Valentine’s Day celebrated with Creative Meditations

Enjoy the Echoes from our Two Valentine’s Day events celebrated with Creative Meditations

Amazing Valentine’s Day biscuits prepared for us by Mama Carmela who loves coming to our free Burlington classes offering Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

We did it again! We celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2024 with Two Meditation Programs

Feedback from those that participated to our previous events offered by the 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative created by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network.

This February, we offered a special “Cool Kids & Parents” creative workshop open to everyone, but definitely in support of the families with children that wanted to prepare together for the Valentine’s Day. In 2024 we continued with our tradition, many years old now: we made sure that during the week around the Valentine’s Day our team of volunteers will bring to our community at least two different sahaja yoga meditation sessions dedicated to this theme.

First, on February 10th, we created lovely valentines day themed creative activity planned for children, parents, and anyone else that was able to join on a very short notice. As always, our team is very busy, therefore we had less than one week to announce it, plus it was based on registration. Happy to see that we had such a wide representation from our beloved Burlington community. See below more photos and several really joyful video-clips.

our poster created for this event.

Short Video-clips from our Sahaj Valentine’s Day event for your enjoyment!

check the good wishes from our Cool Kids & Parents on Feb 10th, 2024, after celebrating the Sahaj Valentine’s Day!

check in a few seconds the main table with artcrafts for the Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day 2024 coincided with our Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class!

This year the actual Valentine’s Day was on a Wednesday, when we offer the weekly Sahaja Yoga Meditation class in Burlington, in the evening at 7:30pm. Check here more info about our Halton in-person and online classses – all free!

We thought that our classroom will be almost empty as even from our team of volunteers only about 3 committed to join.

It seems that we underestimated the love and interest (ha ha!) there is for our classes. Indeed, the participation was quite strong for a Canadian winter evening, that was the actual Valentine’s Day nonetheless: -).

The participants are checking their energy flow after the collective meditation ( Feb 14th , 2024 in Burlington)

We were able to learn more about our chakras and what causes their blockages. It was important to make sure that everyone shared the experience they had during the guided meditation, and have their questions answered.

We also announced our next events in February, when we will share and experience the Pure Love of Shri Mataji.

Additional photos from the Valentine’s Day Meditation Class in Burlington

Beautiful Thank You emails received on Valentine’s Day from New Beginner to Halton Classes

We took snippets from the original messages received exactly on Valentine’s Day, right after our Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation class


Something that started with the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – is to always have flowers during our classes. Therefore, either yogis or even the beginners coming for our regular classes, will bring flowers or other representatives of Mother Earth (rocks, pine cones, leaves, etc). Also, something that we started doing since we opened the first classes in the Halton region (almost 20 years ago), is to offer the flowers to the participans to the class, by the end of it, so they take them home charged with the energy created during our collective meditation.

We were glad to see that also our very new friend (who joined maybe 2 weeks ago) is enjoying them, and even more, that this positive energy spreads around through these little ambassadors of pure love, coming from our hearts cleansed during the meditation and chakra workshops.

We will share another beautiful even magical experiences with these flowers that imbibe with the positive energy during our classes. Check Ewa’s Experience with our Rose and her Dream, as well Melanie’s from the Barrie class that our team opened before the pandemic hit.

Check Ewa’s Experience with our Rose’s Fragrance and Dream after Meditation

Melanie’s “Forever Grateful” – A Bouquet of Testimonials from Barrie Free Meditation Class

More images from the Cool Kids and Parents creative Valentine’s Day workshop with Meditation

You can also take into your heart some quotes from Shri Mataji’s teachings:

Another quote from Shri Mataji’s teachings. Many beautiful quotes were shared with all participants to this Sahaj Valentine’s Day event,
Image from Feb 10, 2024 meditation workshop that also offered teachings and enligthened words from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation,

Enjoy some glimpses from the joyous and creative “Cool Kids” Valentine’s Day workshop

Two more video-clips from the Check Your Tree energy workshop for Cool Kids

(#1) Cool Kids, Parents & Friends are singing the Jagadamba mantra for the Heart chakra

(#2) Cool Kids, Parents & Friends are asking to .. Be happy during meditation!

You might want to check our previous Valentine’s Day interesting events?!

(click!) Find New Meanings for Valentine’s Day

Farewell – until we meet again! We are grateful to our Family of Volunteers that always complete each other beautifully and come together in offering such events.

A Special Thank You to Kathleen and Shivangna who worked on the preparations and brought our team’s best ideas and intentions to fruition!

Kathleen and Shivangna introducing the agenda at the beginning of the Sahaj Valentine’s workshop.

We will share later some of the feedback collected from the participants to these sessions.

It seems everyone checked their own tree of energy and it felt to be more than OK after this special Sahaj Valentine’s Day workshop.

We hope you enjoyed this article and also that you clicked and checked the other links provided in the article. If not, make sure you visit them now, as they will lead you to other enjoyable articles with nourishing information and interesting experiences. We hope you enjoyed this article please let us know by dropping a comment below.

Quotes from Shri Mataji’s lectures. Aren’t they both truthful and uplifting?! A Happy Sahaj Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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  1. Helen

    WOW—-watching the videos is amazing!!! What sheer joy and deLight !!

    The singing, drawing and laughter are beautiful!!

    Thanks so much for sharing– a true blessing!

  2. Shiva K.

    I was so grateful to have been a part of the Cool Kids event. It was so beautiful to witness everyone tapping into their creativity following a heartfelt and uplifting meditation. All children and “older children” (as we lovingly called the adults in the audience) were able to find profound moments of silence within themselves and connection with each other. It was such a wonderful way to celebrate valentines/family day with our lovely SYMN family.

  3. Anjali

    I was able to attend both of these joyful valentines day events. My girls joined the Saturday cool kids event and Kathleen led us to a very beautiful meditation with songs and we even danced at the end. Most importantly, all kids were able to stay still at the end and feel their own energy and also help with raising energy for the ones sitting next to them. The kids learnt about the subtle system in the most fun and interactive way. We had one elderly lady that also joined. She was amazed at having this opportunity to learn about meditation. She kept saying I didn’t have this when I was a kid….I barely made it this far. I wish I learnt how to meditate when I was growing up. She took down our information for classes she can attend and we showed her our website on her phone so she could stay informed about programs and join more such sessions. My girls really enjoyed the entire session and one of them said, mommy I would do this again.
    Thank you to all the organizers who put so much heart and brought these beautiful programs to the community. It is so important for mental, emotional and spiritial wellbeing of children and adults these days. I know I, as a single mom and my kids are benefitting from these enriching programs. They have helped me to work through many difficulties in my life. Thank you to this dynamic team.

  4. Kruti

    My boys and I enjoyed this event so much. It was a perfect combination of meditation, singing, dancing, drawing, and making something special and beautiful for the Valentine day. There were some children who joined the class for the first time, but I was so surprised to see them meditate and their hearts opening up with joy. Their attention was also getting better and were able to follow the clearing of the chakras with singing and dancing. We all went home with lots of joy and gratitude towards all the volunteers who make these types of classes possible. Thank you so much.

  5. Paula

    It is a pleasure to enjoy others experiencing moments of silence, crafting and sparkly joy. Beautiful group. Like a family feeling. See you next time I’m in town.

  6. Niti

    It was a soul touching event for me.All the participants
    enjoyed this valentine programme with great satisfaction, that I really felt during the time of meditation and creative class.The meditation guided by Kathleen was enjoyed by young ,old and kids with the same enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moments.

  7. Marika

    This day filled me with much hope and happiness, and warmth! Thank you!

    Inspired me too; philosophically, spiritually, emotionally,

    Thank you for shining your light beautiful beings!

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