Kids leading Morning Meditation with Mantras – Join OnLine AUDIO Sahaj Experiment

Letter from Sia (friend sahaja yogini and mom from UK):

“My boys (both 4) and myself just sat down this afternoon and spontaneously recorded a little something for you.

A short meditation that you and your kid might enjoy!!! The boys say the mantras and it has a bit of flute (actually recorder) in it too. The flute part is not purely Indian, but I had the sound of the Native American Flutes in my heart when playing. I just love the sound of them and still dream of – one day – getting a flute or even learning that style.
Anyway, the mp3 is about 10 min long, just fine for your morning meditation! ENJOY! Maybe more to come, if you like it! Lots of Love, and forgive the technical short comings! It is from the heart!!! 🙂
Love, Amar, Kartik and Sia”

Join Meditation (speakers ON!) with Sahaja Yoga Sanskrit Mantras – Follow the Kids: Children Morning Meditation Mantras with Sia’s Kids – Sahaja Yoga

Enjoy here another Morning Meditation with Video – Dancing Starlings & Zephyr’s Music

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  1. Gulnaz

    I juste adored the way you did such a beauty! My Kundalini started immediately dancing, it was simply great! Thank you so much for sharing this beauty with the whole world! Gulnaz

  2. Hullin Yvone

    it is soooo wonderfull !! please give more for the joy all of kundalinis around the world !! Thank you yvonne

  3. Dusan

    How beatiful world for our Kundalini…. I am looking forward for the next …CD … at least 🙂

  4. Dorothy

    what a wonderful way to get started in life at such a young age. Enjoyed meditating with such tender voices.

  5. Shrikant

    The sweetness of these voices has made me meditative, almost instantly! Bravo Amar, Kartik & Sia and to all those who desired this event Unconsciously.

  6. ene garva

    Thank you ,simplicity and joy!( if you can do a copy of this record please send a mail to [email protected]).

  7. patrice

    it’s wonderful,soft voices simply wonderful.i have a lot of joy when i listen does childrens.
    thank you.

  8. Murali

    Kids reciting mantras is really beautiful with sweet voice. The voice has the innocence of Shri Ganesha.

  9. Debbie

    What beautiful, innocent, pure and sweet voices – I loved it! If we nuture life starting at the very beginning, something beautiful will transform.

    Lots of love always.

  10. kalies

    The leaders of tomorrow,who would make a very beautiful WORLD to live in .

  11. Prem & Naina Sharma Bhutan

    I got the idea today that our collectivity do require such an innocent voices to make more deeper in the meditation.
    Such a beautiful and sweet recitation of Mantras. The flute too so melodious !! Prem & Naina

  12. rupal

    wonderfull !!!!!very beautiful.
    kundalini dancing.very joyful.
    The voice has the innocence of Shri Ganesha.
    i would like to have copy(recording).
    thank you.

  13. Younès

    Thank you for this moment of Love we realy like it ! It opens our Heart and we feel so much Joy !

  14. Ashwani sehgal

    Excellent,beautiful, no word to match to this innocent melodious voice with Shri Krishna’s Murli taking to deep ocean of JOY.
    Thanks for the efforts to record it.

  15. Sia

    Thank you all sooo much for all this love, these sweet comments! It is great fun making such mp3s. We also did a little video (slide show) for it. You can view it on youtube if you search for Siali14.
    We would love to send you something new some time soon. If you have any other ideas, just write. Love, Sia

  16. Shobha Kotwani.

    Sia, its really wonderful to hear the children meditating and the sweet music. Recently I bought this cassette “meditation and play” for kids. Its also wonderful with kids to meditate with this cassette. We are waiting for more videos.


    1. Sia

      Dear Shobha

      Oh yes, the CD and booklet is made by the same people. Glad you enjoy it! We love producing materials that help children meditate! MOre to come for sure! Lots of Love! Sia

  17. Malti Menon

    I wish I was a kid again……… innocent and joygiving meditation. Thank you for sharing with us.

  18. Elsie

    The little children were amazing as they sat and chanted. Their voices were so pure and sweet. It brought joy to my heart as I joined the meditation. Thanks

  19. Shivangi

    I have no words to describe how I felt! So pure! So joy giving! 100% time at Sahasrara 🙂

    I want more people to feel the same and so I’m looking for a way to download it. Please let me know.

  20. Vanishree Pillay

    Thank You. The music and the beautiful voices are adorable. Music is the food of the soul.

  21. Prem & Naina Sharma Bhutan

    Our hearts filled with LOVE, Sahastrara bursting out with vibrations. We wish you carry on with other mantras recitations too for example, Ganesh Atharveshirsham Mantra.

  22. Birgitta

    Kundalini rises yet! Thank you!

  23. Magni Hjálmarsson & Anna Þóra Karlsdóttir

    We have been enjoying this music with the kids for a long time. Now when views have reached 13.000 we want to thank you and hoping for having access to this wonderful recording in future.
    Magni and Anna

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