Feel the Heart and Love with Your 6th Sense

Invite to a Special Sahaj Valentine’s Day Event: Feel the Heart and Love with the 6th Sense

“Twenty-four hours are not sufficient for me to Love people.

The flow is so great that my body suffers with that flow and sometimes

I curse myself that why should I carry such load of love within myself.”

“When we feel Love for anyone without any lust or greed, that is God’s Love within us.

That he is the embodiment of that Pure Love, which just loves ..”

“We are all part and parcel of one country.

And that Country is of Love.”

“You are the people who are Realized souls and you have got the fragrance to spread..and bring forth what you call ..

The Unity of Love..”

(Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation”)

Join us for a Special Valentine’s Day Evening sponsored by Sahaja Yoga Meditation from Halton region.

Feel free to bring your Valentine along or send your friends that would  Love to Enjoy an exquisite blend of Live Music (guitar, vocals and drums) , Meditation & Chakra Workshop, followed by the Joy of watching  an Internationally Awarded (short= 12 min) Movie  and culminating with a “Sahaj Family Time” when most spiritual personal experiences (even miracles) will be shared with everyone present during a Potluck Dinner .. all for our Heart’s Innermost Core .. Sublime Delight! 🙂 See you there and we’ll discover and experience together what is our 6th sense!! We’ll have at least 3 Special Guests: our good Friends & Musicians that are all Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners from Halton,  Ahilan (tabla and guitar), Michael (guitar and vocals) and Rajani (vocals) that will offer us a Night with beautiful Western songs  as well profound Bhajans (devotional melodies from  Indian Classical music genre).  Let’s reach out to the roots of our Heart & Emotions by opening the Heart Chakra (subtle energy centre) itself with the key of Music .. That Key of Music is the one that has the most pure profound vibes of Love because it is born in the Yoga (connection) state 🙂

Day & Time: Wednesday, February 16 from 7pm- 9pm
Where: Brant Hills Community Centre, Room 1,

Address: 2255 Brant Str, L7R 3Z6, Burlington (between Upper Middle and Dundas)

PS> Don’t forget to bring something Yummy for our Sahaj Family Potluck Dinner, only if possible :-)!

Enjoy Halton’s  Sahaj Valentine 2010 – VIDEO with Great Music for Meditation on the Heart

Enjoy Short Article on Heart & Brain Relationship – Interesting!

The Blair Foundation – “The Faith Awards” – “Self-realization” movie by Silvina Estevez from Argentina – a Winner in 2010

See you at our Special Events! Drop a comment if you already joined a similar event and share your experience with us all. 

An older video with a young beating heart on African and Indian drums. Feel it!

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  1. Murali Pithambar

    Really it is fantastic idea. Let us spread Mother’s Love and Fragrance all over the world, whatever way its possible. My sincere pray for that.
    With Best wishes, Murali Pithambar from Kuwait

  2. Özlem Gibeau

    This is very heartfilling . My heart will be with you,

  3. Anya

    AWESOME!!!! I love it 🙂 And send all my love out to all humans cause we are at least ONE 🙂

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