Health Conference with Doctor Andrei SNAP’d in Burlington & Mississauga Magazine! HOW WAS IT?!

Health Conference with Doctor Andrei – Captured by SNAP Mississauga Magazine – February Issue, 2012

Photos captured by the reporter and original article here.

Article & Photos issued by SNAP Burlington on Dr. Andrei’s Conference at Brant Hills Community Centre –VIDEO SOON!

More photos captured by the reporter are shared below. The original article is here.

More articles on this amazing One Week  Marathon in Ontario communities with Dr. Andrei on Wellness, Science, Meditation and Yoga will be shared soon with VIDEO -presentation & Music-VIDEO performances of our special guests.  Until then, let’s remember what was all about in some Feedback from the various programs plus more photos below.

Feedback from Mohit – student at University of Waterloo

Dr. Andrei’s lecture on Bridginc Science & Spirituality -the importance of Meditation in Burlington @ Brant Hills Community Centre

The “Bridging Science and Spirituality” event at the University of Waterloo was amazing. We had audience of about 40 people ranging from students to working people. They were all very interested throughout the event. Many experienced thoughtlessness during the Self-realization (the awakening of Kundalini) and almost all were able to slow down their thoughts and feel relaxed. The vibrations were really strong as Dr. Andrei was talking about Sahaja Yoga meditation. His presentation intrigued several students, who stuck around after the lecture and engaged in one-on-one question/answer conversations. Everybody present there deeply appreciated our guest from Calgary.

Feedback from Mar’yana – lector at University of Toronto (who attended several conferences in Ontario)

University of Toronto – Conference Program
A great experience of innocence and simplicity as the major pre-requisite for experiencing the thoughtless state. This meditation is really special in a way in which it speaks to our inner child, and the basic qualities of innocent desire, trust and gratitude. The presenter took us through the history of seeking, knowledge and spirituality, and yet in the end it was not the knowledge that mattered, but the the pure innocence and joy of asking for the gift of meditation, and receiving it.

St. Catharine’s Program
The program was wonderful – very down-to-earth and practical, but at the same time joyful and uplifting. The atmosphere created by the speaker was very friendly and approachable, which made it so much easier to relax and enjoy the meditation. The answers to the questions made the perfect sense, a great program in general.

Markham @ Shiraz Academy of Wellness

Wow, what a great success! The room was packed, the presentation was very well delivered in spite of minor technical glitches. It was very nice to see that such a deep and important topic presented by Dr. Andrei was met with equal enthusiasm and appreciation by so many in the audience. Big thank you to the Shiraz academy for opening their doors to this amazing free lecture.

Oakville @ Glen Abbey Recreation Centre

This was probably one of the most interesting lectures I have attended in a long time. It was great to discover so much about the role of our stomach and of what happens in it, for our mental and emotional state and general well-being. Amazing connections between the gross and the subtle body – hard to imagine, how well our body has been grown through evolution and how well it follows the subtle principles. After having such an intense learning experience in the presentation itself,
surprisingly, the meditation flew in a very easy and sweet way. The whole evening was enjoyed tremendously!

Feedback from Amrit and her Business Network – Brampton

Dr. Andrei has also provided a great angle of wellness i.e. the medical recognition and support for meditation. His credibility was recognized and this came through as he is a medical doctor and he is a practicing meditator for over 20 years! The workshop was short and sweet which created a longing in some attendants. I was very happy with the session- the vibrations were fantastic.

We will have to think of other angles to talk about Sahaja meditation as I would like to do this again. As I mentioned previously, I had a wait list of people wanting to listen to the dr. Andrei’s presentation and I hadn’t invited everyone that I wanted to invite . Thanks so much on behalf of my business network – so many of my clients are also great seekers ! –  for doing this.

More Feedback – Notes from Participants

Bill: I really enjoyed it and learnt amazing stuff. Thanks!

Laura: Really relaxing. Made me think of the connection between gut and the rest of the body. Thank you!

Cristina: Very interesting. I wish iy was a longer session with some time for questions. Thank you!

A: Very relaxed and lots of cool breeze. I’ve felt when we did the left side meditation more in control of the thoughts and felt calm.

S.A: Very interesting information about the connection between science and meditation. Cool guided meditation!

D.K.: “Many more such programs should be. This presentation should be on youtube!! (yes, soon will be up there! :-))

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The above are just several notes and images from just a few of the programs we had with dr. Andrei in Ontario earlier in January 2012. The volume of information (photos, videos, feedback by email and letters) collected during that “marathon of conferences” is still pending to be properly explored and shared later on in more detail. This article is just a tip of the iceberg, but as we are always so busy with projects in Halton-Niagara area, please bear with us for the videos to come. Meanwhile, we’d like to hear from you directly, how was your experience if you had participated to any programs-conferences with dr. Andrei. Please, submit your comment. Thank you!

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  1. adrian

    Dr Andrei’s comment about…

    …”we are all seeking that chocolate”… just as the innocence of a child invites him/herself to look for and taste off that “sweet nectar”…

    We may not understand our seeking in the beginning, yet we continue to yearn for it…

    It resonates within us…

    So follow that inner child to realize, experience and create joy.

  2. paula

    I felt proud and confident to invite my parents, my friends to Dr. Andrei’s lectures in Burlington which was absolutely a packed house! Such a down to earth presentation with so many medical answers delivered in a natural,approachable, interesting way. The meditation was thought clearing and permeated the room with peace and harmony. With hands open on our laps to “receive” the information both from Dr. Andrei and on the subtler level, our own sacred energy emitting a cool and steady flow, we discovered the “vibratory awareness” awakening inside. Many of us wanted to keep the peace flowing like a river all evening! Then the band started playing…and sang with so much heart and soul. What does science, music, art and spirituality have to do with each other? Tune in to a free meditation class to find out…the pursuit of happiness starts with discovering the joy inside that expands infinitely when it is connected to the source.

  3. Colleen

    After reading this article I am very excited to listen to Dr. Andrei’s lectures and learn more on how the body is affected by Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Thank you for such wonderful information.

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