PHOTOS: “Live Every Day with Joy and Gratitude” – Niagara Falls “Thanksgiving Seminar”


The box above is a gift from  my husband in order to keep some very precious gifts received this summer from our extended family overseas. When I saw it I had realized that indeed, having sahaja yoga in my life helped me to live truthfully every day of my life in joy and gratitude.


The gratefulness is to further share the joy and gratitude. As we did during our Thanksgiving Halton/Niagara Sahaja Yoga Seminar we had in Niagara Falls at Ray & Ewa’s most hospitable home. After we meditated together and offer thanks to our connection to Mother Earth we enjoyed our potluck lunch.


We gave blessings with mantras that create a special wave of positive vibrations — so the food will nourish our hearts and our entire being with its energy.





Not all were captured in Paula’s photos as some of us enjoyed our hosts’ amazing garden– strolling or even meditating there, or played with Rayanne’s dog  that loves to meditate too (!) or we had all kind of discussions around the house, and some even took a nap as they were overly relaxed after the meditations and the clearing workshops for the moon channel 🙂

Yes, we loved it so much that we had a Thanksgiving Special Class next week at Burlington class too! This is a sneak-peak 🙂


Back to Niagara Falls 2016 seminar: we listened to each other’s stories and experiences. New friendships were made.


As well we prepared to continue the seminar with treatments for the subtle system as well with absorbing enhanced knowledge from the source.. everyone appreciated the talk of Shri Mataji during the Carl Gustav Jung’s Society in New York — the talk and an important article is here:


Get ready for November “Diwali Seminar” that will be held in November at Peter’s welcoming home in Burlington. That seminar will be based on “chilies, onions and lemons”, everyone will bring as well we will learn how to improve or heal our sinuses. Stay tuned and watch this popular article that gives you some heads-up.

(click!) COOL-HOT Chillies, Limes & Lemons and 3 Surprise Birthdays: Great Recipe for a Successful Subtle Cleansing Seminar in Halton on Shalivahan’s New Year! Enjoy Photo-Album & Sahaj Subtle Eco Physics Tips!

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  1. Anjali

    Living everyday with joy and gratitude is easy to do with sahaja yoga meditation. When we meditate we enter into a whole new world full of peace and joy. And not to mention all the wonderful people that come into your life making it rich with beautiful eperiences. I am grateful for all those whome I have met through sahaja yoga. Missing you all.

  2. Pamela Terence

    Loved the photos; so sorry I was unable to attend. But here is to the next one. I am so happy that I discovered you all. You help me so much. Thank you

    1. Ioana

      Dear Pamela, thank you so much for your feedback! We ALL enjoy you so much too and you can’t “escape” the next seminar, that’s sure 🙂

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