The Protectors of Kundalini -What is Gudi Padwa New Year for Shalivahan Dynasty – The Seven Chakras with Subtle Connections between Psyche, Moon, Art, Advent of Mother and Thoughtless Awareness from Yoga Teacher with Music, Images & Ballet (Clair de Lune & Swan Lake with Great Chinese State Circus)

Shri Mataji: “Poetry is like Moonlight and when it falls upon any matter, it enhances the beauty and gives it a charisma and the language is so beautiful that it hides all the ugliness as the moon light hides all the detailed ugliness. It creates an atmosphere – so Meditative”

Gudi Padwa is Today – The New Year for the Protectors of  The Kundalini energy & The Seven Chakras

(translated from Hindi Shri Mataji on Gudi Padwa Day – excerpts: Gurgaon, India, 13.04.2002)

Today is the New Year day and the beginning of the Moon that is why this day is given so much of significance. It is known as Gudi Padwa. A flag is put on a stick and on it is put a small pitcher. This pitcher represents the Kundalini. It is taken as a symbol. The Shalivahanas were the devotees of the Devi (Goddess) and it is told that they used to offer shawl to the Goddess. In the beginning they were calledSat-Vahanas’ because they worshiped Seven Plexuses (chakras).

And this Sat-vahana’ was ultimately changed into ‘Shalivahana’. But the symbol of Shalivahana is the same. They put up a ‘Gudi’ means a flag and a small pitcher is put on it as a symbol. This pitcher has a particular shape which represents Kundalini. So they were the worshipers of Kundalini and followed it. That is the reason they made this symbol in this way. All those who follow Kundalini put up a ‘Gudi’ in their houses and also put a flag on it and thus it is indicated that they welcome the Kundalini and exhibit in a special way. But all these people are moving in the rut. They are doing all these rituals without knowing the cause of it.

One should know the reason for doing certain things. What is it?!

Because the Satvahanas were the worshipers and protectors of Kundalini and they started their New Year like that.

In the New Year they made their symbol in the form of a small pitcher and the flag put on the stick. But here in this part people do not know about it nor do they celebrate this festival. “ (Note: Shri Mataji belongs to the Shalivahana royal dynasty – they were her forefathers)

(Watch)  In-Depth Video Talk about Meditation & Thoughtless Awareness – Importance of Puja (with subtitles)

March 30, 1976 – Gudi Padwa Meditation in India about the Three Dimensions in Life (excerpts)

“We cannot meditate; we only can be in meditation.

When we say we are going to meditate it has no meaning.

We have to be in meditation.

Either you are inside the house or outside the house.

You cannot be inside the house and then say that: ‘Now I’m outside the house.‘ Or when you are outside the house you cannot say: ‘I’m inside the house.’

In the same way, you are moving in three dimensions of your life – of emotional and physical and mental being. You are not inside yourself.

But when you are inside, then you are in Thoughtless Awareness. Then, not only that you are there, but you are everywhere, because that is the place, that is the point where you are really in universal… From there you are in contact with the Principle, with the Shakti, with the Power that permeates into every particle that is matter, into every thought that is emotion, into every planning and thinking of the whole world. You permeate into all the elements that have created this beautiful Earth. You permeate into earth; you permeate into Akasha [sky, ether], into teja [light], into sound. But your movement is very slow.
Then you say: ‘I’m meditating,’ that means you are moving in permeation with the Universal Being. But you are not moving yourself, you are just unloading yourself to be free from the weight of things that do not allow you to move.

When you are in meditation you must allow yourself to be in Thoughtless Awareness. There, the Unconscious (“Achetana” in Sanskrit language) Itself, the Achetana itself will take charge of you. You will start moving with the force of Achetana. The Unconscious is going to work it out. It is going to take you there, where It wants you to go. You keep to thoughtless awareness all the time. Try to keep to thoughtless awareness as much as you can. When you are in thoughtless awareness you must know that you are in the Kingdom of God and His people, His arrangements, His consciousness, is going to look after you.”

“Those who are involved with each other, by any relationship whatsoever, must know that this kind of involvement is not going to help them to attain their individual ascent. Everybody is ascending individually though you are collectively contacted with each other and in communication; but the ascendance is individual, absolutely individual. So whether he is your son, brother, sister, wife, friend, you must remember that you are not responsible for their ascendance. You cannot help them for their ascendance. Only Mother’s Grace (the universal feminine power represented by Kundalini energy within)  and their own desire, their own effort, to give up all that is three dimensional will help them.”

Gudi Padwa – the New Year when the Time and the Creation started and the Primordial Energy (the Mother – Goddess in mythology) created the 1st Principle in the Universe: Shri Ganesha

(lord Ganesha made of clay found in the woods nearby by Irish yogi children and a Canadian yogini  during the Navaratri International Yoga Seminar and Puja celebrated in Ireland, 2018)

“Today is a very great day with the (Shalivahana’s) New Year.

Within two years from today, Satya Yuga (“The Era of Truth”) is going to start. It’s a great day for many things that nine days are celebrated after this, for the advent of Mother (the Primordial Energy – Goddess). It is the date, or I should say, the calendar was started by my forefathers (Shalivahanas) and they perceived that this is the day when the Mother started creating. And this is the day She created (*) Ganesha to begin with.

** Shri Ganesha represents the the principle of Eternal child within, governing our Root – Mooladhara – chakra

In the Utpatti stage [first stage, Genesis], She started her work this day.

And that’s why they put this date as the first date because the Time started from this date long time back.

And that’s why this date is very important, and if you cross this date then you are beyond time. You have to step on to this date and go beyond. You have to step on your dharma (innate righteousness), on to your religion, and go beyond : ‘dharmateet’ (beyond the dharma). You have to be those three gunas and to go beyond: ‘gunateet’. You are all those three. But the steps on which you are standing have to be all right, or those which are crossed or, have to be all right too. So when you are beyond, you have to repair those steps, which you have crossed somehow, which can be done through meditation, puja, prayers.

But the most important, the greatest advancement is done by giving the universal through your universal being. You all must dedicate your life to Sahaja Yoga and give more and more. Among us there are some people who have given a lot and by that they have achieved a lot too. You have to give, talk about it, spread it and bring more people to get this. Otherwise they will be left out of evolutionary processes. There’s no time for you to doubt and think; don’t waste your time in all these useless activities. If you have still doubts, it’s better to give up. It’s high time that you get into the process.

So Today I wish you Happy New Year for a journey in the spiritual life of this world. You have to think of all the Sahaja Yogis who are far away from us and our thoughts should carry our love for them and they should be blessed as you all are blessed here.
I hope these important days that I am here, you will fully dedicate yourself for your emancipation on those four lines that I have told you. And whatever program comes in, take it sahaj. You should not insist on times and timings. Whatever comes sahaj (naturally, spontaneously), accept it.”

The Moon’s Importance for the Psyche

“All our astrology and astronomy go with the position of the Moon. The state of the Moon is considered in astrology and astronomy and the whole astrology is made accordingly. So our first calendar Shalivahana Shaka is based on Moon. All the dates also go according to Moon. Those who have no knowledge of these facts cannot understand the reason behind this festivals falling on different dates. So we have to think that the significance we have attached to the Moon is because it has a great impact on the human beings. We should be careful about it. The greatest effect of the Moon is that our left side (Left Sympathetic /Left Subtle Energy channel that is known as the Moon Channel in the yoga system) depends on it. Very few people know about it. The reason of giving so much importance to this left side is that it affects our Psyche. That is why so much significance is attached to it. The effect on the left side is psychic; it does not belong to our brain. It cannot be controlled. Psychic problems cannot be controlled nor the effect of the Moon. So the dates of the Moon are to be considered. For example on Amavashya (New Moon Night / No-Moon night) or Purnima (Full Moon night) the problems of epileptic or psychic patients gets aggravated. On such occasion we could see that the person is affected by No-Moon (Amavashya) or Full Moon (Purnima). So we are sensitive to the position of the Moon. Very subtle calculations have been done about it. In our country we know much before the dates and times of Moon eclipses. Much thought have been given to it and we have acquired a lot of knowledge about it. It shows that a lot of attention has been given to the effects of the Moon. So much has been written about it. In modern times everything is being calculated on the position of the Sun but it is not proper. The position of the Moon also must be taken into consideration. ”

Subtle Subject & Old Treasures – Important for Sahaja Yogis to Study

“We should know what is going to be the effects of the Moon today. It is a very Subtle Subject. We should have knowledge about it and it should be discussed in our country.  We should know why it is celebrated in our country? What is particular about it? Without knowing about the customs and festivals of the country we could neither love it nor respect it. These things are very deep rooted but we have no knowledge of them. People say it is Kali yuga (the dark age – in Saskrit language). Why has this Kali yuga set-in? What is its meaning? Mostly the people do not know. They know about it from different people and talk about it. It has an important Myth behind it of the time of King Parikshit. No one knows about it, no one reads it. People read only stupid books. At the most they read Ramayana but they have no knowledge of its message or its philosophy. No one knows about it. But we Sahaja Yogis must acquire this knowledge. We must know from where the culture of our country dawned and how it reached at this level. Without this knowledge .. ego and other negativities will have hold on us. So it will be better to understand from where these qualities have come and what is their significance, Why do we do certain things or we do it because other people also do it. It is not proper. We must have thorough knowledge of it! I desire that all the Sahaja Yogis should know about it and understand it. If I had time enough I would have written about all these things. But I have no time. You people could read and know about it, all the books are available. There are so many books in Hindi language in India but no one reads them. All these books are available .. We must know about them. Whatever is mythical contains a lot of useful things. By understanding them we could know the roots of India… Many knowledgeable things have been written in these books, .. I wish you people study them. The study of these scriptures will give you new direction ..You don’t have to spend much money. Of course time is needed. We read unnecessary things, watch useless films and unnecessary news. Our study should be very deep and about our old-old treasures.

Today is very auspicious. I was not feeling well, yet I thought I must go for Puja on this auspicious occasion. May God bless you!” (all the above are excerpts from the same talk of the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Shri Mataji, on the subtle significance of  Today: the Gudi Padwa Day)

Saints like Moonlight

Shri Mataji: “….. a Saint has to be gentle, gentle in the way the moonlight falls upon this earth. It is light without any burning in it, no scorching. That gentleness one has to develop out of the oil that is the love in your heart which lubricates everything, which removes the frictions and soothes…” Shri Mataji (Tivoli, Italy, 17/11/85)

The Moon in Our Hands – True Miracle Story

“Mark Bevan (a sahaja yoga meditation practitioner) told us a beautiful story, he needed to be cooled in those days more than most, but……in short.

One day Shri Mataji told him to hold out his hands and she placed an invisible orb into his hands.. Upon familiarising himself with this sphere and the hugely cooling nature of it, he asked Mother (Shri Mataji) with complete innocence what it was and She said:

‘The Moon’.”

Shri Mataji: “.. the Moon comes from the Spirit..”

“And I saw Shri Mataji coming out of the car and walking one or two steps. And after that I got lost. I don’t remember anything. And then I saw Her on the stage. It was like Moonlight, watching Her. “ – experience shared by Nirmal Gupta from India

“But the moon is the desire. Ultimately when it also collapses back, first of all it works out, it evolves, and then again when it is reversed, you see, then it goes back to desire, desire disappears into the spectator and the whole thing becomes parabramha again.

So the identification with one or the other cannot be said, it’s everywhere. If It is everything how can you identify with any thing else.

Moon is one of the symbols, Moon is one of the symbols. Why? Because according to Sahaja yoga we reach the state where you touch the Sada Shiva in the symbolic form you see or if you can say that after getting realization if you can see the abstract form of God and then we say after reaching your brahma randra you crossover your limbic area and then you go to aardh bindu. Aardh Bindu is the moon.

Moon is the spirit. Because, Shiva also wears the moon on his head. Sada Shiva also wears the moon on His head. So moon is the spectator. Isn’t it?

Sun is the working part. He works and it reflects on the moon. So you become the spectator yourself and start going into that. So every symbol is the same and now why we use the moon more than the sun, about the timings, because it is the moon which is more effective in creating desire within our self. 

Like the moon affects even the sea. Not the sun. Sun is a constant-stuck practically; except for it changes its axis some time. And the distances between sun has not much significance with the earth, except that if the earth loses its axis a little bit more or becomes a little bit flatter then may be that the speed of the earth may be reduced, so we can only control the speed.

But the moon is a subtler thing. Which acts on subtle, subtler ways because you have seen the moon acts on the tides, it acts on the temperaments, it is a much subtler thing. Desire is much more subtler than the action itself. It’s a deeper thing. So the action comes out of the desire. So it is better to affect the desire than to affect the action. And that is why, in India people accept moon as the indicator for dates and all that but in the west people are so much time bound and for them they would not like to have these variations because they are not prepared for any such variations. For them, 12 o’clock is 12 o’clock and they are very very rigid people.

So it is not one way or the other .. even Surya – the Sun, is very important.But why the Moon is important because it makes you subtler. And that is why one should achieve the moon as they say. Right-sided people must achieve the Moon (within)…. 

And actually I would say that the western people should start taking to moon calendar; they will be better off. They will have some more time and they will think of auspiciousness, you see. ..

Moon has such an influence. I read a book called as “Super Nature”. You might have read it also. The fellow is been dealing with some scientific experimentation. He said there were some oysters. The oysters were placed in Los Angeles, you see. So they remove them and put them to some Ohio or some place in the center of America. Now there is no sea there for those oysters but they used to close and open according to the tidals at Los Angeles for a month. From them you could make out what is the tide in there. Then gradually they started changing and then they took to the timing of opening and closing if the moon at that time was pulling the tides of a sea which doesn’t exist there in Ohio. As if there was a sea and the moon would come in and would attract this sea, accordingly these were opening and closing. Because when there is high tide they close and when there is low tide they open. So with that timing they were working. So, the living things have such an effect of the Moon. 

Moon’s bad effects — Solar & Lunar Energy Channels’s Importance

So, I think Indians should become more sort of active, though they are, I think, quite active now and they should not do any more activity. Otherwise they will become ‘rajo- gunnies’ not ‘satva-gunis’ (Truth/Centre oriented). Only ‘rajo guna’ (Sun/Right/Solar tendency)  is no good and only tamo-guna (Left/Moon channel/Lunar tendency)  is not good. And if you become too much rajo gunnies also what happens you get to the bad effects of moon, then you become ‘lunatics’ and what paranoid and otherwise all these things come to you and you go up to that because you take to drugs; all extreme left-sided stuff is from the moon.

Auspiciousness comes from not only from the Sun but also from the Moon. Mainly from the moon and also from the Stars. ” (Shri Mataji in India, Feb 6, 1982)

Enjoy More Vibrations from Art under Moonlight Atmosphere: Swan Lake

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And the last but not the least, let’s enjoy the Felicitation Card made by Navin from UAE, sent to all of us with love, on behalf of his strong sahaja yoga meditation group from his country.

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  1. anaic

    This is a very surprising subject,and the same part of this talk has been choosen for the French. I feel we have not being so much concerned by the position of the Moon in our daily life, unless one has knowledge of astrology. May be, we could consider with a new look this astrology knowledge based on the Moon. Also, Shri Mataji insists on the effect that the Moon has on our subtle left side, which is also quite interestine and new. With Sahaja yoga techniques, we can balance our channels and the effects of the planets are less strong on our behaviour. But what about others who do not know how to recognize these influences ?

  2. Rabi

    Everything is so well done up. Thank you for the beautiful and meaningful wishes and compilation shared on this day of Gudi Padwa. Thank you.

  3. Nirav

    Such a beautiful post.

  4. adrian

    I feel to speak my mind about the beauty of the moon. There is a wonderful softness and serenity when we gaze into a moonlit evening.

    For me that serenity and softness comes when we realize the inherent beauty in everything. Ugliness does not really exist… unless we choose to see and feel it that way. What gets in our way… again… is our past conditioning.

    Ultimately it is a choice… and to understand that is to know what it means to be our own Master. For example, we may be afraid of what we see because there is no or little color in the evening light. That is unfamiliar to us, because we are used to the daylight that affords us the range of colors to be seen. Shadows, and knowings or feelings of what we think we see or cannot see is part of the ocean of illusion in the region of the nabhi and swadithan chakras.

    We have been conditioned by ourselves to fear what is unfamiliar.

    Amazingly enough… and as we may realize… is that there is nothing to fear… only that which we choose to create… to be fearful or not.

    So a full moon presents a special kind of beauty… and its conscious presence(its divinity connects with our own…) particularly the left side. Yet it is still up to us… to be present enough in our own divinity and then to connect with that particular divinity of the full moon. That is a powerful connection… with its own resonance and vibration.

    So, just enjoy that connection.

  5. renata banaszczyk

    To sie nie da opisac, co czulam ogladajac i sluchajac…poczulam silne boskie wibracje, bylam w stanie swiadka, bez mysli…!!! Jestem wzruszona, chce mi sie
    plakac. Radosc czuje i MILOSC do CALEGO SWIATA… do LUDZI… JACY ONI SA PIEKNI, WSPANIALI… . Dziekuje!!! Jay Shre Mataji!!! p.s. Niestety nie znam jezyka angielskiego (…)

    1. Jolanta

      Bardzo przyjemnie jest przeczytac odpowiedz na artykul i Sztuke w ojczystym jezyku. Niestety nie mieszkam w Polsce od 1989 roku (z powodu, ktorego wiekszosc Polakow jest najprawdopodobniej swiadoma).

  6. Elsie Kuly

    Shri Mataji writes “Poetry is like moonlight and when it falls upon any matter it enhances the beauty and gives it a charisma and the language is so beautiful that it hides all the ugliness. It creates an atmosphere -so meditative”

    I enjoy poetry. I slso write poetry and have done so since I was 11 years old.
    She has me a new perspective on poetry. I now can view it as a meditation.

    I enjoyed the videos “Clair de Lune and Swan Lake. The music is so beautiful. Swan Lake was danced with artistic perfection. Thanks.

  7. Ligia

    Superb material, profound and a delight for heart and spirit.

    Thank you for your kindness in sharing the depths of what Sahaja Yoga means.
    It is always a pleasure and a pleasant surprise of what this unique and amazing site has to offer.

    My love to all of you,

  8. Anjali

    A very happy new year to my beautiful sahaja family in the entire world. By Mother’s grace, we truly are the ‘Sat-vahanas’/ Shalivahanas – and it is our new year.

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    One of your most interesting posts, Ioana. I found the information, very…practical, maybe not the best word. You know what I mean, don’t you?

  10. Kasthurie

    Thank you for such a beautiful post. Swan Lake – ‘perfection and grace’like non other i have seen. Clair de Lune – ‘Beautiful’

  11. Ayesha Nadeem

    Happy new year to all sahaj family
    I really love this post because from my heart i always been attentive to moon movements,although i don;t know any astrology at all,anyways its so delightful to know the deep knowledge about this. so profound. i want to read books about this wisdom ,if someone recommend any?

  12. Jayanthi

    It’s such a beautiful card to share with yogis, thank you. I do remember my mom use to do so many rituals during the festival but never had a chance to ask why and what. Thanks to Shri. Mataji for giving us in depth eternal knowledge.

  13. letitia

    LA MULTI ANI!Foarte frumoase video-uri.Ce norocosi suntem sa stim ce e bine pentru noi.Multumesc pentru aceste informatii,muzica,balet.

  14. Antoinette Wells

    what a wonderful subject! Moonlight, poetry and art to perfection with Swan Lake! Also enjoyed very much Shri Mataji’s talks on poetry.
    Thank you Iona to invite us in a land of dreams and beauty!

  15. Sugata

    Thanks a lot for the auspicious Gudi Parva Wishes. The 31st of March 2014 which was actually the Gudi Parva day felt great and full of VIbrations .

    That is indeed the birthday of Shri Mataji as per the lunar Calendar Shalivahjana and also it is the 1st day f the Chaitra Navratras which culminates on Ramnavami that is on the 8 th of April this year .

    Talking of Moon It remind me of a wonderful dream that I had during my starting days of Sahajayoga , that was the time when I was very stressed out with heavy Workload at office and travelling a lot One of those days when I returned from work very late about 9:00 pm at night, I had very sever pain in my right knee for no reason at all, the pain was so severe that I could hardly walk . surprisingly it persisted even after footsoak. that night suprisingly I dreamt that I was standing on top of the terrace of the building of Sahajayoga meditation centre and reaching out and looking up to the sky trying to reach out to the Moon with my right hand .
    To my great surprise the Moon started descending and coming closer and closer to me till it descended so low that i could stretch my hand to touch it . the moment I touched it with my hand it felt like ice and then it instantly melted into a very soothing cool wave in to my hand and through my hand into my whole of right side of my body which relaxed me completely. Next morning when I got up to find the pain was gone completely.

    Truly a million thanks to all Chandrama Devata, and all the Gods and Godesses & Ganas the divine forces that are working so hard for us, for our ascent

    Thanks a lot Shri Mataji for giving us the Divine connection through our self realistation. may we all rise to your expectations and fullfill all that You want from us

  16. Lisa barron

    Thank you for such beautiful vibrations. I came across your page when I was looking for a picture or inspiration for my book cover. the book is called “The Divine Tatter of Life” It tells my life story that Mother has blessed me with. I have tried to express that always our life is in Mother’s hands. She is the Divine Tatter-the divine lace maker. The lace being the fabric of our being. It is hard to explain but the picture of Shri Mataji looking over the earth smiling sums it all up. would you give me permission to use this picture on the cover of this book. I hope to publish it on amazon. of course if money is made it will go to Sahaja yoga. I am an Australian yogi. I live in the same collective as Mark Bevan whose story you have shared. I am blessed to have him as a dear brother. Thank you once more. Please e mail your answer. jai Shri Mataji! with love and respect to you all

    1. Ioana

      Dear Lisa, thank you so much for your message! Absolutely this is wonderful news. Yes, please remain our friend on the web as this is just the start for our collective journey called RAIN to heal ME -> Realize Awareness in Nations for Mother Earth. Also please pass on the news as we really would love to have everyone not only enjoying our programs but to Realize the connection to Mother Earth .. and to come Together 🙂 From all our volunteers here, Love to Australia — btw, we also celebrate “Australia Day” that is in January , so Australia will BE with us on Jan 30 🙂

  17. Mohinder Sidana

    Such a beautiful post
    Amazing vibrations
    Thanks for sharing

  18. Paula

    This is definately a divine play, we have to pay more attention to mother earth, the moon, the sun, the oyster experiment…we are so inter-connected, we ARE nature. The time to realize it has come. Timeless insights shared here, as it was thousands of years back, it as true today as ever.

  19. Jolanta

    Thank you for suggesting this “homework” to Sahaja Yoga practitioners. It is so important to (re) learn information coming directly from the Founder of Sahaja Yoga through her (transcripts) of talks/lectures. Without it, we are likely to get stuck in a rut- in a stagnant state, and may fall into traps of ego and superego which prevent us from evolving.The art is exquisite!

  20. Kimberly

    Thank you for this. I have often pondered what the connection was between us and the moon as it definitely does affect people’s behaviours. This is something I plan to research more and read more about. In this time that we are given right now I believe it is a gift to take for learning, growing, healing ourselves, our energy and mother earth. Much gratitude for being a part of this!

  21. Rebecca Amyotte

    There is so much knowledge and beauty for all of us to immerse ourselves in with these posts. The Music and scenery was definitely an open eye meditation before we delved into the many learnings that Shri Mataji has generously taught throughout her lifetime. With the wonderful on-line meditations and the beautiful messages from Shri Mataji, we are able to stay balanced throughout this challenging time. Thank you so much to all who are giving their time, talents and unconditional love to all of us. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful to have you in my life and helping me move forward on my spiritual path?. The production of Swan Lake was incredible!!! I was totally in awe of this outstanding performance.

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