Join “The Waltz of the Dolphins” Public Program: Saturday, March 12 in Burlington


This is the 3rd monthly free public program offered in Ontario by our Sahaja Yoga meditation volunteers.

Day: Saturday, March 12, 2016

Time: 1:30pm-3:30pm

Location: Seniors’ Centre in Auditorium.

Address: 2285 New Street, Burlington, ON, L7R 1J4

(Central Park adjacent to the Central Library and Arena)

About COP21 and C40 Cities Awards: here.

From Agenda:

  • Intro to “R.A.I.N. TO HEAL M.E”. – from Within to Without


  • Guided Collective Meditation – Paris Connections
  • Travel to INDIA -> HOLI Festival of Colors
  • 2 Special Guests from Anishnawbe First Nation People:


Nancy Rowe

  • Giidaakunadaad (The Spirit Who Lives in High Places) n’dizhinikaaz (is what I am called): ‘Mother Earth’s teachings”

Nancy Rowe is a Mississauga, Ojibwe of the Aanishinaabek Nation located at New Credit First Nation, ON.  Nancy holds an honors BA in Indigenous Studies and Political Science. She is an educator, consultant and a Traditional Practitioner of Aanishinaabek lifeway’s, views and customary practices and is currently completing a Master’s degree of Environmental Resource Studies at the University of Waterloo.  She is an avid volunteer who co-ordinates Kinomaagaye Gaamik, a grass roots initiative to provide educational opportunities for all peoples interested in Indigenous perspectives of life, health, education, history and the environment.  “Education is the doorway through which we all can create a common ground and understanding of not only Indigenous Peoples but also, and more importantly, our environment.”

  • Phyllis McKenna with her son, Daniel (Toronto) will use Dance and Song to Honor Strong Women’s Legacy
    • Phyllis is an Anishnawbe Self-Help Author and Jingle Dancer

Phyllis MCkenna

  • Ojibwe First Nations Peoples’ TEACHINGS “Honor Song for Strong Woman” Dance & Song performance

  • Travel to ISRAEL: PURI Festival
  • Travel to Ireland: ST. Patrick festival
  • Honor Inspirational Women and Heroins of Humanity
  • Shri Mataji’s Mission for ME -> Mother Earth
  • Youth Leader’s Experience with Self-Realization:  Meditation on Mother Earth /Chakra Workshop
  • Intro to QUIZ of the Dolphins
  • What’s Next? 
  • Celebrate ‘International Day of Happiness”:  HIP-HOP DOLPHIN’s DANCE “Living in Vibrations”
  • Q & A with Special Guests 
  • Surprises, FUN, TIPS from COOL KIDS for RAIN to heal ME -> Mother Earth”
  • Farewell to March Chapter for “R.A.I.N. TO HEAL M.E”. Series

Remember: This FREE Event is Open to All. Families with children are most welcome.

Did you know?!  In March are celebrated (links are provided):

  • St Patrick’s Day (Irish)
  • Purim Day (Jewish)
  • National Doctor’s Day
  • Zero Discrimination Tolerance Day
  • International Day of Happiness
  • World Wildlife Day
  • World Water’s Day
  • International Women’s Day
  • New year (Zoroasters)
  • New Year (Ojibway)
  • Holi Day
  • Shri Mataji’s Birthday
  • Spring’s Day
  • Holy Experiment Day
  • Plant a Flower Day

We will make relevant connections & celebrate them all!

This Public program will offer: Music, Dance, Meditation, Inspirational Traditional Knowledge, Intro to Sahaja Yoga, Energy Workshops, Connections and  Surprises.

It Promises to be: Profound and Inter-Active, Fun and Smart, Pleasantly Challenging, Relaxing. Life Changing!

Contact: [email protected] | 905-484-2068.

Register for January Event on Facebook.


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  1. paula

    This series of events is truly unique, appeals to all nations and brings together the common threads we all share of being human and wanting to find solutions to inner peace so that we can all understand that we are all One and we can feel this Oneness through Sahaja Yoga meditation. When we go beyond the mind, beyond our mind’s limits and conditionings, we can plug in to the infinite realm, where we are completely connected to everyone and everything, and enjoy the surprising reality that great vibes are all around us. Before self-realization, it is fleeting, but after we develop this wonderful awareness, music, people, conversations, movies, art, acts of kindness and words of enlightened poets, speaking one’s truth can all be felt like a clear cool breeze. I have enjoyed the two events so far, which were full of great feeling vibrations, and enjoyed all the enlightened information shared. Let’s put our attention on positivity, and real solutions to a thriving society that respects the mother earth and each other like brothers and sisters. Everyone of all nations is welcome! There is beauty in diversity, no doubt. After all, we are ONE! Can’t wait. Please share this invite with everyone you can, it is amazing that it is free, yet so eye-opening, life changing, and life-affirming.

  2. cheryl

    Marvellous creativity, ingenuity and joy in putting together each of these monthly fun and wholesome events to bring public attention to solutions that we are each capable of. Hope everyone takes advantage of this sprightly agenda to enjoy and see how we can improve each other’s well being. Looking forward to hearing the guest speakers from Anishnawbe First Nation People!

  3. Daiana

    Wonderful public program!, thank you All for doing it again and again.. It was a pleasure for me to be there and enjoy it fully, like: Shulin’s success congratulated by a member of Parliament for her sahaj meditation work, Phyllis’s openness dancing and singing with her son, soothing and relaxing powerpoint music, and so on..

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