourselves a balance, all right, which side is more which side is less, at the time. Supposing you are emotionally that time disturbed then you put your right to the left. If you are that time disturbed on the left side, I mean disturbed in the sense that if your left side is frozen, then you raise your left side and give yourself a balance before meditation.

Now let us see which side is less first of all. Put your hands like this … Are you all right? Getting cool breeze? Getting it? On this side not… better? Are you getting in this hand Now? Something moving? Cool breeze is coming now? Is there cool breeze?! Is it?! There is cool breeze in your hand?! Are you feeling it?! Alright.

So, once you have given yourself a balance then the best thing is to pay attention to your emotions, to Mana Shakti, watch them. You can enlighten your emotions by thinking of your Mother (in this experience  ‘Mother’ is referred to Shri Mataji directly as the Motherly guru – powerful yogini teacher that is completely identified with the primordial Kundalini), all right. Just enlighten them, just she will solve the problems, whatever are the problems in the Mana, all right.

So, once you get connected with those Emotions and you start looking at them in your meditation you will see these emotions are rising within you and if you try to put these emotions on your Mother (on one’s own motherly Kundalini energy or on Shri Mataji for those that feel that reverence-connection with our yoga  motherly teacher), as they said at the Lotus Feet of your Mother, they will start also dissolving, those emotions and they’ll become sort of expanded… expanded.

You will extend that in such a way that you will feel that you are in control of these emotions, you are in control of them, and by that controlling those emotions, your emotions which are expanded, enlightened are powerful, and these emotions,when you feel that way, then the cause of those emotions can be solved.

For example, just now we got emotionally stirred up because I talked about, say, these children. Naturally, anybody would be. Now when you are stirred up with that, you put that problem of those feelings that arise within you, that… those waves of feelings that are coming, at the Lotus Feet of your Mother so they get touched, say, by that power you can say. Then these emotions become enlightened and when these emotions become enlightened they have a power to solve the problem.

Do you see the point? As if they have reached the shore where they got the light and this problem can be solved. Because now you are not now in an individual cell, you are in the expanse, you are in the Samashti, and because you have entered into that position that’s why you have got these powers of entering into another person’s body, to see the vibrations of another person, to raise the Kundalini, otherwise you could not have done.
So, for you it is very easy to do it, because I am also sitting here in person, so easy to put these emotions just there so that they get enlightened and your wishes fulfilled, because emotions are nothing but wishes, these are unfulfilled wishes.

Now, how they do it otherwise is also this way, that you take up these emotions, and put them … so that is, these emotions are actually the left side, as I said, is the desire. So the desire is taken, any desire, and is put in the Prana. Now how do you put it on the Prana? That, you control your Prana. That’s why they do Pranayamas, see.
Like you sit down now very comfortably. Now you have a desire, put your attention to that, attention is very important, you see. Now this attention is to be put onto the Prana, so the emotions are there and then bring those emotions and put them into your attention, means they are now you are aware of them.

Now what you do is to watch your breathing, see now. Try to reduce your breathing, reduce it, in the sense that you have breathed out, wait for a while, then breathe in for a long time, then you breathe out. So in one minute your breathing will be less than normal, all right. Try that. Breathe in, now with the emotions, keep the attention on the emotions, you see, so that the connection is established. Mmm, better? See the Kundalini rises.

Now when you are breathing you find that there is a space in between which we just leave it vacant. Breathe in. Now leave it vacant. Now breathe out. Now leave it vacant. Breathe in, keep it there… Then leave it… Keep it outside… Now breathe in… Now start breathing in such a way that you stop your breathing.

Attention should be on the heart, or could be on the emotions, it`s better? Keep the breathing inside for a while, bring it out, then outside for a while, then again. Then you’ll find for a while you will not breathe. See, you settle down. The laya takes place between your Prana and your Mana, both the Shaktis become one.
Now at this stage, when you are silent, now you think of your intellect – it’s lost.

Just think of it, it’s lost, it’s no more there. So what is happening, actually, that this laya, the attention, goes into the intellect and enlightens the intellect. See the thought is not there. Try to find your intellect within yourself, now see, ‘where is my intellect?’ Try to find it. It’s not there. It’s not working. Again try it. It is working but it has become the Samashti. It has become the collective now. Ah. See now? Did you follow that? There’s no thought. This exercise will give you this thoughtless awareness, establishment of thoughtless awareness. There is no thought. So the second lesson, all right. 🙂 May God bless you.” (end of transcript)

A Rose for Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

We stop breathing and become Thougthless and Meditative while looking at this Beautiful Rose from Louis-Marie, sahaja yogi brother from France; thank you Louis-Marie!

Please try this exercise at home and drop a comment below on this article on how was your experience and if you had found this article useful. Then we’ll be encouraged to share more sahaj beauties. 🙂

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  1. sailaja rani ginka

    Beautiful way of establishing thoughtlessness!!! Our Beloved Mother has not only given Sahaja Yoga but tried to establish thoughtlessness and get Sahaja Yoga established in ourselves and helped us evolve into higher beings. in the thoughtless state, while doing this prana mana meditation the intensity of the vibrations is to the maximum and we feel a cool breeze over the top of our head and all over the body. so soothing and silencing.

  2. Sujana

    It’s just amazing!!!!

    How our Mother takes efforts to explain minutest of things in such great detail.

    Thanks million times Louis-Marie.


  3. Javad

    Very cool, Thaks for you attention and LOVE. Jai

  4. krishna rao, hyderabad, india

    Shri Mataji explained breathing exercise step-by-step and establishing the thoughtless awareness practically, by which a child also can understand and do it freely. really we are all may done great punyas (good deeds) in previous births for which we are now at the lotus feet of our divine mother. the description is enlightenment which ensures a nice settlement in meditation. Mother blessings shower on all sahaja yogies.

  5. Priti

    Thank you Ioana for sharing this wonderful video of our dear Mother. I really needed this. Thank you Mother I am so happy and relaxed. God Bless you dear Ioana you are doing amazing work of the Divine.

  6. Elsie Kuly

    Shri Mataji shows how to meditate and how to breath. Concentrating on the emotions and the heart allows me to put aside the intellect. Putting your emotions on your Mother (kundalini) will dissolve them. One can be at peace.

    Looking at that beautiful rose my breath stopped for a moment and I became thoughtless. Intellect put aside. I felt peaceful. It’s a wonderful video of Shri Mataji showing a child how to breathe.

  7. S M More

    Thank you for sharing. May God Bless You.

  8. Colleen Burgess

    Great article, thank you.


    Thank u very much…i need it now…i will start practicing it.jism

  10. Akhil Dangwal

    Mother whenever I am facing a problem then u come in front of me with absolute solution. Oh mother I don’t have any way to express my gratitude towards you. At last pls bless me so that I will obey your teaching with alertness and politeness.

  11. Helen

    This is excellent! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Nelson Guillen

    I had read this transcript before but I did not get it until I just read it again. I am very grateful for this new oportunity to understand it and put into practice. The joy is immense. Thank you Shri Mataji for your care and for having children who love to share what they hear from you

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