Patience is the Only Way – What System is Sahaja Yoga?! Compassion & Thankfulness in 2 Stories: Tukarama and Ravi Shankar

Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Medidation – is advising us.

Have Patience with ourselves – Respect  our own Value!

“When we talk about Realization, one has to know, first of all, that we have to have patience with ourselves. I know some people don’t feel so good, some people still have sicknesses, some people don’t even feel vibrations sometimes. Have patience with yourself. When you become your own guru, first thing, as the guru has patience with his or her disciple, you must have patience with yourself. In that patience, you will learn that you can tolerate so many things without any trouble. They say one person who goes on grudging, «Oh, this is not good. That is not good» because they have no patience with themselves. If you have patience with yourself, everything you’ll accept. Wherever you are, you are with your Self  because you’re realized souls. So you won’t frustrate, you’ll not get angry and also you’ll not go on grumbling and grudging because you’re enjoying yourself. Even if there’s a mattress to sleep, all right. If there isn’t, you can sleep on the grass. If there’s no grass, you can sleep on the stone.”

“And also you need not sleep like last night, makes no difference whatsoever. The first thing I find with people, they have no patience with themselves. Firstly, maybe, because they’re conditioned. Say, if you have a left Vishuddhi catch (the left aspect of the throat chakra is blocked) , by any chance you have been a Catholic or T.M. or something, then all the time you start pitying yourself, thinking no end of your miseries and troubles and always try to condemn yourself. You are a realized soul and you have no business to condemn yourself, no business. Like a person who’s getting drowned, has been saved, has come to the shore, now is doing nicely, has got his second life and there he’s still trying to express his agony, as if he’s getting drowned. So you have to awaken yourself. «No, no, no more I am there. I’m finished. It’s gone now. I am different. That was somebody else. I am not the same person.» This is how you have to tell yourself very clearly that «I am not going to condemn myself.»It was your right to get Self Realization (awakening of the Kundalini energy). You got it. And then you cannot enjoy it because you have these conditionings, specially in the West to be miserable, it is very fashionable. There are miseries of people who have no miseries. :-)So, for such people who have imaginary miseries of the past, which do not exist in reality, they cannot have the joy of reality. They can’t. So, for a Sahaja Yogi, it’s important that he should have joy within his heart. It’s like an ocean. It’s like an ocean which is there all the time to give you such thrills. Even little drops of this ocean, when they trickle down in your being, it is so soothing. The experience can be only experienced. It’s all waiting within yourself. And such a person also makes others joyous. He cannot see another person unhappy, in trouble. Himself is full of joy and spreads joy all around. You can get joy from small, small things because you have the ocean and a little thing that drops into the ocean creates such beautiful ripples. They touch the shores, not only of your own being, but of others. Very, very small things make you so very happy and that all the time you are just like a surfing, as they call it these days, on this beautiful lake or a beautiful ocean of love. Love is joy-giving. It’s not carnal love. It is Divine Love. So, as Sahaja Yogis and as gurus, we have to love ourselves and understand our own value.”

“You have to be patient like your Mother (Shri Mataji). You might think it’s very difficult but try to. You must have patience, first of all with yourself. I have known many people who think they are spiritually nothing and they have not achieved anything. This is absolutely a sort of escapism; that you want to escape your personality. Just see, if you introspect you’ll find out that you have developed into a real spiritual giant now. Nobody can touch you, you can do everything, you can look after yourself, you can support others. ”

“In our Sahaj culture we have to practice compassion and love and, thirdly, we have to practice patience. I know some children are maybe little more mischievous, some are less mischievous. Maybe some people are very talkative. Sometimes really they give me also a headache. They go on talking, talking, talking, talking so much. Sometimes I think it’s good because it’s a rest for My mouth – one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is just switch off your mind, let him talk, take it out, whatever he wants to do.. 🙂 So Patience is needed. And patience is needed in such a way that others should see your patience. Yesterday, for example, I was sitting for about, I think, three hours shaking hands with all sorts of people and all types of problems and the person who came last, he said, ‘Looking at your patience, I developed my own patience.’ And Love gives you Patience. This Love nourishes you.”

How to Talk – What to Read – How to Think

“..  Talk that is nourishing, helpful… you should have compassion. If you are talking to someone you should be full of compassion. Sahaja Yoga is a System of Compassion. A guru (spiritual teacher) has to be very-very patient. .. ” But the key to Guru is Patience, a complete patience  and complete dependence on God Almighty. That’s the key, Complete Patience. ..This is a system where patience is the only way .., because no Gurus gave realization (Realization represents here the awakening of Kundalini energy). It is only you who have to give it! And you know what is realization… So one has to know that we have to be compassionate.We have to read something that nourishes our compassion. Read of people who gave away everything that they had.”

The Story of Tukarama  – What Nourishes the Mind & Heart the most?!

“.. Read Tukarama. Tukarama was a poor man. And one day he went to some place and did some good job, so they gave him lots of sugar cane. His children were very fond of sugar cane. So on the way every child would ask, ‘give me one sugar cane’. He was giving to everyone. When he came home only one was left. So the children said,’we are three’. He said, ‘It’s alright; next time I will bring for you, share it among you three’…” **below there is one poem by Tukaram (Tukarama)

All men to me are god-like Gods! – Poem by Tukarama

All men to me are god-like Gods!
My eyes no longer see
vice or fault.

Life on this suffering earth
is now endless delight;
the heart at rest, full,

In the mirror, the face and its reflection
watch each other;
different, but one.

And, when the stream pours into the ocean…
no more stream!

Shri Mataji continues: “Read about people who have been giving. They gave their lives. They crucified them, they tortured them. They allowed to be exploited.. We are lucky people..  Bring that as your principle.. I told you: the nourishment of your mind and nourishment to your heart. Nothing nourishes more to a person than giving away. Nothing nourishes your heart, your compassion, unless and until you learn to give away. Now will you please make a list of things: ‘how many things you have given away in this one year, last one year (and so on)‘. I can’t because it is too much. 🙂 Please make a list of things,how many things.. Except for your brains you have given away to others without thinking about it 🙂 … Since Christmas let us say, to this Christmas. Heart is opening. Think of giving… In Sahaja Yoga you have to be extremely busy helping others, at every point to be helpful.”

The Story of Ravi Shankar’s Guru & Baby Deer

“You know Ravi Shankar’s Guru was a very great, a very great man, a realized soul. He was a great person. So he knew so many things and one day I was there, in the night you see, there was a doctor, we were his guests in a way, for dinner we had gone there. In the night the call came that, ‘I need you very much’ to the doctor. The doctor said, ‘Now I’m tired’. He was another very giving person, no doubt. He said, “Oh you must come, I have a big problem. See I saw a little baby.” He said, ‘What baby have you found?’ He said,’it’s a baby’. He was an old man, he said, ‘I found a baby of a deer which is suffering now, and the mother is dead and nobody is to look after it.’ So I said ‘Alright I’ll also come with you’, because I knew I will touch the baby. I went with him. So, he was sitting with the little thing near his heart. So the doctor said, ‘What are you doing ?’ He said,’I’m trying to give him my life if possible, so that when you come at least you find him alive’. Just like this, just love. So he (the doctor) took out his coat and all that, and he said, ‘alright put it down’. He put it down very cautiously. I mean he was a realized soul, no doubt. I put my hand on the deer and it came to life, and.. he was very happy.

He said, “You are a Devi, you are a Goddess, I can tell you…”

So compassion, compassion at any point! You may have to work till 2 o’clock (in the night), you may have to work at 4 o’clock, doesn’t matter. You have to work, you have to work, you have to work, because Compassion itself is joy giving, because your Spirit is the Ocean of Compassion. There is no other way, there is no other way to enjoy your Spirit but to Give, to Give, to Give. Doesn’t matter if you have not eaten your food, doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Many a times you know that I don’t have food for 24 hours sometimes, still I am giving. It’s not necessary for this body to eat, the food of this body is compassion. That nourishes. So you have to be miserly towards yourself, but you must have compassion. Heart, open your heart!!

Shri Mataji: Open your heart first of all for Thankfulness. This is the other quality one should have. It’s a higher quality I should say, of thankfulness to God. He has given you realization. He has given you this body. Do you realize that this body, human body He has given to you. He has given you everything. Count your blessings. Even to have the morning, to enjoy it as a human being.You are free people, God has given you freedom. And he has given you His realization. Sense of thankfulness. But our language is such, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you,’ – finished. It is only in the lips, it finishes; lipservice. From your heart thank Him, from your heart. Not outside just go to church,’thank you God very much,’ alright done, finished. It’s to thank Him from your heart, write praise. Praise. Sing praise, ‘glory to God, to the great who has created us’. Your disciples are sitting and every moment when you are talking you are thinking about Mother or about God. You’ll be amazed! It’s only possible if you have sensitivity, if you have memory.

The greatest miracle of this world is that everybody has to die and nobody remembers it. But another one, is that everybody is blessed by God but nobody knows it. But you are so specially blessed. So what you should do ? Be in joy, be grateful, so that bliss comes to you. Without thankfulness nothing is going to work out. Thankful heart. You need a Heart that is thankful to God so that he gives you. When you give others he will definitely give. But don’t think it is your own.

You are giving what God has given you.

Excerpts from a lecture of Shri Mataji on Guru Nanak’s Birthday in London, 1982

How & Why Open the Heart? Divine Sensitivity with Mahatma Gandhi’s Prayer, Flowers & “Know How” from 1989 Guru Lecture

Enjoy Poet Namdev, A Story with the Kite and The Spirit

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  1. Rabi

    The text is so revealing as if emerging out of the pages and so are the live images that takes your attention to that beautiful happenings and touches somewhere within. It makes us feel we are always there, so long love is there.

    It is after all our wonder organ in gross that houses the ‘heart’ that makes a difference with all componenents put together. ‘Spirit is God’ and ‘God is love’ and ‘human’ are God’s creation to see ‘her incessant love’ flow through them effortlessly. It is always a coefficient of ‘compassion and reality’ of facing the truth within, that creates ripples of magic in our society or community of ‘human awareness’. It makes a deliberate attempt to touch and tackle every delicate aspect-(gross and subtle)- by its magical power of Love. That is so well expressed in these lines. Thank you Ioana for such a beautiful illustration to read. For such a delicate narrative lines from Mother on Tukaram and Ravi Shankar’s guru’s and baby deer’s story. It certainly opens our heart.
    Thank you.

  2. Paula

    Before discovering sahaja yoga, I felt very weighed down and tried to carry burdens for people in my mind. I did not realize, that this did not make them feel lighter, and it made me feel like I couldn’t handle any more friendships or relationships because I could barely keep in touch with everyone and this stressed me out too. But something happened shortly after starting to meditate with this method. I started to feel incredible joy and a streaming flow of vibrations that I did not want to end! It keeps teaching me how to enjoy life. And what I learned most was, that GIVING does not have to be DRAINING… And my heart simply got BIGGER and I was able to take more people into my heart. I started to perceive these relationships differently and saw how I could be helpful. I want everyone to at least feel what it could be like to feel that yoga connection, that peace that permeates…it is bliss! Plus about not sleeping and working late…This talk also speaks to my work life on a plane…I was thinking about the night flight tonight and how I will approach it. Start with meditation this early am when I cannot sleep, and just give it my best and everything will work out. Thank you for this talk!

  3. Rajendra Tosawar

    JSM, we are thankful God´s (HER)creations and HE compassionately takes care of us,but now we are on turn to perform our duty forwhich reason we are here.
    Thanks for everything.

  4. Jolanta

    Great advice. Makes sense as we are to forgive ourselves for our mistakes, etc.

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