Experience Fragrance and Sunset after Meditation

With this Article You are invited to Experience Fragrance and Sunset after Meditation

(Photo by Ioana P.) After the Oakville Meditation Class this Monday we all noticed the sunset. A video is shared too.

We were absolutely ready to experience this amazing Sunset in Oakville on Monday July 17, 2023 right after our Sahaja Yoga Meditation class. There are some of us that love to meditate and enjoy being in a state of meditation as often and for as long as possible :-); personally I noticed that in that state of connection I perceive everything around me with keener senses.

That includes the way I experience the fragrance of flowers or the sunset and any other Gifts from Mother Nature.

However, this article was inspired by Ewa, that started joining our sahaja yoga meditation classes with her friend Ewa (yes, they share the same name) for about a month, in both Burlington and Oakville. In fact, this article represents a gift for both Ewas, as they seem to enjoy as much as I do, the beautiful sky.

Ewa, Ewa and the friend they brought this Monday to Sahaja Yoga Meditation class we’re offering (free + weekly) in Oakville.

This Monday, after our collective meditation, we witnessed such a beautiful and interesting sunset. One can see how, at first it appeared partially veiled, mysterious and restrained. Soon after came out fiercely, until it formed a beautiful red eye on a golden support. Then, the golden decoration was on its sides; by the end of this celestial show, the sun was crowned with gold!

That was a significant ‘encounter’ for us, the mortal witnesses. In the same time, I took it as an omen that the Skies are paying attention to what happens under their watchful Eye! The message for me was that, the teachings about the solar channel and Agnya chakra from that evening‘s sahaja yoga meditation class, somehow continued outdoors with some exemplifications. 🙂

The solar channel is ‘golden’ [Pingala in Sanskrit language] and Agnya chakra is also known as the third eye.

Image presenting only the Solar channel in the chakra chart used in sahaja yoga meditation.

This article will unite the Earth and the Sky through the experiences that we are sharing. Tag along to see if the stories and images are speaking to your heart and who knows, maybe you’ll find some grains of wisdom too. 🙂

As always, the article is also sharing some subtle knowledge from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Enjoy!

Sahaja means you have a special, subtle awareness.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation [Talk in Bordi, India or January 27th, 1977]
The watchful Eye for us to see. [photo from Ioana P.]

“Look at the Sunset today, how beautiful! “

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation [1981-08-21 Public Program in Zurich, Switzerland]
Remind me Who is the greatest painter again?! [photo from Ioana P.]

Look at the beautiful flowers we have! Look at the beautiful country! Look at this room, how beautiful!

And you cannot feel the joy! You cannot enjoy! Something has gone wrong! There is no spontaneity to feel this joy.

Is it something lacking within us?! We should ask this question: “Is there something lacking within us that we cannot enjoy?” 

Shri Mataji:

‘For this [Vishuddhi chakra] you have to use the sky. There are so many ways of using the sky, watching the sky, looking at the sky. And for this [Agnya chakra] the sun and the light is to be used.’

Sahaja Yogi: ‘Could you tell us a bit about sunset. Are we not to look at the sunset?

Shri Mataji: 

‘Sunset is not very good. 🙂 That’s the time the sun is taking away all the energies from this earth, so it’s not such a good time to see. But it depends on [your nature]. For example, ego-oriented people if they see the sun[set] would be better I think. A little bit of their ego might be drawn out. But people who have got a left side problem should see the sunrise, will be good. It’s only the other way round. You see now? Good question!’

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation [Q&A in Dollis Hill ashram in London , UK on April 24th, 1980].

Sahaja Yoga Tips for Sunset and Sunrise Watchers

Such poetry and choreography that we witnessed collectively that evening! [photo from Ioana P.]

We hope you’ve enjoyed the selections of quotes that are revealing the subtlety of Mother Nature and how we should learn to tune to it and extract the energy we need based on sincere introspection / ‘know thyself’. At our classes we are helping everyone to listen to what their energy centers (chakras) have to say and apply simple techniques that are meant to reintroduce Balance in their system. When Shri Mataji is mentioning ‘ego-oriented people’, is what we call ‘right-sided’ that means that their solar channel that is positioned on their right side is overly active. Watching the sunset would temper it and mellow it down which is beneficial. While watching the sunrise is helping those that might have problems with their left energy channel, that is known as the lunar energy channel.

Some useful tips for those that listen and want to try them out this summer!

How to Reach from Self to God with Yoga Meditation Practice

Let’s continue enjoying the Gifts shared in this article, with Ewa’s help!

About the Flowers we bring to Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes here in Halton

“The flowers are beautiful, so they don’t have to beautify themselves; and  this is what one has to understand, that innately, if you are that, if you have already ‘become’, then what is the need to put in any more effort ?!”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Lecture with the occasion of Guru Puja, 1984)

“If you are a Sahaja Yogi you have to be a flower, and a strong flower, and an eternal flower that always grows, does not fade out, always growing never fades, such a flower you have to be, then you will be surprised that you do not get into a trip of Ego neither you go into a complete collapse of Super-ego.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Lecture with the occasion of Diwali Celebration, 1983

Shri Mataji loved flowers and there were always flowers around Her. When journalists asked ‘Who is Your Guru?’, Shri Mataji answered ‘ Mother Earth‘. Therefore, for us, sahaja yogis, we feel from within to bring flowers to every sahaja yoga class.

Enjoy Ewa’s Experiences with a Rose’s Fragrance (before and after Meditation) and her Dream

Before starting reading the actual experiences that Ewa shared with us, let me introduce you to “the flower”. On that day, we were waiting outside the ‘classroom’ because the door was closed. I had only one tiny rose with me. I managed to cut it quickly from my garden on my way to the class. I “introduced” the rose to the participants as it has heart-shaped petals and it got passed around. Somebody remarked that it does not appear to be real!

Sharing fragments from the email received from Ewa:

Experience Fragrance after Meditation

“Below is the experience i had after one of the class:

The instructor brough the flower from her garden.

We all smell it, but have established that the flower had no smell.

During our meditation i really felt the energy flowing through my body.

After the class the instructor gave me a flower so I could take it home with me.

I smell it one more time, and was amazed at the sweet and strong smell.

Nobody else could smell it…

I couldnt believe it.”

The Dream about Love

“That night I had a dream where i saw myself lying in the bed and saying a weird word-“ashabia”

It sounded like a word from the different language.

When i woke up, the dream was so vivid that i wrote it down.

I also searched for the word and discovered that it means “love” in Barbados.

From Ewa’s email to us

Ewa’s Testimonial about our Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes in Halton region

Ewa started Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes offered on Wednesdays in Burlington at Orchard Hub, then she joined the Oakville class offered on Mondays and lately we enjoy her participation during our outdoors classes offered on Sundays.

You can join any of these classes!

Check our 100 Seeds of Joy initiative or the Calendar with the Halton Sahaja Yoga meditation Classes.

From the same email received from Ewa in July 2023:

“I can feel my energy, and my intuition so well after those classes,

i almost feel like my heart is opening and I am discovering my true self with every class.

They ground me, calm me and slow me down.

Very rewarding and extraordinary experience.”


Photo ftom one of the recent classes and Ewa is right there with us!

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Finnaly a VIDEO Gift for Ewa as she loved that sunset we watched together

We hope you will explore further other articles on our blog and the videos from the playlists posted on our youtoube channel.

Of course, we are interested in your impressions about what we just shared 🙂 Don’t hesitate to drop a comment here.

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  1. Kruti

    The photos of the sunset are absolutely stunning, it’s like the grace of the Divine is falling on us, embracing us into the arms of nature. The experience shared by Ewa was so touching. Yes, our 5 senses open up and take us into a new realm of thoughtless awareness, when we have a deep meditation. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Ewa, it opened my heart with joy. I also enjoyed Shri Mataji’s quotes and peals of wisdom, beautifully connecting the whole article together. Thank you dear Ioana for this wonderful article.

  2. Kavita

    What a beautiful article and quotes. Really enjoyed and feel the story come alive as I read. Thank you! for The experience. So much positive energy and beauty is around us.

  3. armaity bhabha

    Meditation is not something you “do” for a short time individually at home or collectively together at the weekly meets. What we gain from that has to manifest in our daily life for each situation that we face. We should evolve to such a state that we see ‘sahaja’ everywhere and anywhere and our life itself becomes ‘sahaja’ spontaneously.
    So happy to see that you all are spreading the message of Sahaja in the right way… connecting the meditation to life itself.

  4. NITI

    Thanks Ioana for this remarkable article and sharing the heart felt joy of meditation experienced by Ewa and all about her spiritual journey and dream,Also the touching real story of rose flower.The way you described the whole pic of sunset,that seems a poetic description of the sunset.I am really amazed,through your articles I came to know so many answers about my questions ,which iam getting all the explanation from the Shri mukh (her holiness) Shri Mataji,like I have my answer about the watching of Sun rise and sun set.Thanks Shri Mataji again and again thanks to you and also dear to dear Ewa..

  5. Ioana

    From Vani (New Zealand):
    “Wow..this was brilliant.. thoroughly enjoyed the mastery of the Divine artist .. so perfect is our Mother.. loved reading Shree Mataji’s quotes and absorbing the beautiful vibrations of Ewa’s experiences .. thank you Ioana .. love the photography .. 🙂 “

  6. Luigi

    Comme c’est beau d’apprendre tout le temps de la Mère Nature! Merci pour ces belles photos!

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