(video-clip) Must-watch NEW Ghostbusters!! Coolest Ad Clip Ever Seen .. or FELT! (prepare to be Surprised!)

Really enjoyed the “best free yoga meditation ad”: (anti) Halloween style! Let’s satisfy the appetite of our inner seeker for true knowledge with Must-read & Must-watch:

(click!) Recommended Books: Silence for Mind & Open Horizons

 Books -Axinia

(VIDEO) Why are we on Earth + Understand a Human Computer

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  1. Jayanthi

    Wow it’s a beautiful video made so simple to understand the core message of Sahaj Yoga, hats off to the creator.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. vishwanath kamath

    Amazing video, keep it up.

    creative work, bestuseof swadhisthan chakra.

    jai shri mataji


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