Silvina Received “Faith Awards 2010” – from Tony Blair Foundation for “Self Realization” VIDEO

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The photo above shows the winners that received the awards directly from Tony Blair and one of them (the only feminine presence in the photo :-)) is Silvina Estevez who enjoys practising sahaja yoga meditation in Argentina. Faith Shorts is a global film competition run by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation providing young people from all continents with the opportunity to express their faith through film.  The global judging panel included Tony Blair, Jonathan Caplan QC, Hugh Jackman , Anil Kapoor, Amr Khaled , Jet Li, Kishore Lulla, Wendi Murdoch, Natalie Portman, Nik Powell , Queen Rania of Jordan, Rabbi David Rosen, June Sarpong, Deepak Verma and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation Fellows.

THE VIDEO –  “Self Realisation” by Silvina Estevez – WINNER, FAITH 2010

The competition culminated on the 22nd July with the award ceremony held at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) where many stars (from movies and not only) participated as well. Silvana had received the award as the runner up – there were 2 beside the winner – for the following section: 18-25 Film Maker with her short movie ‘Self Realisation’.

Above you see the FILM and the screenshot from Silvina’s movie that was selected for the most recent article on this event for  Tony Blair Foundation website.

– Enjoy the Cool Vibrations – and click on `like it` so more can find it on youtube. 🙂

Article on Tony Blair Foundation’s Faith Awards

18 Responses to “Silvina Received “Faith Awards 2010” – from Tony Blair Foundation for “Self Realization” VIDEO”

  1. Mary Iglesias de Legua says:

    Silvina:We must learn of you. LOve:Mary.

  2. Yolanda Ardila says:

    Felicitaciones Silvina!

  3. Carmen says:


    Me siento muy orgullosa de ti que gusto siento solo de mirar la foto y claro las vibraciones.

    Todo mi carino. JSM


  4. louise says:

    There is something beautiful in the recognition. I have been fond of Tony Blair- feeling there was something special about the past prime minister of UK. It is a delight to discover his interest in supporting faith.

  5. Smita Joshi says:

    amazing! congratulations and keep up the good work.

  6. Nirmal singh says:

    really great work……….congratulations

  7. Silvina says:

    Hey brother and sisters, this is Silvina, Thanks a lot for your love and support, without that it would not be possible to do any work at all. It’s been a miracle how that short film has been done, and is such a clear way to let us know who the the real director is 🙂
    God Bless!

  8. Kasthurie says:


  9. Neelam Fedorova says:

    Very nice presentation, with lots of vibrations!
    I think this is very good for newcomers….. JSM

  10. adrian says:

    very nice…

  11. LIZA GAILLOT says:


  12. Rajesh says:

    Congrats to Silvina. Thy will be done on the Earth as it is in Heaven.

  13. RAJEEV says:

    Dear Silvina,

    As you say this film is really full of vibrations equal to a Mahapuja.
    and we know who the real Director is. Wonderfl Dear…Hearty congratulations.
    Nirmal Love

  14. HETAL says:

    Dear Silvina,
    JSM. yes,sister this is really great.
    Congratulations for this.
    Best of luck for the next one.

    Holy mother Shree Ma bless u.

  15. Dr.Smita Bugde says:

    Silvina,CONGRATULATIONS!!May Shree Mataji bless u to become a good instrument!

  16. prakash amin says:

    sister you have done the devine work which is mataji desire, You just pray for us that such power give us also so we can do some devine work..

  17. Prasad says:

    Great job Silvinia. keep it up.

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