The Humanitarian & City Life Exploring the Meditation Movement with Sahaja Yoga Meditation!

City Life Magazine

Our  sister sahaja yoga meditation class from North York was featured recently in the City Life Magazine. The author of the article describes her first experience with Sahaja yoga meditation. The photo is capturing a yogi brother-meditator enjoying meditation on the meadow of the land of Canajoharie in USA (a Native Indian sacred place with what we sense to have great vibrations = positive energy).

The Humanitarian Magazine

had chosen to introduce Sahaja Yoga Meditation to its readers through a suite of articles. Note: The Humanitarian is a new media initiative in Canada of UMMID International non-profit organization that has invited us as a partner (community services provider with meditation, spiritual music and chakra workshops) to their charitable actions and events in GTA. Below there is a snapshot from the issue of The Humanitarion from October 17, 2012. Our Thanks go to Aayesha Arshad -President and to Ayesha Nadeem – writer of the articles.

Other Newspapers & Magazines (Ontario) on Sahaja Yoga Meditation

One Thousand Trees magazine: `Vibration Meditation` (May 2012)

SNAP Burlington & Mississauga Magazine: `Science and Meditation with Dr. Andrei (Feb. 2012)

SNAP’d in St Catharines: `A Taste of India`(Aug. 2012)

DESI NEWS Canada:`The Power of One`(Nov, 2011)

SNAP’d in Niagara Falls: `Experience India` & Meditation Marathon (Sept 2011)

Oakville Beaver (Aug 2010)

Burlington Post: `Meditation and Music`(Aug 2010)

(there are many more, will continue adding later on ..)

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  1. Shashidhar

    Wonderful news – thank you for sharing your joyous moments. Canada – yes you can!

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