Sahaja Yoga Meditation in DESI NEWS Canada:`The Power of One`(Nov 2011 issue)

The evening of Nov 6th, 2011 brought us an unexpected gift for our 6th Annivesary of Free meditation classes in Halton region: the newspaper article on 2 pages featuring Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Desi News, Canada’s #1 South Asian Magazine. The article is not paid advertising.

Please check below the Link that goes to the Article.

The editor of this reputed magazine had interviewed one of the volunteer instructors with sahaja yoga meditation on personal life, benefits and results.

(click!) Article:`The Power of One` – Desi News Canada Magazine – Interview with Sahaja Yogini

The photos in the article were provided by Nari W. and were taken during the `Guru Weekend Seminar`at Canajoharie – sacred Native Indian land- in USA, summer 2011.

Actually we are grateful to both Mrs. Shagorika Easwar (editor) and Mr. Nari Mavalwalla (photo-artist) for this unexpected opportunity to open up about the real benefits of sahaja yoga meditation and to announce its priceless (free!) availability in our communities across Canada and everywhere (check

Note: `Desi`means `national` in both Hindi and Urdu as well it identifies members of the South Asian diaspora or as an adjective, whatever is representative for Indian culture, people, and so on (source: wikipedia). Thank you Desi News!

Note: We offer a variety of community events such as cultural, art and spirituality, science-medicine inspired public programs, seminars or special sessions that are all interwoven with sahaja yoga  meditation -other than the regular weekly classes. Enjoy below 2 such examples.

Sahaja Yoga Halton in the News with (VIDEO) Analuiza from Brazil – the Enchanting Kuchipudi Dancer in Burlington POST Newspaper

(VIDEO) Experiencing The Rhythm when it becomes Meditation – with Anandita from Colombia

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  1. paula

    What a triumphant accomplishment for the movement of Sahaja Yoga and the quest for truth! I discovered so many answers and truths about myself. Through this thoughtless awareness method I have come to realize I can peel away the built up conditions that impede me from evolving my personality. The personality gets a “refresh”, an enlightened perspective, makes you glow, I have seen this transformation in others, the eyes start sparkling, and the joy starts to permeate into every aspect of life! Everything that is real and matters begins to emit powerful energy (vibrations) and you start to feel connected to everyone and everything…and this brings joy right into your being. It only takes a spark, one meditation session, to get the fire going…but if you stick around and experiment with YOUR truth…you’ll find a divine reflection inside that will plug you in to the all-pervading power. I tried many ways to find this key, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but “something was out there”. Many leads were dead-ends that showed me how to succeed in the material world and other unsatisfactory paths. And I have seen that some of these false leaders have fallen, and caused harm, so eventually the truth gets exposed. And sometimes we are trying a few different remedies for something and we don’t know which one actually worked to “cure” what ailed us.
    But I can tell you that when I tried Sahaja Yoga, I had tried alot of other things, and I simply felt so good there, comforted, and then I started to feel the cool energy of kundalini rising inside of me…and then I began to see transformations in myself and my family. My heart got bigger, there is so much room in there now! So now the love goes beyond, it has no limits, and the connections in nature and everyone are so beautiful. It’s yours if you want it, and it’s free. It’s your birth right. Get it. I did! It’s part of our evolution!

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