Melanie’s “Forever Grateful” – A Bouquet of Testimonials from Barrie Free Meditation Class

Opening Email from Melanie – Barrie Class:

melanie- Flower from Sahaja Yoga seminar

“Good Morning Love, Had to take a pic of the flower you gave me over a week ago now by the end of ST Catharines Sahaja Yoga Seminar. It will be 2 weeks on Sunday. Its in vibrated water from Rays and it still looks great. Just as if you gave it to me yesterday. All my love, Melanie”

Flower - view from Melanie Seminar SY Niagara Falls

Feedback on Sahaja Yoga Meditation from BARRIE CLASS

Collectivity of Hearts and Love - Meet the Barrie Class -- Family of Yogis
This is the string of multicolored knitted hearts made by Miranda; the most recent Barrie seminar was at Miranda’s homeThis image illustrates the best : The Collectivity of Hearts and Love – Meet the Barrie Class — Family of Yogis
Mirandas and Birthdays - Barrie Seminar
So much love! We also celebrated Miranda‘s ‘surprise birthday’ – she said  it was the best she ever had! Photos are mostly from that seminar.

Melanie from Barrie class“Forever Grateful”

Hi, my name is Melanie and I have been doing Sahaja Yoga for 4 months now. I came across these classes in Barrie, ON through a person I was meant to meet. I started in September 2015 and I continue to attend every Tuesday night. I also join the going deeper sessions which are usually held at yogi’s homes; either in Barrie or Niagara Falls. I truly enjoy the classes, the wonderful volunteers (who give up their own time to do this for us) and the people who come every week. I felt so comfortable from the beginning; they felt like family…Complete strangers with a common interest. Inner Peace!

Birthdays in Barrie

Any new members that attend….all I can say is stick with it. It truly works. It will take sometime to feel and experience vibrations (which is completely ok).

Feedback 1

I cannot tell you the benefits I have experienced so far. I suffer from anxiety and depression for which I am on medication to control. I have come so far with Sahaja Yoga Meditation that I plan on weaning myself off the meds in late spring/early summer. I have set up a little corner in my basement where I meditate everyday. I also do nightly cleanses through foot soaks.

I can’t imagine my life now without Sahaja Yoga. It was exactly the thing I was looking for. I feel wonderful and grounded, I’m calmer and pay much more attention to how and what I say to people.

Feedback from Manon and Domenic

To share one of my greatest moments thus far was last Sat, Dec 5/15. I was meditating at home and I was asking for Mother Kundalini’s presence, to feel her vibrations and I was not expecting what happened. All of a sudden I felt a cool breeze circling by entire body clockwise. I couldn’t believe it! It was wonderful. I am connected to a higher power, my own power, my own spirit. I am living my true authentic self, one that most people in the world do not have the opportunity to do and experience. I feel connected to everyone in Barrie, Burlington, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. Sahaja Yoga has also helped my subtle system by vibrating the water I drink everyday; I was taking vitamins for digestion and as I continued to drink the vibrated water and stopped taking the vitamins….my subtle system has fixed itself. I do not know what I would do without Sahaja Yoga and the remarkable friends I have made. Sending love always!

Feedback Domenic1
Barrie seminar with Halton Yogis

Melanie: ” Sahaja Yoga has brought out my creative side – I now paint and truly enjoy it giving my gifts to the groups:

Melanie’s Painting Gift to Barrie Class – after Barrie “Diwali Seminar 2015”

Melanies Gift for Barrie Class

Melanie’s Painting Gift to “Golden Horsehoe Family -> sahaja yogis from Halton and Niagara Falls Classes”  @ St Catharines “Diwali Seminar 2015”

Melanies Gift for Golden HorseShoe Family - Halton and Niagara Falls

(click) Gratitude: “Your Classes have changed my life both at personal and professional level!”more Testimonials from Barrie Class

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  1. Shivangi

    Great to hear stories and experiences from seekers of truth. Welcome to the beautiful and lovely world of Sahaja Yoga created by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi! Enjoy!

  2. Jon

    It is always such a pleasure to visit the Barrie class and the Barrie seminars. Everyone is so warm, natural, and welcoming! It is so very nice to read the comments left in the classes and to feel the sincerity and gratefulness of everyone who came. But the very best thing is to see everyone growing so nicely, and to have things working out and improving in their lives. We have all experienced this and it is so nice to share in the experience of others. Thank you Melanie, Domenic, Miranda, Manon, and everybody from the Barrie class for contributing!

  3. paula

    I am so moved by your testimonial Melanie! Your enthusiasm and zest for life is just pouring through the words and art you have shared!you help so many more people that can’t find their way out of the cycle of anxiety and depression. You are like the flower forever blooming with more petals revealing their
    Powers of protection around you. These are not just stories, it is your sincerity in sharing the transformative effects resulting from weekly Sahaja yoga classes that have evolved your àlready wonderful being into a mighty and illuminated voice for the higher self in you.

    I have had the privilege of meeting and meditating with Barrie class people and I am so impressed and proud to witness the growth in each of you. I can completely relate to your experience and feel the vibrations (pure truth) radiating out of this whole article.

    I hope I don’t get called in to work Tuesday, so I can hug you and tell you that Sahaja yoga takes you and all of us on a beautiful journey and reveals an ever-evolving heaven we can feel beaming through the connection we make the higher self. You are beautiful and genuine to the core. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I feel very much like you are our sisters and brothers.

  4. Melanie

    Thank you to everyone who commented on my story. I do feel the good vibrations and love from your comments.
    I will always be forever grateful to all of you, my family.
    Can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday!! Love Always!!

  5. Rosie

    Thanks Ioana for forwarding this amazing story beautiful with pictures and narrations.
    Merry Christmas to all seekers/yogis in this group and worldwide.
    May we all celebrate real Christmas in our hearts and continue to remain forever in the Kingdom of God by following the mantra of Forgiveness in our daily lives thus keeping the gate /agnya open and clear and our lives full of the light of love of our Almighty Divine Parents, and becoming transmitters of this light wherever Paramchaitanya takes us each moment of each day.

  6. Melanie Bobala

    Good Evening,

    We just finished a meditation with Jon. It was a small group and a great class. Thank you Jon for driving in this weather, it never goes unnoticed.

    I read a post to the class from Facebook that resonates what Sahaja Yoga stands for.

    5 Cardinal Rules for Life

    1) Make peace with your past
    so it won’t disturb your present.

    2) What other people think of you
    is none of your business.

    3) Time heals almost everything
    Give it time

    4) No one is in charge
    of your happiness. Except You.

    5) Don’t compare your life to others
    and don’t judge them, you have no
    idea what their journey is all about.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Happy New Year Everyone!

    All my love,

  7. Mohinder Sidana

    wonderful things Melanie wrote on post
    I always enjoy brothers and sisters in barrie
    Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous new year
    For Sahaja Yogi every day and every moment is like a new year as we are here to spread love and peace

  8. Melanie

    Dearest Mohinder,

    I always love seeing you in all the classes. Your presence brings peace and kindness. Your vibrations are so strong that I feel strongly connected to your spirit. Happy New Year to you and your family. As you said everyday is a new year.

    All my love and hope to see you soon!

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