Inspirational Quote & INVITATION to Kite Festival’s 25th Anniversary in Burlington (FREE Outdoors Family Event)

Kite festival Jun 4 2015

Halton Sahaja Yoga meditation team was invited by the organizers of this great festival to join hands and offer beautiful experiences such as: henna painting, meditation and yoga workshops for all visitors coming to our tent.

WHEN: Sunday, June 5, 2016

WHEN: From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: Brant Hills Park (2300 Duncaster Dr.) behind Brant Hills Community Centre.

More info about Burlington’s kite festival here.

Through meditation we all learn to keep our “inner kite” always flying and up above any turmoil 🙂 — what a wonderful opportunity to meditate outdoors and look at the sky that helps clearing both our 5th and 6th chakras :-).  Visit our welcoming tent, where a henna yogini artist  will decorate you while be-ing in a state of meditation!

Henna Ana Bianca

Let’s also Introspect with this Inspirational Quote on Faith & Intellect & Spirit:

“So now the new situation arises : that you do not have a blind faith, but you have a faith that has come out of an experience. So your intellect should not fight it. It should not try to challenge it. If it start challenging it and if you hear to your intellect, you will again go down. Even if you get the glimpses of a star in the sky, then the scientist believe that there is a star. So in the same manner, even if you get the glimpses of your realization, you have to at least believe that you are also the Spirit. You go on sticking to that experience and keeping your attention on the fact that you are the Spirit. Tell your intellect not to cheat you anymore. You can turn the face of your intellect by this.

Now your intellect will start working for the pursuit of the Spirit. This is what faith means. Faith gives rise to pure intelligence. Now once you have seen clouds removed, still there are clouds. So you have to use the wind to remove the clouds..  So the wind comes from some other source, …your own Kundalini.”

— Shri Mataji (the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation, 18/06/83 — Paris, France)

(Check BBC-EARTH VIDEO + Yogic Vision Experience) Chakra Workshop Benefits & Flying Yogis – Demoiselle Cranes Above Himalayas



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  1. paula

    Flying kites is quite like a meditation. ..looking at the sky which cleared and was windy enough, and just enjoying the moment. Many people stopped by to learn how to meditate and get henna tattoos. It was a great day to interact with the community and many were so excited that there were free classes being held Wednesdays at the Brant hills community centre. Many people got their self realization just talking to us. Looking forward to meeting you all at all.

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