The Power to Rise Above – How?! Three Answers with Photos

Awareness & Responsibility about the “Sahaj” within us

“Be aware of it, of your responsibility. Be aware of your powers. The greatest power that you have is of Divine Love, not the stupid love that blinds you and that you fall in love, but that you Rise in that love. 🙂
The way we talk, the way we walk, the way we live, the way we behave, everything has to be Sahaj. And it is such a real, living culture of beautiful people in the world. We see in the animals, in the birds we see, a Swan is described, among animals the elephant, which has the wisdom, the swan that knows how to separate water from milk. Then among human beings, Sahaja Yogis, today, in these modern times .. be that powerful people of love, of understanding, of discretion and of humility. I would like to see those days in my lifetime... but you better be careful. It’s a razor’s edge I think, of course, but otherwise it’s wonderful. 🙂 If you know that this is Mahamaya (the Great Illusion) and that the deities (= the subtle Energies of chakras that are also present in nature) are around, sitting now here, all of them, peering into you, all of them, judging you, having a big meeting there, (about) who’s who: ‘Where is the attention of this gentleman. Where is he looking. What is he doing.’
All sitting here. But at the same time they are flowers, divine flowers, divine blessings and all the angels are just going round, I can see them.”

“Your cameras can catch them. You have got photographs that will show you all of them sitting… So you have to be aware: where is your attention, what are you worried about, where are you spending your time. ..If I want to know, I can know each and everything about you. I don’t want to know. Under these circumstances we are supported, looked after, managed, taken to reality so easily, so much, with care. You tell me ‘Mother ..we wanted to know someone. He was just there. How is it?’
You are assisted. Here these Prime Ministers have only five, six bodyguards, you have millions and millions, each one of you. Nobody can touch you except for you can harm yourself that’s all. Nobody can harm you.”

Determination for our Ascent

“So today, again a day of great determination, I am taking a vow that for us, our ascent is the only concern, is the only idea, .. and it will work out. All the rest will be taken care of. You have all the mechanics to do that, but first give it to the mechanics to work out. All will work in a reflex action.”

Regular Chakra Cleansing  (Footsoaks count!) using the Natural Elements

“Clear out, clear out your chakras. Don’t say: ‘I have this, I have that.’ Just clear out. ‘How dare I have all these problems?!’ Clear out, morning, evening. Clear out. I’m sure it will work out. May God Bless You.”

— the  above are excerpts from the same lecture given by Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation – about the Powers of Chakras within us (in Fregene , Italy on  08/05/88)

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  1. Claudia

    “to Rise in Love ” , a beautiful phrase – thank you .

  2. Andra

    Wonderful! It brings the attention back to Reality.

  3. Debbie

    How beautiful this message is – thank you so very much.

    Lots of love always.

    1. Ioana

      I just re-read the comments .. thank you ..

  4. ornella

    – A very new yogini while she was starting sahaj meditation at her very beginning while she was listening to a recording of Shri Mataji’s talk, the only words that she could remember were “meditate… every thing will work-out”.
    This is the feeling, thanks for editing moment of true poetry!!

  5. adrian

    “The way we talk… the way we walk… the way we live and the way we behave”

    This quote by Shri Mataji reminds one that we can always choose to…



    Then we can begin to ascend… and to truly begin to experience our power in a more conscious and responsible way.

    1. adrian

      “no one can touch you except for you can harm yourself,that’s all… nobody can harm you”

      This quote by Shri Mataji clearly lets us understand that only I/me/you/we can take responsibility for ourselves… and that the saying, doing and feelings of others cannot affect us/I/we/you… unless we choose to allow that.

      That is what it means to consciously take responsibility for what we/I/you/us want to experience.

      So… just allow yourself to Ascend.

  6. Jolanta

    Very inspiring, great photographs and analogies, and so achievable, and simple.

  7. Jolanta

    Great use of photographs, in addition to the authentic words of the founder of Sahaja Yoga, to illustrate, both literally and figuratively, the significance of Sahaja Yoga meditation

  8. KV Reddy

    Thank you for sharing Mother’s words which will inspire us again and again whenever you listen or study. Jai Shree Mataji. Thank you

  9. Niti

    Thanks for sharing the very deep message of shri mataji to rise in divine love in a very smooth and flawless manner.

  10. Kartikeya

    Divine love stands above everything else something which was revealed to me through this article. There are angels around us protecting, loving and working for our benevolence. Thank you for sharing!

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