Special Event on July 3 – Live Sitar & Tabla @ Oakville Class

Halton’s Sahaj Gift of Indian Classical Music & Meditation


This event has the intention to present a generous Agenda that will comprise:

  • Live Classical Indian Music Performance – Sitar & Tabla
  • Introduction to Meditation by connecting Chakras to Musical Notes
  • Basic Workshop with Kundalini Energy
  • Experience Collectively the Spontaneous Meditation
  • Q & A  and Sharing Impressions

Special Guests will be two Musicians that practise also Sahaja Yoga Meditation so their live performance will represent actually an “active” meditation and their music will not only address to our intellect and emotion but will transmit the pure energy to our subtle system made of energy channels and energy centres (chakras).

For this reason, the Art & Spirituality level of perception will have a unique touch of  Wellness & Inner Ballance that we hope everyone will be able to sense and benefit from.

The founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji – used to say about this music in particular:

“I am only sorry that people have no sense of understanding (of) this great music that is in our country (India). If they listen to this music they’ll have no diseases….” Shri Mataji, Madras, India, 27/1/86

The event will happen in Oakville at Glenn Abbey Recreation Centre.

For map and details, check here.

We are looking forward to share with you this wealth of sahaj knowledge and beauty!

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    1. Carmen

      Dear SJ Halton Congratulations on your new website I love all the information you sent us .

    2. Paula Erskine

      I can’t wait to go, I know the music will be beautiful, increasing our ability to be in the present, and thoughtlessly aware. Music is a language that speaks to everyone!

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