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SNAP Niagara Falls – September issue, 2011

Actually there were few more photos, check out the on-line SNAP article and click here. 

Below we’re sharing the feedback that was received via emails from various participants to this amazing collective journey. Quite impressive and a very joyful lecture!

Meditation Marathon Experiences – Feedback from USA

Ilknur – Portland, USA

 All the Niagara event was a DEEEEP experience with loads and loads and loads of Mother’s blessings… Every time I recall the moments.. the joy pours in… and the gratitude follows! Thank s go to all the sweet yogis who pulled it all together… Love, Ilknur

Alan – New York (full account &  Spiritual Awakening at Canadian Gas Station)

 “One of the great joys of Sahaja is surely collectivity and over the past weekend, a group of maybe 30 USA yogis attended the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Marathon in the greater Toronto area. We started Friday night in Indu Rajani’s house where a collective havan was held. Indu has been a yogini for some five or six years and she and her daughter and son, made everyone feel at home, and the food was delicious too. We stayed overnight at Peter’s house in Burlington, he’s been a yogi for just over a year and some of us will know him from Canajoharie or the glorious Pittsburg PA seminar organized by Tracy last year. It’s always lovely to see a yogi be so welcoming and concerned for our wellbeing, while at the same time being very relaxed, casual and matter of fact, while being the perfect host at the same time. Saturday morning we were up bright and early and drove some of us drove two hours through charming countryside to Mitchell, a small town where a realization event was held in the public library while others went to another event in a town called Stratford, situated on the river Thames, where big Shakespeare events are held. In our case, on the way, we stopped for a rest at a gas station owned by an Indian gentleman. He was watching a Hindi movie on his laptop and after a brief conversation, Lioudmila gave him Self-realization (Kundalini awakening) which he loved. Next, we went to Goderich, a town which had been hit by a tornado just weeks before, and the devastation was still there to be seen. The hall where we had our “Experience India with Live Music, Dance, Meditation and Chakra Workshop” 
Julia Tischuk gave one of the best introductions to Sahaja Meditation it’s been the privilege of this writer to witness. She did it with great calm and confidence. The audience of some 20 or 30 seekers (beside the many more yogi participants to this Meditation caravan-marathon from all over GTA and USA ) experienced a beautiful meditation which was followed by the phenomenal Bhajan Group from Brampton, Ontario.


How these ladies play with such rhythmic intensity is always a mystery to me, and their voices, blending beautifully, full of innocence and joy, perfectly take the listeners to Sahasrara (the crown chakra level). The new people in the audience, almost all Canadian born, really got into the music and loved the explanations of what the songs were about. Of course, most of the song lyrics were about the Oneness of all human beings, irrespective of religion or ethnicity, when they get to that place of thoughtless awareness and surrender to the Divine. 
On the way home, by chance (as if there is such a thing), when Joan asked for a rest stop, guess which gas station we pulled up at? You got it. It was that of the same Indian gentleman whom Lioudmila had shown Self-realization on the way out. He was delighted to see us, big smiles all over his face, and this time, he wouldn’t take our money, insisting that the things we were about to purchase be his gift to us! Saturday night saw us in the home of two newish Indian ladies, who, because of young children and family commitments, were unable to come on the tour. Their hospitality and wonderful cuisine spoke more than words about how they understood the nature of Sahaja.
 Sunday morning saw another early start, to Niagara Falls, where we meditated behind the falls. The Canadian side of the falls is horseshoe shaped, like a bandhan, and the Native Americans called it the Thunder Goddess (Shri Vishnumaya). We attended a public program in the town of Niagara and afterwards held a public program, a seminar and Puja in a public recreation facility. Much love, Alan”

   (click!) See the Divine Faces in Niagara Falls & The Journey behind the Falls – A Collective Meditation on Thunder Goddess – Shri Vishnumaya in Photos

 (click!) Photos & Impressions from A Weekend of Togetherness: Meditation Marathon & Shri Vishnumaya North American Seminar @ Niagara Falls, 2011 How was it?!

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