Meditate with The First Snow on New Year’s First Day

Take a Meditative Walk with the First Snow on The First Day of a New Year

01.01.2024 Our morning walk on the first day of the New Year 2024 in Burlington. Photo by Ioana P.

With this article we invite you to Meditate with The First Snow on New Year’s First Day, that our family enjoyed during the morning walk with Maxi – our golden retriever pet. If you “click around” you might discover other articles full of meditative beauty and inspiration for one’s spiritual journey. If your heart feels to share what it feels, drop a comment below.

Enjoy some quotes of Poetical Wisdom from Shri Mataji’s Teachings shared with Sahaja Yogis

Do you see the Beauty?!

“A man who is an avadhuta (the one who is a great master), .. cannot be ruled by any ideas that ‘I like this.’

“He sees beauty in the lush greenery, and he sees beauty in the trees which are devoided of any leaves.”

01.01.2024 photo by Ioana P.

Let’s Learn from Nature:

“We have to learn from the nature. Nature dresses up itself when it has to greet the spring,

and when it is the Winter it just gets completely undressed,

I should say, because the leaves have to go to the Mother Earth.”

01.01.2024 photo by Ioana P.

The Sun and Mother Earth teach us the Real Detachment:

“The Sun has to reach the Mother Earth. It is not attached to anything.”

Photo shared by yogini friend (Mihaela, Munichen, Germany)

“Surprisingly it is much more elemental than we are; while we, who are ‘spiritual’ should have no attachment.

But this idea is also a mental idea, which is the worst attachment.

It’s a very funny attachment which makes me laugh, that’s the biggest joker I’ve seen, that people get attached to mental ideas. It is like believing that whatever you think mentally will just happen to you.

Say, for a mental person he has to go to picnic, he will mentally put in his mind he’s going to take this that, that and that. He may even open a file and write it down that ‘I am going to take this and this and this with me.” And when he goes to the picnic he finds he’s high and dry, because he has not taken anything with him, it’s all in the file! 🙂

The Meaning of Becoming:

“It is a very common attachment nowadays, with all the people knowing about everything and having nothing. This mental attachment is to be really attacked.

Becoming is seeing.

Becoming is experiencing.

Becoming is seeing, it is experiencing”

01.01.2024 Photos by Ioana P. in Burlington captured during their morning stroll with Maxi – the golden retriever (check an article inspired by him).

“Like if I have to come to this place, I must come and see it.

If only I have thoughts about it and mental idea, mental picture, it is no good it’s not mine, it’s not the truth.

So when you become aware, actually what happens that you see it yourselves – so let us see.

Get out of that mental conception that you know already about it.

You do not know, because what you know is just mental.

That should be a part and parcel of your Being.”

Are you here? Let’s continue with our Winter Meditative Introspection with Quotes of Wisdom

“So one has to think that:

‘We have to grow further and see more and more, and know about it.’

“Then what is there to be known?

“You become.

“Then you are in the present, you just start becoming, evolving, blossoming. “

“Try to be in the Present. Do not escape the present, face it!”

Maxi accepts the fact that Now, in the Present, “is meditation time!” 🙂
Sweet quote from Shri Mataji about Innocence, with reference to children and .. animals too. So you’d understand how Maxi’s innocence can inspire an article like this one. 🙂

More of Shri Mataji’s quotes from the same Talk to Sahaja Yogis. We hope you enjoy them!

You have to change from within, and the light of that within enlightenment will be shown outside.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi –  “Establishing the Guru Principle”   Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (UK), July 4th, 1982

Read the Winter “Inner Lights” Testimonial from Aarti – who joined by mid 2023 the Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes offered in Halton

Feedback testimonial from Aarti who joined our Halton Sahaja Yoga meditation classes offered with the 100 Seeds of Joy Initiative in 2023

” But it should not be a mental idea or an emotional idea,

but should be the happening, the becoming, the awareness. “

“You have to experience, through your own experimentation upon yourself.”

” Even I do that. When I cannot reach you from one end, I reach you from the other. I experiment with myself.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi –  “Establishing the Guru Principle”   Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (UK), July 4th, 1982

We invite you to “feel” these beautiful experiments offered by Mother Nature in Burlington

After this stroll with Maxi through Burlington’s Nature and Sahaja Yoga Meditation’s wisdom, we propose that you continue the Meditative Exploration with Kahlil Gibran’s beautiful poetry that is full of wisdom and with some more advices from our side.

Enjoy the following two articles, they are “due today” for your exploration and experimenting! 🙂

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01.01.2024 Found on our morning walk with Maxi ; truly inspiring, the butterfly in a snow heart found on a wooden table. So many connections to explore!

Wishing You All a Happy New Year – For Each and All Earthlings – Big and small

01.01.2024 Photos from today in Burlington. Explore them. Feel them! Explore the articles shared above! Drop a comment.

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  1. Anjali

    Breathtaking photos of the snow, leaves, the TREE!!!, the butterfly (looks more like the infinity symbol-another spiritual symbol indicating no beginning, no end, continuous loop of divine eternity. Our Maxi looking so humble, dignified, sweet and definitely Meditative. Nature is beautifully captured in these photos and the new year message from Shri Mataji is to be in the present where you evolve and to experiment on what works for your spiritual growth.

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