Bridging Science and Spirituality – FREE PUBLIC PROGRAM on Saturday, May 24th @ Brant Hills Community Centre

Poster - Free sahaja yoga program -

(watch) Ioana’s Interview @ FYI TV SHOW:  Promoting “Bridging Science and Spirituality (MORE VIDEOS)

(click!) New Research Paper on Effect of Sahaja Yoga Meditation on Quality of Life

(video!) dr. Andrei’s PRESENTATION in Burlington: Science & Meditation

 (click!) FREE Series of 11 Lectures in Ontario with dr. Andrei from University of Calgary

 (click!) Geometry in Brain & Divine Forces: Explaining the Thought Process with Einstein’s Example & Principles of Subtle Energy in Yoga System

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  1. paula

    Looking forward to the scientific approach being presented to a larger, wider audience. These events are always very well attended! The music and dance has the ability to stop our thoughts for a few minutes so that we can attain the “thoughtless awareness” needed to evolve to that blissful, aware, state. I encourage anyone who is curious not to miss this always FREE event! Bring your friends and family, it is perfect for sharing. Inner peace? Attainable right here and now. Outer peace? Attainable after the inner peace is established within each of us and spreads like a ripple in a lake.

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