Kathleen – I had questions about life and wanting knowledge

Questions about life and wanting knowledge – all answered with Sahaja Yoga Meditation

My name is Kathleen.  I’ve been practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation for 8 years now.   Even as a child i already had questions about life, curious and wanting knowledge.

I studied Philosophy and Religion to understand the purpose of life and how everything works but still looking for that contentment.
It started when my friend and i were looking for a yoga class on the internet.  We learned there is Sahaja Yoga meditation class in Burlington for free so we tried it out.  There i learned how our System works–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  I discovered that the answers to my questions cannot be found from outside (material things, studying books or engage in discussions) but by facing myself knowing myself and going within.

In Sahaja Yoga i learned about “Kundalini” or energy of life. 

Energy that brings life to everything. It’s like a motherly energy, – it is caring and it gives protection. 

It cures the sick and in pain both physically and emotionally. 

It gives the joy of life.

Kathleen among yogis friends at one of our ‘sahaj ashrams’ in Burlington

It gives strength, comfort and gives love.  Because of this i became calm in times of trials and problems.  Became humble and compassionate towards others not coming from “ego” but from the heart.  It gave me clear mind during decision making and made me stand my ground when fighting for the right principles These are a few benefits i get from practicing meditation.

So i encourage you to try this meditation, it’s very simple and gentle.  Let’s be kind and love ourselves by taking care of our being and empowering ourselves to be happy. “

Kathleen from Burlington
Kathleen and aunty Carmela — enjoying the sweet pure love that nourishes all of us that continue to grow as Yogis within our Halton Sahaja Yoga family 🙂

Below there are shared 2 more articles related to Kathleen and 1 that brings 1 of her yogi friends into the picture –a true breakthrough experience eager to be told!

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  1. Rebecca

    I loved reading your testimonial Kathleen. So many of us tend to be seekers and I am delighted that you found your truth and the answer to all of your questions at such an early age. It was no accident that you came upon the Burlington Sahaja yoga family. You are very blessed and it shows how blessed you feel by that inner light that glows for all to see.

  2. Raine

    Kathleen… I love your video. Thank you for sharing the most precious knowlege about going inside when it comes to relieving stress. Thank you also for sharing your personal experiences and how Sahaja Yoga Meditation has had such a huge and profound impact on your well-being. Your joy is infectious and Sahaja Yoga has obviously been such a gift in your life. Namaste.

  3. Gratiela

    Kathleen,You are such a wonderful yogi,the classes
    when you lead the meditation with kids are amazing,
    i really feel that I am a kid in that class.
    You bring lot of Joy in the class and in the same time you are so creative.

  4. Anjali

    Short but such a powerful testimony Kathleen. It is so true how much clarity we get through Sahaja Yoga meditation and how strong we become to be able to face ourselves and stand up for the right principles. Every time my attention goes on you Kathleen it is with love and admiration. Thank you for being so generous in every way in my life. Love you sister 🙂

  5. Kruti Gandhi

    Dear Kathleen, every time I speak to you I feel you transmit innocence, open heart and pure joy. And through these testimonials I realized your depth as well. Thank you for sharing this Kathleen.

  6. Aldo

    Dear Kathleen, this is such a beautiful testimony! You are so generous and sweet, thank you for sharing!

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