Photos and Impressions from The March of the Penguins

SUMMARY : “R.A.I.N. to Heal M.E. -> Mother Earth” 

Our Public Program on Saturday, January 27, 2018 in Burlington, with the theme “The March of the Penguins for Mother Earth” was a true celebration of Mother Earth;

Families joined as well for a profoundly inter-active learning session that included Self-Realization Experiments with Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Cool Kids class, dance, music and surprises.

We meditated collectively several times, we learned how to raise our Kundalini energy for ourselves and for others,

we absorbed the wisdom of Shri Mataji from several videos,

we traveled to Israel, India and Australia to find out about universal truths and celebrate beautiful January festivals; we danced for the New Year of the Trees (Tu B’Shvat) as well we Marched with the Penguins with same joy as before even if with other surprises!;

we celebrated Mother Earth as Goddess Sakhumbari and we offered Her (impersonated by our sister yogini Kruti)

fruits and vegetables for various countries that came spontaneously into our hearts and minds;

Everyone participated in a state of joyous meditation!

What else?! We celebrated the birthday of another sister yogini Kavita.

After the Program we were all invited at Kavita’s home for a lovely get-together with dinner, as well for a going deeper sahaja yoga seminar.

IMPRESSIONS and How did You feel?!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon and evening yesterday attending R.A.I.N. I have attended two Saturday seminars in Burlington in the past few months and was able to finally feel the cool breeze in my hands! Thanks so much to Ioana and to all of the wonderful Yogi volunteers who made this event such a huge success. The choice of videos shown at both events really helped me deepen my self-realization and broaden my understanding of how we are all connected throughout the universe. We wouldn’t be alive today without the support of Mother Earth and we must continue to honour and treat Her with great respect. The tree dance and the penguin dance were such fun to do as a group lead by our very own Cool Kids. A special thanks to Kavita’s Family for welcoming us to their home for her generous and heart-warming birthday party followed by more in-depth meditation. What a wonderful way to beat the winter blahs and tune up for all of the good times of sharing enlightening experiences with our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Family. I can’t wait for the next seminar on February 17th at the Oakville Community Centre! Bless you all for the generosity of your time and talents in helping all of us to achieve a state of growing enlightenment with every event. Sincerely, Rebecca
  2. Silvia: Marvelous energy all the time! 
  3. Eno: Amazing experience, very uplifting, loved the meditations
  4. April: What a beautiful experience! Can’t wait until we Share Collectivity again! Namaste
  5. Powerful Vibrations all over! and  Peace
  6. Peaceful, Happy, Content, Lots of Love
  7. I did reach my self-realization; I could definitely feel the cool breeze on my hands
  8. Wonderful! It was a very precious afternoon for me and I thank all of the volunteers and Shri Mataji for making this possible
  9. The music really helps, I can feel the vibrations much more with the music, mantras and singing

Photo-Album Program – click here

Did you know that our children from Cool Kids Class had prepared for the “March of the Penguins” Public program?! Check the next photo-album. 

Photo-AlbumCool Kids Jan 2018 Seminar” – click here

Stay tuned, we will announce soon our next RAIN to Heal M.E. -Mother Earth” public program and seminar for February!

** meanwhile we will be glad to know Your Impressions too 🙂 

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  1. Jayanthi

    Dear Family, beautiful program, sorry to miss we were in Mexico.
    With all my love.

  2. M Narender Reddy

    Dear Sahaj Family
    You are doing wonderful jobs for the benevolence of the world .
    Shri Mataji blessings are tremendous to those who contribute their services towards the improvement of Sahajayoga. Hence I feel you are those blessed by Her Holiness.
    Keep it up.
    Jai Shri Mataji
    M N Reddy

  3. M Narender Reddy

    At present I am in Toronto. Yesterday I came from Hyderabad,Telangana state India.
    Thanks one and all.
    Jai Shri Mataji
    M N Reddy

  4. Béatrice MESSAGER

    Really amazing!

    Jay Shri Mataji

  5. carol weinberg

    I really enjoyed the Saturday afternoon meditation.
    I felt so much joy ,Love and togetherness from the group,. Sahaja yoga has help me to heal a Blockage I had on my Vishuddhi no more Pain.
    I give a special thanks to Kavita and her family for inviting us for her Birthday dinner and the tasty Birthday Cake.

  6. Rabi Ghosh

    simply blissful beyond words or expression. May Shri Mataji shower Her blessings on Her dear children forever and ever.

  7. Kavita

    Dear Sahaj family

    By the grace of our mother and guru Sri Mataji I have had the blessing of your presence at our residence this Saturday on January 27. I had said in my heart I want to celebrate me birthday a special way with the presence of my guru and sahajayaoga and my wish was granted. I love you all.
    Your powerful presence has enlightened our home.
    The public program at the Brant hills centre was an amazing experience by itself. It was like a garden filled with flowers and energy.
    May our Mother always be with us.
    Jai Sri Mataji

    1. Colleen

      Wow Kavita, your words brought tears to my eyes and I’m so sorry I missed it all. The program sounded like so much fun and the birthday party at your house filled with so much love!

  8. Avril

    What are the planned events for September on through 2018…..2019

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