Seeds of Joy were Planted during A New Year Celebration

Let’s share the Last “Happy New Year” Echoes as Seeds of Joy for New Beginnings

Photo from Ioana P. (Christmas and New Year fragranr bouquet received in the last days of December 2023)

Wishing Happy Holidays to Everyone celebrating the Christmas & New Year in January

New Year Event 2023 (phot from Ioana P.)

At our Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes offered in Halton region we have the opportunity to meet so many people joining from a multitude of various cultures.

For instance the Orthodox Christians in central and eastern Europe and other parts of the world celebrate Christmas on January 7 and the New Year on January 14. As for anyone else, these are days of reflection, introspection and healing in many eastern European countries, therefore we are offering this article to them and to You as well!

Did You Know?! On December 30, 2023, We Meditated collectively on the World!

Just 1 day before the New Year Ever we had friends of the Orchard Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes joining for a Creative Meditation workshop!
Photos provided by Kabir from McMaster University that enjoyed our 2023 Festival of Inner Lights and wanted to join us again, for this “Cool Kids and Parents” event – the last one in 2023 offered in Burlington by the 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative.

Enjoy more Photos and Gifts related to our Happy New Year event:

In fact, on Saturday, Dec 30, 2023, our team of volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network felt that’s a good idea to create a special “Farewell 2023” free event, open to the public, here in Burlington.

The intention was to join and meditate “for the last time this year”, but in a creative way, bringing joy and relaxation to parents, children and anyone that wanted to be there with us. We called it:

(for details) Meditate and Decorate for the NEW YEAR!

We absolutely had a blast coming together just before the New Year and spend time in a meaningful and joyful way, we had time to catch-up with each other’s life, sharing memories of the year and introspecting on how this meditation helped us grow.

Actually, it was pretty cool as we all enjoyed the peaceful guided meditation.

We are glad to report that no kid (irrespective of their age :-)) rushed out of meditation, in fact the Serenity filled the room!

Dec 30, 2023 Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network event with Creativity, Potluck, Sahaj Guru Game, and even deeper Meditation.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these photos! Happy New Year Everyone! We Pray for a Better World!

Check our Two Gifts shared below:

(click) Meditate with Wisdom & The First Snow on New Year’s First Day

(check the video-clip below) Meditate and Feel the Peaceful Winter Beauty by the Lake Ontario

We hope you’ve enjoyed what we shared with you. Drop a comment if you wish. Let us know your impressions.

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  1. Paula

    It was an engaging and heart warming and creativity igniting experience. It’s a calm that I know I can reach with this group when I enter the room and slip into a chair. I leave all my worries at the door and I don’t pick them back up on my way out. This wave carries me and is protecting me. It is a safe haven and a welcoming room.

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