Children, Youth, Parents Love to Meditate in Burlington @ Annual Kite Festival

You will find our booth on Sunday, June 4th at Brant Hills Community Centre (2255 Brant Str, Burlington)  When: 11am to 4pm; Besides meditation and chakra workshops we will offer organic henna tattoos!! Of course, for Free! Come and let’s enjoy our Kites!!! 

The Volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation were invited to participate to a Fun festival dedicated to children and parents from our region. 

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Kathleen, Paula, Shulin, Isabelle, Gratiela, Wendy, Carmella, Mohinder and Ioana were very lucky to have the henna artist Divya and her husband (who took most of these great photos!) joining their sahaja yoga meditation workshops for the day. 

Everyone enjoyed the Cool Kids meditations, the Youth meditation and the “Cool Parents meditate .. the Sahaj way!” that we had to offer for the day, besides the delightful henna tattoos!! 

Even little kids enjoyed the Inner Peace that we spread all around!

Grandparents joined in too and some of them meditated for the first time in their lives! Sahaja Yoga meditation is so simple yet so undeniably effective!

See you next Sunday in the Parks for a Cool Meditation outdoors!! Meanwhile, let’s take a stroll through the Garden of Wisdom and Chakra Knowledge.

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