Video of Dogs & Cats with Hearts: Heart Chakra expressed in Animal World + Q & A with Yoga Master on Animals Language & Myths

Love, Care & Responsibility in the Animal realm – pure expression of the Heart Chakra

Understanding the Animals Language or A Heart (chakra) to Heart (chakra) Communication ?!

Interviewer: Is this Chakra here ( pointing to the Heart energy centre, to its centre aspect) have the ability to understand – animals… the language of animals?

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, not language of animals, no, no. That’s not true. This center of chakra is guarded by Jagadamba, the Mother of the Earth, Mother of the Universe is here. But this has got the antibodies, this chakra creates antibodies. Antibodies are what we call them Ganas are. They can fight your diseases. And that’s what is created by this chakras. And now, for example, AIDS, I will come on AIDS. AIDS is caused by the deficiency of this chakra and also of the first chakra. If you could manage these two chakras you can cure AIDS also.

Interviewer: Yeah, but this is also one of the abilities which are stored in here.
Shri Mataji: Yes, but with the animals, you don’t have to talk to them, but they understand you through your vibrations. You have such vibrations that animals know that you are a Realized Soul. A serpent will know, a horse will know, a dog will know – but not all of them. Some of them can be sinister also. But they are frightened of you, if they are sinister, they are frightened. But if they are good, then they’ll come to you and will be very nice to you. But I would not say we understand their language or anything, but we understand each others’ heart. (Shri Mataji laughing)

Interviewer: That’s a lot.
Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s the love, because that’s the mother’s – that’s the Mother’s center. It’s very important center. But as a result of the defect in this center women can develop a kind of a trouble with their breasts. Breast cancer is caused by that. So many problems are caused with the deficiency of this center.

AMAZING VIDEO – Kittens for Lunch or Mighty Heart Chakra in Action

On another sahaj note, also related to cats, dogs and other pets, I feel to share below the (short!) video that a dear friend of mine, Louise from Burlington had sent me a while back. Also, make sure you read the section below the video and enjoy a “Saint Dog” Photo!

The Dog seen as a Symbol of a Disciple in Sahaja Yoga Meditation

(excerpt from The Divine Cool Breeze  Magazine – 1981,1103)

Yogini: I would like to know what you think about dogs.

Translator: She has a very big dog at home. (Laughter)

Shri Mataji: Good, good. Dog is very good. Dog is a disciple. And he knows his guru. He knows every bit of his guru. All the deities inside the guru, every move, everything. And by that knowledge it gains. It knows what pleases the guru. And as soon as the guru comes home, he will express all his joy. He’ll give up everything and run to the scene, expressing the joy. So many things one has to learn from a dog. They are wonderful things, so beautiful. You’d better keep a dog. I have a dog too. It’s with my daughter-in-laws. When I go to India and I have to go to my daughter’s place, I wear a very ordinary sari, because I know that as soon as he hears my voice, he’ll come jumping and jump all over me, lick Me and also show his anger because I’ve left him, and eyes will have tears. Even he may tear my sari. And when I’m coming and filling my bag, it knows, then it goes and sits and sulks and doesn’t eat food for eight days when I go. I mean I go every second year, but he’s not forgotten even my voice. He’s an old dog now, very old, I think for his species he’s outlived. His name is Deepak. Means ‘the light’. He’s absolutely white. He’s the Spitz style, you know, Spitz from Germany, that kind. But it’s big for its own breed. And there are some photographs I think, somewhere. You see they have paws, nah? So they have five, something more extra they have, like they have sixteen normally – paws – or something, I don’t know exactly. How may paws they have all together? Here also they have three? Find out. See, they have three additional. Five and three, eight, you see? So it is sixteen. But if they have eighteen, they are saints, or something. Something like that is there. There is some sort of a myth. But my dog had the vibrations. And he had such a sense of respect. And protocol. And he himself, you know, if anything was given to him with love, he would eat, otherwise he would not. He would starve first. He’s the conveyance of the Guru Tattwa – principle of the master, the guru. So, the disciples are the conveyance of the guru. You have to be able to bear my powers, and transmit them. Otherwise my powers are useless.

But dogs have a capacity to learn. I had taught this dog how to do puja. He used to touch my feet. And he would never lick my feet. He would lick my sari, but never my feet. And he knew how to use a WC, can you believe? All sorts of things he knew. You can teach him so many things. It used to discriminate even the footsteps of every person in the house. And he never liked nudity, of any kind. One lady came with her frock, you see, and the legs showing. And he started barking at her, he couldn’t like that. So I had to give her a towel to cover her legs, while she was talking to me. (Laughs) And also, some of the villagers in India wear those dhotis, you know, and if they show their knees, he can’t bear. You must cover below your knees for him. If he had come to France I’m sure he would have gone mad. (Laughter) Even in a painting, if he saw the legs or the hands open, he would bark at the painting. And he could not bear sleeveless, can you imagine, or what you call, these sort of translucent dresses that people wear, he could not bear. And he was Japanese actually. But he was very particular. And very kind to children. So many things they have. In India they say that if they have eighteen paws, or something, that’s the number of paws, then he’s a saint.

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  1. Rabi

    So cute story and the narrations. I just love it. Thank you Ioana you made my day. The golden retriever is really golden with the golden glowing rays of sunshine.

    Dogs after all is supposed to be symbol of vehicle for the primordial Master Adi Guru Dattatraya. Even Dogs surpasses horses in their attitude to serve humanity.They are so sensitive. The stories are so cute to read.

  2. louise

    Ioana! thanks for sharing this with others!
    this is truly one of the most beautiful, inspiring video stories that speaks to my heart- you know my love for both animals and people and this fits so beautifully in bringing both together to love and appreciate so much more! xo louise

  3. Tumpa

    Oh!!Such a lovely story
    thnx for this

  4. Bark Off for Dogs

    Being a brand new dog owner I appreciate all the advice here. I would like my four-legged friend to be effectively trained and have a healthy and balanced atmosphere to live in. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Debbie

    This is so sweet. I have a dog who is now 4 and a half years old – his name is Foster – a Bichon Poodle – just so adorable and cute. He is smart, provides unconditional love and whenever he looks at you with his beautiful big brown eyes, you just melt. He has so much love to give and I adore him tremendously.

    Lots of love always.

  6. ann

    Such beautiful stories of the gift of our beloved animals brings tears of joy to the heart.

    Love Ann

  7. Colleen Burgess

    Such great stories and I love the video. We have two dogs and Shri Mataji is so right in saying that dogs don’t need you to talk to them, they just *know*. Amazing!! Thank you

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