Meditate and Decorate for the NEW YEAR!

Join this FREE WORKSHOP in Burlington: “Meditate and Decorate for the NEW YEAR”

We are offering our last creative workshop in 2023 here in Burlington on Saturday, Dec 30th. It is open to the public and really for all ages! Definitely, children are most welcome and it can be such a special bonding experience, helping everyone to get into the spirit of welcoming a New Year in our lives!

Ioana: photo captured in downtown Toronto (Dec 2023)

Therefore, this is our last event of the 100 Seeds of Joy Community Initiative in 2023 and we are very grateful to our volunteers that are ready to make it a Special one, even though they are ready to have their own ‘end of the year’ celebration soon after. (the traaditonal “Halton Sahaja Yogis Family party” 🙂 ) .

This workshop is not one of our “Cool Kids and Parents” programs offered based on the invitations received from within the larger community; this event is hosted at our beloved Orchard Hub in Burlington and it is open to all that want to meditate together in a simple, relaxing and meaningful way, as well explore their Inner Child and Inner Decorator too. 🙂

What are you waiting for?! Join this very special Pre-New Year’s COOL KIDS & FRIENDS workshop and feel free to pass the invite on to anyone else. See you (or yours) there!

Note: the “materials” will be provided, it will be simple yet joyful, no previous experience is required!

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Ioana: cute moment that ‘says it all’ from one of our Cool Kids sessions offered in 2023

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Feel free to contact us if any question at [email protected]

Note: this event is on Saturday, Dec 30th, from 10:30AM to 11:30AM.

Location: Orchard Community Hub

Address: 2400 Sutton Dr., Burlington, ON L7L 7A9 in St Christopher’s Catholic Elementary School (entrance is located across Easton Road. Does not require entering the school)

For Details check here.
Ioana: winter time in Burlington; let’s make it a Wonderful Time Together!

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