Impressions from Mother’s Day in Pittsburgh at Tri-State Yoga Meditation “Sahasrara Chakra” Seminar

Enjoy the Impressions from Mother’s Day in Pittsburgh at Tri-State Yoga Meditation “Sahasrara Chakra” Seminar

On Thursday evening we got together for a Halton artcrafts workshop to collectively prepare for the Pittsburgh seminar and finalize the hand-crafted gifts that we intended to offer to the US yogis. After an amazing video about Sahasrara chakra, followed by a powerful collective meditation with mantras, heart felt songs and thank you prayers to the universal force of life’s evolution, we’ve enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner. The last target on our agenda was the Sahaj Artcrafts Workshop that lasted till late in the night. In meditation and with joyful hearts we did not feel the ‘work’ but instead our creativity was flowing in that room, transforming us all in passionate yet humble artists. In the above photo one can see Ella and Peter working on the Shell Pendants.

We had 4 ‘Halton ambassadors’ that represented all of us to the Pittsburgh seminar: Perviz, Chandra, Jon and Peter. But among them was already a conspiracy going on.. Peter is born in May and we wanted to offer him a surprise Bday (& sahaj) celebration, across the border. This was the 1st ever international meditation seminar for most of our friends, so it was already a very exciting event and Peter had recently powerful subtle experiences related to his throat  energy centre (Vishuddhi chakra).  So, for many other sahaj reasons, we felt so joyous to take this opportunity and totally surprise Peter in the most collective way! (** Vishuddhi chakra is overseeing the quality of collectivity, communication, detachment and so on, plus America represents the Vishuddhi chakra of Mother Earth). We prepared a Birthday Card as well a home made cake for Peter (Indu was the master!), and these needed to be transported to Pittsburgh .. with .. Peter’s car! Along with the other 60+ gifts: painted shells/pendants/rocks,  a  big Thank you/ Invitation card offered on behalf of all Canadian yogis present to the Sahasrara seminar (the card was created by Ella & Jon from Halton), a framed photograph of our Holy Mother and mentor, Shri Mataji, with a crown that decorates the Crown Chakra (known as Sahasrara chakra 🙂 -the photo is presented further down in the article) ..  so we really enjoyed very much to send our hearts out to our friends in USA, via these small and innocent gifts.

 From here, we pass the story line to Jon and of course, Peter.

Seminar’s Recollection received from Jon:

“There are many stories to share! The trip down was filled with Sahaj moments involving Chandra’s passport, Perviz’s passport, the unexpected presence of a DVD player in the van (Chandra just happened to have a DVD of Shri Mataji giving a talk to a group of doctors), no border lineups, a very friendly border guard, and many more things.

We were able to keep Peter blissfully unaware of the cake and the card. On Saturday night after diner and a presentation by the American collective, in a spontaneous way, Chandra and Perviz got Peter outside while Tracy announced the birthday. When they came back in, the whole group sang Happy Birthday and brought out the cake. Peter was so surprised!

Amid all of the other birthday activity in our collective, he was expecting something to happen, but he never guessed it would happen in Pennsylvania! It was really wonderful. He loved the card and the bass guitar as well as the cake!

It was wonderful to meet our American collective family. I particularly enjoyed talking with some of the older Sahaja Yogis who had spent time traveling with Shri Mataji as long as 30 years back! (Jack from Cincinnati and Alan from New York and others). It was a pleasant surprise to me to see many familiar faces from our Ontario collective, some from Brampton/Mississauga and some from Toronto (I think).

Friday night, we drove down and enjoyed some soup. Saturday morning, we attended a collective morning meditation and then participated in a five-part Chakra cleansing workshop. The workshops consisted of the fried onion for Agnya, salt water hand soak, ice pack for liver and right side, earth meditation outside on the grass in the sunshine, and camphor treatment for the left side. I felt wonderful after the workshop was over. During the earth meditation, the guide mentioned that we should see vibrations in the sky. After she explained what they look like, I realized that I had been seeing the vibrations for a few weeks! Wonderful!

Saturday evening, we did Sahasrara Havan around a camp fire outside. We had to do a Bhandan to prevent the rain (of course, it worked)! The Havan was very powerful. A lot of negativity was burned away. I felt a lot of sensations in my Sahastrara during the Havan.

After the Havan, we attended an evening music program involving many Canadians!

After feeling the music and singing along, I felt my Vishuddhi (chakra) clear and open! What a fantastic sensation! I felt a wonderful coolness, and looseness in my throat. The music was very powerful! I was also feeling vibrations in my hands and up my arms stronger than I had ever felt it before! I also experienced some Sahastrara sensations. This one still needs some work, but it is working out slowly. We ended the music program with a lot of dancing. That was joyful and fun!

Sunday morning, we did a collective meditation and helped with brunch! I helped to cook the french fries which turned out quite nicely. There was a break and then we all went to the Puja. The music was carefully chosen for the Puja and it was wonderful. Again, I felt Vishuddhi (throat chakra) clearing and opening. Very, very powerful!

Right after the Puja, Peter presented the framed picture to Tracy for the Pennsylvania collective. Many had not seen that picture! We presented the card to Tracy which she read out loud. Chandra and Perviz presented the painted rocks which we handed out with Prasad. I wish you could have been there to share the experience.

Chandra and Perviz helped pack lunches for the travelers before we hit the road back to Canada. The drive home was absolutely serene. Again, no border troubles and light traffic. Peter put on some vibrational chakra chant music which we all enjoyed intensely.

Peter was so generous! He provided a new van from his dealership for our comfort, and he paid for all of the gas! That truly was a wonderful gift.

I think we are all looking forward to the next one!

With love, Jon

Quick note from Chandra:

Dear Halton sahaj family,

We had a great experience from the beginning.
We will tell you all in person the great miracle stories (two) of our passports.
Believe me, Mother was there on Sunday morning pooja (= devotional meditation).
There were tears of joy in many of us, including Perviz, Amrit (Toronto music group member).
Everyone, yes, everyone got one of our painting gift. Many asked for more (to distribute in their collectives) of the gifts and we gave them all a handful of small paintings. We had enough to give.
The music by our Toronto group, it was so effective and devotional. They choose a very good sequence of songs.
The whole puja was so joyful;
not only joyful, but also full of love to each other in the hall.

This posting it touches all aspects of our experience.

-Chandra Sekhar


Sweet note from Perviz:

“It’s wonderful.  No comments or corrections.

Really, really wonderful experience.

Love, Perviz”

We got mail! From Peter:

Dear Family, You got me. I expected a cake some time this month, but never expected to receive it in Pennsylvania in front of so many people.


It will be my most memorable birthday surprise. Thank you so much, you are all amazing.

The card is beautiful and the messages make me realize, more strongly than ever, how blessed I am to have been so quickly accepted into this Sahaj family. And you were right, of course, about the amazing picture you used because from nature, the most special vibrations I feel are from horses and trees. The cake, with the guitar, made by my dear sister Indu, was also beautiful and such a special effort was made to keep it a surprise.

We had a very special trip this weekend to a wonderful Puja. It is unfortunate more of us were not together this time, but I believe we represented Halton well, (even Chandra behaved most of the time), and our SY hosts and neighbors were very grateful for the gifts that we delivered.


My most sincere thanks to everyone. Can’t wait to see you all soon.

Much love, Peter

Let’s thank to Peter, Chandra and Omar for capturing so many memorable instances in their photos. Definitely we want to thank again to our wonderful friends from Pittsburgh for all their love and care during this seminar. We have invited them to join us for a Niagara Falls North-American yoga meditation seminar – on the Canadian side – that  we want to organize by the end of the summer or in the fall of 2011.  There will be many other occasions to get together with everyone quite soon. Stay tuned to our Sahaj Halton News!! .. yes, drop a comment on-line .. if so you feel ..

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See you All Again .. very soon !!

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  1. Kruti

    Wow, I felt so good just reading all this, I really wished I was there too!

  2. Debbie

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and no doubt, Shri Mataji’s presence was felt. I loved hearing the stories, the events that took place, I felt like I was right there amidst it all – great job everyone. And look at Mother Nature – she is just beaming!

    Lots of love always.

  3. adrian

    very cool…

  4. Prem Sharma

    I wonder, after my 5 years of practice of Sahaja Yoga, I couldn’t see the vibrations. Well all the clearing techniques mentioned above can be done by us but is it really that we can see the vibrations or can any one tell me how do they exactly look like? I would like to try this myself.
    Prem Sharma
    ** dear Prem, Jon from our Halton classes will contact you shortly with his answer -experience as per your request 🙂 Thank you so much for writing to us and for visiting our website!

  5. paula

    Recently I was in a hotel room looking at the clear blue sky outside and meditating. After I finished the mantra for vishuddi chakra, I was amazed that the sky turned from smooth, clear blue to a mass of blue bursting energy, like I could see all the thousands of cells/energy that make up the sky,like my eyes got in tune with the details of the sky. I remembered Jon’s story related here, and I realized that it is exacty what he saw! I often wondered about Jon’s experience…and this time I saw it too. For me it worked when I applied the simple techniques I have learned in Sahaja Yoga. Thank you Jon for sharing your story! And to everyone else too.

  6. Hola Todos ! que experiencia tan maravillosa, lo pasaron entre la naturaleza ! qué gozo !JSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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