COOL-HOT Chillies, Limes & Lemons and 3 Surprise Birthdays: Great Recipe for a Successful Subtle Cleansing Seminar in Halton on Shalivahan’s New Year! Enjoy Photo-Album & Sahaj Subtle Eco Physics Tips!

“Something about the connection of sahaja yoga is this Mother Earth. It is very important that you must understand the value of the Mother Earth. She has been very kind to all of you, she’s been sucking your (negative/damaging) vibrations, .. otherwise also She has given you everything that you see around… So Today we have to understand the Connection.” ( Shri Mataji talking about Mother Earth in Surbiton Ashram, 21/08/1983)

During our Halton Spring Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminar on April 4th, our goal was precisely to test and understand that Connection with Mother Earth during some interesting/original/unusual cleansing techniques that involved vibrated chillies, lemons and limes used during our collective meditation (in Silence, followed by Mantras singing) to suck the (negative) energy that was blocking the Moon and Solar energy channels and their respective chakras/energy centres within us. This seminar was very special because we have learned to use some of the most ‘common’ gifts of Mother Earth to purify our energy, as well to enjoy the company of  some of the most spiritual and eco-friendly children of Mother Earth: sahaja yoga practitioners fom our Halton classes (Burlington, Oakville and Milton) during a great & Cool Fun evening! We had enjoyed an Amazingly Diverse and Delicious Potluck as well  we’ve celebrated the Birthdays of Gladys and Chandra (from Oaville) and Paula (from Burlington) as a really shocking Surprise to all 3 of them. Thank you ALL that made it happen .. again!

Make sure you go through the Photo-Album to feel the Joy of that evening as well through the feedback we’ve received from that evening and that you’re reading the ‘sahaj inside tips’ we’re sharing in the below quotes coming from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Of course, reading is not the same with experiencing the effects of such techniques, so next time when the ocassion rises, make sure you’re joining us as well. 🙂

Vibrations that can Think  & Act in Lemons, Limes & Chillies  – Sahaj INFO Tips with Sincere Feedback from Halton Seminar!

“You know you’ll be amazed we use some chilies or lemons – chilies and lemons, you see. And those lemons you can vibrate. They have such absorbance of vibrations that they keep the vibrations within themselves and in the night the vibrations come out and work on a person and then one could get all right. So you worked it out? Good, good, all right. So we’ll work it out for you. Now, what else? What is the other problem? Are you feeling better now?” (excerpt from Shri Mataji’s Talk during a Sahaja Yoga Introduction in UK, 1979, June 15)

Some Answers to Shri Mataji’s question, coming in the form of the written feedback from few participants to the Spring Cleansing Seminar on April 4, 2011 in Halton region:

Paula from Burlington: “Thank you for a many layered surprise within a surprise night! Thank you to Kusum and her husband for opening your home and heart wide for all the love to flow in. A very special and quiet moment was laying down with everyone and their onions and clearing our Agnyas. It was cooooooooooool… We really are a sahaj family, full of glowing faces. Thank you for the generous gifts…the best gift of all, though, is sharing experiences with you all and getting to know ourselves better from the inside out. Ultimately thank you to Shri Mataji who brought us all together on this beautiful journey. I loved every minute of our time together! Thank you All for organizing this collective seminar and teaching us sahaj techniques, we really appreciate it and it really deepens our connection. I look forward to the next time we meet again. It was very special. Chandra and Gladys, Happy Sahaj Birthdays, your faces were so innocent and joyful it was a pleasure to be a part of your surprise. I felt like I got some wings last night, because first thing this morning I wanted to start my day foot soaking and meditating and thanking Shri Mataji for answering all my questions and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. I am vibrating lemons today and enjoying my day. Thank you!!!!!!!! Paula Red heart

Ela from Milton class: “Yesterday class was great, I learned so much. You can read me really easily so you know that I needed it. I went home so happy and full of amazing vibrations”.

Madira from Oakville class: ‘Our very dear all, It was a beautiful sahaj and a divine evening.  We all enjoyed it much. Love and hugs, Madira”

D. from Burlington: “We gathered as one big family where we enjoyed watching a talk of Shri Mataji, had a potluck and learn about different clearing techniques.  The knowledge was pure and only the truth because we felt it working.  Example, when the onion was used to clear our Agnya chakra, I could feel the heat being sucked out of my forehead and it turned into a cool and refreshing feeling.  It felt like a heavy weight was lifted. There were some birthday surprises which was great!  It is really amazing to see everyone in unity, having so much fun, love and laughter.  We were joyfully intoxicated!  For the newcomers, be warned, this is what Sahaja Yoga can do to you! Thank you all! Lots of love always. D”

Kusum from Milton class: “Hi Ioana, Everyone had an amazing time on Monday (at the Seminar). We felt very nice and cool vibrations and learned many new things. Thank you all very much for teaching us. We had a lot of fun with the suprise birthdays.”

Peter from Burlington: ” Thank you all for the CD; the music is beautiful, and also the magazine with perfect messages. I’m very grateful. Love, Peter”  (we had Jon who had offered CDs with sahaj music to all the meditation students that had participated to this seminar, on behalf of all of us from Halton classes)

Ayesha from Milton class: “ I want to say lots of thanks for such a nice gifts you all gave us with all the amazing knowledge and i want to say thanks on Monday.. Monday I felt some wierd muscle stretch on my left side which was constant but when i sat near Shri Mataji’s picture i felt relaxed ..Thanks again for the nice candle holder and other gifts. Ayesha”

Chandra from Oakville:What a party! what a surprise party!!! Thank you everyone. After coming to Sahaja Yoga, I started to realize how powerful Love is, but this evening it was beyond my wild imagination! There was so much love in there even I started blushing!!! I still wondering do I really deserve all that love or you might have mistaken me for someone else!! Thank you all.-Chandra.PS: Nice shirt eh!! PS: Please convey my thanks to others.. Paula, say thanks to mom”

Subtler Vibrations than Electromagnetic Vibrations expressing Higher Qualities in Matter

“…So the second category of the same thing, the same vibrations start expressing higher and higher qualities about it; like from one seed a tree moves and flowers come out and different fragrance like that, you see the growth is more and more. But the basic is electromagnetic vibrations that you can feel it everywhere in the matter with your naked eyes, a human being can see. Now see your own growth. Have you recognized it that you know there are electromagnetic vibrations but human beings. But a Sahaja Yogi knows that there are not only electromagnetic but there are all kinds of manifestation of these vibrations. So electromagnetic are important at a point and then other vibrations are even much more important. So all these vibrations are coming combined together absolutely completely in human beings which they manifest gradually and they act according to the need of the time. So much so that in these vibrations there is a somebody who thinks, vibrations who think, the vibrations who cooperate, who cure, who relate things, who report things all that you think in the human awareness that you are doing like telecommunications you have got big telecommunications sitting down here. You can show something that is happening in India or something like that. In the same way these vibrations tell you. The complete telecommunications is built in these vibrations then you can cure people sitting down, you can raise their Kundalinis sitting down, you can work out on people sitting down here all these far fetched things are possible. “

Explanation: Limes & Chillies Acting as a Live Battery & Curing Destructive Habits with Subtle Vibrations

“Those who have been Sahaja Yogis have realized it and seen it and worked it out. .. say her husband used to drink a lot, everybody knows her story very well and we just send some vibrations and he stopped drinking. He stopped his drinking and just to be amazed that through vibrations it was done. I used something which is very simple it’s a Lime. It’s a living lime and we put all the vibrations into that and we put them near the head of the patient and they suck the negativity of the person and the person gives up drinking.

We have seen one boy who used to come here, a little boy who would run all over the places and would not sit down for even for a minute. He was possessed, he was horrid and now he is a sensible boy. He started going to school. He never used to attend even a word and now he started speaking. So all these things happened with the lime. So how is it, Mother – a lime is such a thing? Now for a very obstinate person it is funny to see limes being used for vibrations. They are actually ultramodern things you know, ultramodern. I am not talking of only modern but ultramodern things are limes; are very ultramodern things because you vibrate the ultramodern limes by your vibrations, and you put them under the pillow. Now these limes have a specialty these have been found out by many people long time back that they have a specialty to suck in the vibrations and contain the vibrations or to not only electromagnetic but quite a lot of vibrations can be in it, because they are living and they have a coefficient. They have a kind of coefficient by which they suck in these vibrations in them and then they relay, they throw these vibrations whenever it is necessary. It is not the limes who do it but the vibrations who are containing them that they do it. How they are, I’ll tell you:

You can think of a battery that you are creating. You create a battery. Now the battery can not do anything but if you take the battery near some points then it starts working because it is inside. In the same way we really make it into a battery. When they are near the heads of the people, these limes, you see they are doing nothing; but these vibrations come out and they start working it out. It’s a perfect field. They do it. They know they are perfect. You don’t have to tell them. They understand much more than you do. They are controlled much better and they know how to find the ways to extract the negativity. It sounds very funny to other people. You see that’s why I tell only Sahaja Yogis don’t give out all the secrets just now, let them come in slowly, let them settle down, let them get vibrations and then we’ll talk because I’ve seen a few times if you not only talk but if they see some limes some people will run away, thinking its all hocus-pocus. You see they don’t want to hear it…” 🙂  (Shri Mataji talking to  sahaja yogis during a workshop-seminar, on October 2, 1978)

We’ll end with Sanjam’s words, who came from Milton class to the Halton seminar and she became our event’s ad-hoc photographer (with Ana Bianca from Burlington): “I want to thank you all for what you all do for the sahaj family. Honoured to be a part of it. Love, Sanjam“. This is what we all feel, honoured to be part of this amazing sahaj community of caring, loving and spiritual beings and grateful for all we receive and learn from each other and – during our meditations – from the divine Source, all the time. My personal experience during the seminar was to feel so strongly the Guru principle awakened and expressed as cool vibrations in the round void area of Bhavasagara in the subtle energy system within me; it was cool and emanating coolness during the seminar. Such a special event on the (click to learn more!!) specially auspicious Day of the New Year – following the  Shalivahan’s Moon Calendar.

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  1. Agata

    wanted ask , how exactly vibrate the lemons?(sent the answer by email already)

  2. Nancy

    Thank you for the great post. I was asking some yogis on FB about this techniques yesterday and you just post them today with even pictures, amazing!. We are so connected, we just ask a question and this connection works so fast when we don’t worry about it, when we don’t demand an answer or solution right away. The answer is much better than what was expected…
    I would also like to know how to use the onion on Agnya Chakra which is mentioned above but didn’t see any picture and also if you have any information about the use saffron(Left Vishuddi)and garlic?.
    With Nirmal Love to your collective in Halton

  3. Ashok K Singh

    Thanks ,it was really very interesting.

    could u pl elaborate more on Agya cleansing

    with onions Pl

  4. Ashok K Singh

    Also pl enlighten us on safron & garlic

    Warm regards & Jai Shri Mataji

  5. Debbie

    Thank you for sharing more invaluable Sahaja knowledge. We had such a great time with our Sahaja family and took away with us knowledge that can help us all along the way. What great gifts Shri Mataji has given us.Lots of love always.

  6. Murali Pithambar

    Sahaja Yoga meditation is a precious and wonderful gift from our Mother. We have spread sahaja yoga all over the world.

    1. Murali Pithambar

      Thank you for sharing such a invaluable knowledge.

  7. Bernard Cuvellier

    Thanks for this beautiful report. Brought tears in my eyes!
    About onions, I also would like to know how you did.

    This is not the same treatment, but, about onions, you might be interested to know that when Shri Mataji was in Belgium begin nineties, there was a yogini who had infection in sinuses because of an accident and Shri Mataji advised her to cook onions (unpeeled)in a pan or something like that for about 20′. The onion becomes black outside but is still juicy inside. You cut the onion in 2 and you apply on the forehead as warm as you can bear.
    The yogini did it several times and when she went to hospital for operation, the doctors couldn’t believe that the infection had completely disappeared.

    1. Ioana

      Dear Bernard, this is such an interesting story, thank you for sharing. We used the same ‘onion treatment’ for the seminar. Thank you for posting! These true examples are so helpful .. hope you’ll share more 🙂 Welcome to Halton Sahaj Family, we are all ready to listen and learn more of sahaj global experience.

  8. Sushil

    Yes, this process is very effective and clears all nadies and chakras…

    I also do it when I feel other methods are not so effective. I feel this process is ultimate.

  9. Elias

    I would also like to know exactly how to use chili’s, limes and any other such things to help me. Can I please get an email with the method? Wonderful blog, and great post. Keep up the Good Work.

  10. sarita

    jsm.kindly explain how to vibtrate lemons and chilles and also further procedure.

  11. smita

    can you please explain the procedure of chili and lime treatment.

  12. Nira

    Halton family!

    Happy birthday Gladys, Paula and Chandra! Thank you Ioana for sharing these beautiful moments and for the cleansing experiences.
    So much love, knowledge and fun is there..

    Nirmal love,

  13. Javad

    I want to thank you all of my brother and sister from all over the world for your help and nice emails and comments.

  14. Sangkari

    Jai Shri Mataji! Halton Yogis’

    I read the above and sound so interesting.I would like to know in detail on the “Great Recipe for a Successful Subtle Cleansing” which was held in the Seminar in Halton on Shalivahan’s New Year 2011.

    Can anyone share with me the recipe? So that i can share it with my Malaysian Sahajis’

  15. Abhishek

    Please explain how to perform lemon and chillies technique? It will be very helpful. Thanks.

    1. Ioana

      Abhishek, this is a treatment that is best to be learnt/experienced at a seminar or during a workshop/class and not by following some notes 🙂 Please, ask a yogi instrcutor to help you with it or join our seminars 🙂 All the best!

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