Feel Your Heart & Listen how it Sings- Youtube Video for Meditation Exercise

Sahaj Valentine’s Day in Burlington

Now, please turn On the speakers and with your hands open, receive the Cool Vibrations and let your Heart Meditate and Sing on this lovely Music .. joining those Beautifully Meditative Hearts from the video.  This can be used as your Sahaj Meditation Experience on-line!

On February 17, 2010 we had this Special Free Event – very Successful:

Sahaj Valentine Day – Happy Heart Chakra with Meditation, Drums and Healthy Tips

and above is the beautiful slide-show with wonderful music posted by Maxim (one of our special guests!) with Photos that capture the moments when we had experienced Sahaja Yoga Meditation – for the Heart Chakra.

Check the Heart Beats on Drums – Video with the Musical Performance on that memorable evening.

7 Responses to “Feel Your Heart & Listen how it Sings- Youtube Video for Meditation Exercise”

  1. Chandra Sekhar says:

    Love flows all over.
    Thanks Ioana, for this beautiful video.

  2. paula erskine says:

    My husband watched Ahilan and Omar playing the drums on the video and immediately took out his Cambodian drum to try and play too!

    We watched the “online meditation” from the event and the music was so amazing, beautiful, pure. Really it is so easy to meditate to the music and video. My fingers and palms were so cooooool, blowing with the cool breeze, just by watching the video and being thoughtless.

    I would definately use this video and music to meditate again. It touched my heart, and totally cleared my mind. I was completely in the present, and full of joy all over again.

    Even if you didn’t attend this event, the essence is there. Close your eyes for the drumming session and free your mind.

  3. paula erskine says:

    I forgot to add that the cool breeze was so strong from the video, that I hovered my hand over my husband’s open palm and he said “why is it so cool?”

  4. Elsie says:

    Thanks for this beautiful video. It was a source of a meditation which filled me with peace and joy. The fantastic music was a great addition. I will continue to use it.

  5. Jayanthi says:

    It’s beautiful, also i noticed that the energy coming out of Satya’s left palm.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Elsie Kuly says:

    A beautiful Sahaj on-line meditation. The faces of those meditating were so peaceful Strong vibrations felt. thanks for repeating this video. When my 1st computer crashed, this was a video I couldn’t retrieve.

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